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Status quo for Malaysian football September 9, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in "We can do better", Democracy, Huh?!, Malaysia, Politics, Southeast Asia.

fam_04.gifThis just in from klpos.com. The unofficial results of FAM elections.

President FAM: Sultan Ahmad Shah
Deputy President: Datuk Redzuan Sheikh Ahmad, Khairy Jamaluddin

Just when we thought Malaysian football would be free from the iron-grip of the royalty and Umno-types, after our humiliation recently. Still want to sapu all.

What lar? Why so hangat-hangat want to be in FAM? Got money there izzit?

Cis. I’m sticking with Aussie Rules.



1. kittykat46 - September 9, 2007

I think the PM’s directive covered Cabinet Ministers, but there are plenty of other politicians still involved in sports bodies.

Just to share a bit of experience.
I was and still am involved in a minor way in one of the national sports bodies. Sports associations, especially the less well-heeled ones, often have to beg or borrow resources and assistance from various government bodies and local councils.

Unfortunately, Bolehland is a very politicised country. If an ordinary citizen representing the sports association approached the government agency, he would get nowhere. If an UMNO politician turned up, yeah, the reception is totally different.

Sad, but I don’t think its going to change anytime soon.

2. monsterball - September 9, 2007

No wonder FAM is full of shit!
Just read the details from the Star newspaper…buying and item for RM24 and another RM50 and charge both items for RM520 and RM5000++respectively…plus many more. just look at Minister under Mahathir’s regime….just plain croks….because boss is the biggest crocodile……yet Wong Min Wee sang a song to expose more corruptions call….’NAGARAKUKU”…..some big hypocrites is calling that offensive…just like Dr. Kua’s “May13th” book…shouting like idiots…now both items are available in book and musical shops for sale openly.
What bloody thick skin UMNO idiots they are….now finding out…all malays being interviewed ….listen to the song…..are amused and not offended at all. UMNO politicians are the ones keep fanning and fanning divide to rule concept….not others.

3. Karta Laksana - September 10, 2007

Who has been a ball ?

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