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Updates on gunshot victims, etc. September 10, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

(Updated: Both are said to be in stable condition)

(Original) Swandi bin Abd Ghani, 37, has been moved from Kuala Terengganu General Hospital to Kubang Kerian Hospital in Kota Bahru, for an operation to retrieve the bullet dislodged in his chest.

Mohd Azman bin Abd Aziz, 21, is still at KTGH.

Press Conference by political leaders and NGOs at 1 pm today.

Emergency motion filed by YB Salahudin Ayub in Parliament today.



1. Sagaladoola - September 10, 2007
2. Libra - September 10, 2007

This seems to be a deliberate provocation by UMNO and its dogs, even ready to cause death, if need be, and then blame it on the Opposition and make political capital out of it.
Is this a precursor of more things to come, like C4 explosives and then an emergency and NOC.
Or frighten the Chinese into supporting BN.

3. max - September 10, 2007

I just hope that the poor will be alright. Police should exercise more restraint. The officer who gave the order to charge and shoot should be transferred.

4. max - September 10, 2007

error – poor Mr. Swandi

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