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Umno’s vision of citizenship August 13, 2007

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Three resolutions related to bloggers and internet freedom, passed by the Kelana Jaya Umno Division (Mat Tyson’s) over the weekend.

From these resolutions, it is clear that Umno doesn’t quite understand the simple laws of extradition, the function of laws, the concept of citizenship and what constitutes a functioning democracy.

They can’t even revoke shiok-sendiri titles (Datuk, Tan Sri etc. etc.) from crooks, underworld tai-ko’s and those who try to walk out from a foreign country with RM 2 mil in cash; they want to revoke citizenship? W*nk*rs.

The resolutions are as below:


RIP: Abdul Razak Ahmad August 12, 2007

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“Young members of the Bar may not know of the struggles that Razak Ahmad has been through, fighting for what he believes in.

There are a number of things that I respect about Razak. Years ago, he could have easily joined the ruling party, and become a Minister at least. There were, I believe, more than a few opportunities in which he could have crossed over to the “winning side”.

He chose not to. He clung on to his convictions.

I once asked him whether it had occurred to him to try to make changes from within the system. He replied that, under our system, that would not be possible.

What would probably happen is that one then becomes part of the system that creates the problems; and he does not want to become that.

It is easy to proclaim to hold on to principles. It is difficult to continuously do so knowing full well what one is giving up.

Razak passed the test, many times over.”

(Yeo Yang Poh, former President of the Malaysian Bar, 25 June 2007)

Al-Fatihah: Abdul Razak Ahmad August 12, 2007

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Abdul RazakMalaysia kehilangan seorang tokoh progresif, nasionalis dan anti-rasis.

Abdul Razak Ahmad yang lahir pada tahun 1939 telah meninggal dunia pada pukul 1.20 petang hari ini di Hospital Tun Aminah, Johor Baharu.

Beliau seorang peguam hak asasi membela nasib rakyat miskin, terutamanya masyarakat peneroka bandar. Razak menyandang jawatan Pengerusi Perhubungan KeADILan Johor dan sebelum itu, Timbalan Presiden Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM).

Kes yang paling baru, di mana Razak telah membantu Suaram ialah bila dua aktivis Suaram ditahan polis semasa demonstrasi di hadapan rumah Menteri Besar Johor mengenai masalah jenayah di Johor.

Razak ialah bekas Presiden Kelab Sosialis, Universiti Singapura yang pernah ditahan dan dibuang negara oleh Singapura, dan semenjak itu, tidak dibenarkan masuk kembali.

Dalam tahun 1975, beliau ditahan di bawah ISA kerana memperjuangkan hak peneroka bandar di Tasek Utara.

Apabila Presiden Israel melawat Singapura pada tahun 1986,  Razak telah membaring di atas landasan keretapi sebagai tanda bantahan beliau, dan beliau terpaksa diheret keluar oleh pihak polis.

Parti KeADILan telah hilang seorang pejuang yang telah berkorban seumur hidupnya demi menegakkan prinsip keadilan dan hak-hak asasi. Malangnya sejarah resmi negara kita akan mengabaikan pejuang tulen seperti Razak.


(Readings) 50 Tahun Terang Bulan Terbarai August 11, 2007

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My favourite Malaysian writer strikes again 🙂

Some choice quotes:-

Bagaimana sebuah negara yang mengelar diri mereka – merdeka – tetapi lagu kebangsaan pun di ciplak.

Tuntutan MERDEKA adalah projek dan tuntutan Persatuan Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya (PKMM). Merdeka BUKAN projek United Malay National Organisations.

Dalam negara yang penuh dengan klentong, penipuan dan pembohongan bercakap benar adalah tindakan yang revolusioner.


Namewee’s family ordeal August 11, 2007

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One of the Chinese newspapers (can’t recall which paper as I’d returned them), in its evening edition reported on the ordeal that the father of Wee Meng Chee (aka Namewee) in the hands of the police.

Wee’s dad, was asked to go to the police station where he was grilled for one and a half hours by the Special Branch.

During that time, Wee’s father was ‘advised’ (though, in a police station, it could sound more like an instruction) to tell Wee to apologise. In writing. All languages.

Question is, why did the police haul in the dad?


Warning: Outbreak of Flagitities in August August 10, 2007

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An apt inaugural post under the new category “Huh?!”.

Now, we can’t have our cake and eat it?

(Though I’m sure in the past, officials have been photographed cutting cakes with the “Malaysian” flag)

Quick. Someone unearth those old photos of flag-cakes and take pics of vertically hanging flags on government buildings!


公正党明为十名准候选人造势 August 10, 2007

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黄凌风, 07年8月10日 (Malaysiakini.com/zh)

人民公正党将于将於明日在甘榜东姑州议席推介一支“雪隆公正队”, 同时为10名来届全国大选的雪隆区准华裔候选人, , 进行造势。



Local YouTube sensation August 8, 2007

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Way, way, way before Negarakuku was made, Namewee was already famous for “Muar Chinese”, which had garnered 600,000 views back in April.

Now with the latest hysterics, the musician has had death threats issued by Malaysians on YouTube pages, even for this earlier song.

Well done, BN.


Petra’s wife called for police questioning!? August 7, 2007

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(Updated) Marina’s statement took 90 minutes only, so swift that I missed out by the time I got to KL, thinking it would take several hours.

According to Petra (quoted in Malaysiakini):-

According to Raja Petra, who had accompanied her into the interrogation room, Marina was asked about six to seven questions, pertaining to her involvement with Malaysia Today and whether any other individuals were involved.

“Marina’s reply was the same for every question: As a Muslim wife, she is obligated to follow and not go against her husband’s wishes. Her husband has instructed her not to reply to any questions the police ask.

“As a Muslim wife, she comes under Syariah and not common law. She cannot go against her husband’s wishes. That was her reply to every question,” said Raja Petra, who was seen clutching a Koran when they went into the interrogation room. 

She ending by asking the police what happened to the investigation of Dr. Ng Seng’s piece which sat on the PM’s website and articles which were anti-Christian on the Kelab Maya Umno (Umno web club). LOL.

Three down. Expect more to be hauled up.

So Suaram is holding a “Know Your Rights” workshop for bloggers as well as members of the public this Sunday (12 August) in Kuala Lumpur. There’s a section of Freedom of Expression relating to blogs and bloggers.

Details and registration contact point can be found here.


A Tibetan in Beijing August 7, 2007

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My friend and fellow traveller, Jess, sent me this link to an amazing blog of a Tibetan activist, Lhadon Tethong.

She has been in Beijing since the start of the August, in a campaign to remind the world, gearing up for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, not to close its eyes and ears to the sufferings of the Tibetans.

Unfortunately, a number of activists were reported to have been arrested today. Hopefully Lhadon’s not one of them, and will continue blogging.

See also Yingsel – the Tibetan antelope and one of the mascots of the Beijing Olympics. Apparently, it defected.