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Environment or land? September 6, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Economy, Huh?!, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

Today’s Sin Chew highlighted a Melaka state exco member as saying that, in yesterday’s state exco meeting, they have approved the plan to acquire the land as a way to compensate the 25 affected pig farms, and have the land developed for residential and industrial purposes.

This issue which now has turned a different shade. First it was alleged to be river pollution, then about the number of pigs in the state, now land acquisition?

Kerajaan negeri juga merancang untuk membangunkan kawasan terbabit sebagai kawasan pelancongan, katanya. (Source: Malaysiakini)



1. hasilox - September 6, 2007

Daylight robbery like nobody’s business. They don’t even care that livehood of the people affected, the economy screwed. As long as the looters are enriched, everything goes.

Inilah barisan kita.
Barisan yang memufliskan bolehland!

2. wits0 - September 6, 2007

Twisting and turning like a snake does….indicating that the reason is something else, and can’t we guess?

3. shawn - September 6, 2007

it’s most certainly not an environmental problem.. such problems can be resolved in other ways than culling..

4. arifabdull - September 6, 2007

baguslah…. secara tradisi terbukti Barisan Nasional/UMNO adalah sebenarnya sebahagian daripada komponen Barisan Kapitalis (BK) — rakyat hanyalah hamba bagi mereka!

suatu masa rakyat Malaysia mesti ajar BK ini, sepertimana ‘Hartal’ oleh rakyat Malaya menentang Perlembagaan British pada 1947 dahulu.

~harapan optimis~

5. oA - September 6, 2007


Deceptively evil
Purely and simply GREED
Feeding on their corrupt frenzies
Worst at the expanse of the poor and the helpless.

Thanks to the 2nd PM and his useless policies.


6. monsterball - September 7, 2007

That has always been their methods to steal the land…sell it at RM600 per acre to a crony and then buy it back at RM15 per sq.ft.
Have we not seen this over and over again?
Why do you think TDM is hopping mad about the bridge?
Do you know how many lost millions…now owning useless land?

7. ghostline - September 8, 2007

The ‘environmental concerns’ over the pig farms are purely technical issues which could have been easily resolved with simple and straightforward *technical* solutions in collaboration with the farmers. Install additional filters? Improve drainage? Improve hygiene practices? So many civil servants on the payroll and not one thought of trying these solutions first?

Instead, the state govt chose to blow it up into a huge issue for political mileage by bringing in the FRU and causing a near riot. The problem with blowing things up is that crap usually hits the instigator in the face as well, which is what happened here and what happened when Mat Tyson went with pomp and circumstance to ‘blow up’ RPK.

Now we hear about this ‘land acquisition’ thing. I don’t know much about the place where the pig farms are. Is the land potentially valuable for development? If so, might the ‘land acquisition’ be the REAL prawn behind the rock, even more so than any supposed political mileage from culling pigs? In the wake of PKFZ (and everything else that came before it), I’m actually cynical enough to think so.

8. Libra - September 8, 2007

What can we expect from con-men, charlatans, plunderers and bandits who make up Barisan Nasional. Eventually there will be joint MCA-UMNO property development project in the area to make them millionaires.
Every UMNO action is done with the sole purpose of making money for themselves.
For instance, this budget proposal is going to make many UMNOputras millionaires with contacts to supply text books, purchase of vehicles for the police, etc.

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