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Companies ordered to reveal PLC ethnic recruitment September 12, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Economy, Heritage, Huh?!, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations.

Woah. Is PM/FM is showing off his latent skills for fractions?

Supposing, a company has Chin-glish, Chinese-Malay, Indian-Chinese, Malay-Irish, Dutch-Javanese-Semoi, Kadazandusun-Malays etc, how would they all add up? Got bonus points?

Fact is, that’s Malaysia for you. Melting-pot. Rojak. Gado-gado. Faham?

Sep 11, 5:13 AM EDT
By SEAN YOONG, Associated Press Writer

Malaysia orders companies to reveal recruitment figures by race

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysian executives urged the
government Tuesday not to make race a criterion for hiring, reflecting
fears that some companies will have to employ more ethnic Malays at
the expense of minority Chinese and Indians.

Companies listed on Malaysia’s stock exchange are generally expected
to have a significant number of employees from the Malay majority. The
rule – part of affirmative action policies to help Malays – has not
been strictly enforced, but most large firms mix Malay staff with
Chinese and Indians.

Though Malays are in a majority in the population, ethnic Chinese have
long dominated the country’s commercial sector.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced Friday that starting
next year, publicly listed firms must disclose their employment
composition by race as part of efforts to boost corporate social

The directive has prompted debate about whether the government might
pressure companies to ensure that their racial mix mirrors Malaysia’s
ethnic makeup more closely.

Puan Chan Cheong, managing director of broadband technology provider
Green Packet Bhd., said firms need to hire people who are “the best
fit for the job, regardless of race,” in order to compete

“We employ according to merits,” Puan told The Associated Press.
“Competency is the key consideration, not racial composition.”

Gooi Seong Lim, managing director of investment holding company
Crescendo Corp. Bhd., said the company sometimes has no choice but to
recruit mostly Chinese and Indians for civil engineering works because
there are too few Malay candidates.

“I believe the government will be reasonable,” he told the AP. “It
would be very difficult to conform to a strict racial breakdown.”

Malays comprise about 60 percent of Malaysia’s 27 million people.
Chinese form some 25 percent, Indians nearly 10 percent and the rest
belong to other minorities. The ethnic communities have coexisted
peacefully since racial riots left at least 200 dead in 1969. They
were sparked by Malay frustration over Chinese wealth.

The New Straits Times newspaper quoted Second Finance Minister Nor
Mohamed Yakcop as saying the government will not necessarily penalize
companies that fail to have employees from all races after the new
directive takes effect next year.

We are not saying we will take action,” the Times quoted him as
saying. It was not immediately clear how the new directive would be

Decades-old affirmative action policies – geared toward helping Malays
catch up with the Chinese by giving them privileges in areas like
education, housing, bank loans and government contracts – are one of
Malaysia’s most politically sensitive subjects.

(c) 2007 The Associated Press.


1. ghostline - September 12, 2007

I’m 87.5% Han Chinese and 12.5% Kadazandusun, though if I go back far enough I’m fairly certain I could discover a trace of Mongolian ancestry. Which might explain my belligerence.

Besides the three main ethnic groups, I have friends (in Malaysia alone) who are:
Japanese-Malay, Kadazandusun, Sino-Kadazan, Rungus, Sino-Lundayeh, Chindian, Sri Lankan-Chinese, Malay-Chinese,
Malay-Indian, Spanish-Chinese, Iban, Iban-Chinese, Japanese/Chinese, Sikh-Chinese, Sikh, Pakistani-Malay

and that’s just off the top of my head.

In my own family, cousins have married an American (of Nordic descent), an Indian, a Malay, an Australian (of Anglo-Saxon descent), a Japanese.

Categorise me lah, Pak Blah!

Oraight, we just created more opportunities to outsource government work to vested interest concessionaires.

2. wits0 - September 12, 2007

Categorising that One, “Pak Blah”, is exactly so. His ‘rationale’ also represents another form of spin that contradicts but it’s an oxymoronic Bolehland after all.

3. max - September 13, 2007

This exercise is so massive. But what’s the point? Trying to put more UMNO morons and parasites into Bursa companies? In no time, all the companies will go bankrupt. Why can’t you UMNOs study hard and work hard? Don’t depend on pacifiers. Grow up!!

4. woody - September 13, 2007

actually some are already infiltrating Multinational Corporation to impose the quota in unwritten manner under the disguise of Diversity.

Recently told by a friend in Penang FIZ that 1 well known techology company, being forced into hiring are majority of jobless mediocre performing URM (under represented minority).

Such move are scaring away investors.

5. wits0 - September 13, 2007

“Such move are scaring away investors.”
It IS sinister.

6. Lrong - September 14, 2007

Another crisp reminder that Malaysia is under the control of parasites… This blood-sucking activity is very ‘Islamic’, I suppose… at least according to that bloke who who can’t steer away from sleeping on the job…

7. woody - September 15, 2007

“Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop” should be locked away somewhere and have the key thrown away . Under his tenure, Bank Negara made so much losses in Forex .
How the hell he was still allow to roam freely managing our money vault ?


8. sam - September 16, 2007

Malaysia truely Asia…

9. monsterball - September 16, 2007

It is back to race and religion dirty politics they are so good at.
All these surveys have nothing good for the countries…but for UMNO to plan their next move.
So they know people are getting bored with no actions on corruptions…Pak Lah knows voters do not trust him…out come few exposures right now….now lets see how he acts..cannot put them in jail? ….but surely he can use all the evidences to tell them to step down…until proven not guilty……especially Youth Chief…HUSSEIN….why don’t he?
Where are the signs of doing good by Pak Lah…just talk talk only.

10. wits0 - September 18, 2007
11. jenny k raghavan - November 2, 2007

This purely reflects the racist attitude of the Pak Blah Blah Blah. One day you talk about racial unity, tolerance and understanding. The very next day, you want to see the employment records of companies. Why don’t you look at your own backyard – the civil service – There is a small population of non-malays – less than 5 % in the public service. So wahts wrong if the private companies employ more nonmalays. If you take all jobs and give it to the malays, what will the non malays do? pak lah you are the worst PM we have had.

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