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Map of a dirty judiciary September 19, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

Below is the transcript (draft) of the conversation between lawyer VK Lingham and current Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz (then Dato Fairuz and Chief Judge of Malaya – no. 3 in the hierarchy).

The video and news is on Malaysiakini. Also found on YouTube.


News in BM can be found on KLPos and Suara KeADILan.

The CJ said he is relative to now Agong, so he wants to stay on to 68, so, Tengku Adnan, I told Tengku Adnan, yesterday I had a meeting with him.

He said PM is already very angry with him, he said no problem he is going to make you acting err.. confirm your position as PCA, working very hard then working very hard to get Tan Sri Mokhtar as CJM.

Ah, we just keep it confidential. I am working very hard on it. Then there is a letter, according to Tengku, I am going to see him tomorrow, there is a letter sent to CJ, I mean Tan Sri Dzaiddin, that Datuk Heliliah, Datuk Ramli, Datuk Ramli and Datuk Ma’roop be made judges, and he rejected Dr Andrew Chui and apa itu Zainuddin Ismail lah. Because Zainuddin Ismail condemned your appointment and Tan Sri Mokhtar’s appointment.

And then you also, you seems to wrote a letter for the remaining five be confirmed as judges. As per our memo I discuss with Tun Eusoff Chin and we sent the same memo to PM.

I just want to get a copy letter that that has been done.

And then Tan Sri Dzaiddin said he is going to recommend six people for the court of appeal, but until today the letter hasn’t come to PM. He never discuss, but neither he has sent the letter to PM. Yes he has not sent. I know it is under the constitution for judges all that is your job Datuk to send, but we don’t want to make it an issue now.

Ah. Ok Actually I told Tengku Adnan to inform PM, PM to call you for a meeting. I organize it so that Tengku Adnan will call you directly. And then I got your number, I will tell him to call you directly to for you to meet PM lah. So should be ok, then ar.. correct correct, it is very important that the key players must be there.

Correct x3. correct x2. You know that the same problem that Tun Eusoff Chin has. He tried to do all this and yet he has run out of soldiers. He couldn’t do it because many are from the other camp. Last time was unfortunate because Tun Daim was doing everything sabotaging, otherwise how are things with you – everything is ok?. No, don’t worry. You know sometimes Tan Sri Vincent that half the time they are talking about judiciary rather than doing the work. But if I don’t do this part my work will be useless.

Ha ha ha. Ah yes.Correct x5, right x3 correct. Ah right susah. You see he has now up for six court of appeal judges, so that he can put his men before he retires.

Correct x3, ah and then ah, correct. But never-mind, I will do this, I will get Tengku Adnan to arrange for PM to call you and Tan Sri Vincent Tan for PM to call you. And you know why, actually, I am very grateful with Tan Sri Vincent Tan you know why, I brainwash you so much even I quarrel with him. One day I went to Vincent Tan house, I fire him at the night in his house. I said very hell if you don’t do this who will do it?
All these people Tun Eusoff Chin, Datuk Ahmad Fairuz, Tan Sri Zainon all fought for that. Then he called Tengku Adnan. Tengku Adnan he said, saya bukan Perdana Menteri Malaysia lah, you know. If the old man doesn’t want to listen to me, go to hell.

He quarreled with me. I said nevermind, nevermind, you talk to PM again tomorrow morning to put Datuk Ahmad Fairuz to CJM. So next day morning he went and he called me back 9.30 that he said PM has already agreed. So I said nevermind, we hope for the best. So I said no harm trying, the worst that it can happen is that you lose. Being the old man, he is 76 years old, he gets whispers everywhere, and then you don’t whisper, he get taken away by the other side. But, now PM is very alert because every time he gets letters from Tan Sri Zaidin, he called Tengku Adnan, he said discuss with Vincent, come and discuss.

Yes yes, ya. Correct x2, ya, but you see although I know PM, I am a lawyer in practice my views are.. I go through them, I go through them lah. Ah x4.

And then Zaidin will call them telling that you went saw PM and you make a big issue out of it. Oh ya, I think so, I think so.

Ok, fine x4 ok x4

Ah x2 correct x2. Now I heard Raja Aziz, Raja Aziz huh, spoke to my lawyer Thayalan, and another lawyer Ailan, in the high court, they have a case each other. So, Thayalan and Ailan asked Raja Aziz, how is Tan Sri Wan Adnan?

He said he is on his way down. But you know what is the shocking thing he said? Datuk Fairuz became CJM. He overruled everybody, in three months time, he is going be made VCA, and 6 months time he is going to be CJ. He said he cant think he shocked. He told us.

Ha, it seems that they are going to organize a campaign to run you down. But you just keep quite don’t say anything. Even the press asked, you said I leave it to God, that’s all. Don’t say. I really like your message. You said you work very hard, what can I do? I leave it to God.

That’s the best answer datuk that you can ever be.

Ah… I will also get Tan Sri to remind PM to put a Tan Sri ship this year lah. This will elevate you, you know.

Oh yes x4. ha. XX got so fast, Tan Sri Chong waited for whole year to get Tan Sri ship.

Ah.. My god that’s why, ah. Correct x4, ya x4 right x3 correct x2

Don’t worry, we organize this. If Tan Sri Vincent and Tengku Adnan want to meet you privately, they will, I will call you. We organize in a private arrangement, in a very unusual place.

No don’t worry, Datuk, I know how much you suffer for Tun Eusoff Chin. And Tun said Datuk Ahmad Fairuz 110% loyalty. We want to make sure our friends are there for the sake of the PM and the sake of the country.

Not for our own interest, not for our own interest. We want to make sure the country come first. Well, you suffered so well, so much you have done. For the election, Wee Choo Keong, everything. How much, no body would have done all these.

Yes, you know. Good lah. Don’t worry. I am constantly working on this.

Ya ya, don’t worry x2. We work hard on this. And Datuk, and then if Tan Sri Vincent and Tengku Adnan want to see you, I will organize it in such a confidential place.

Ok Datuk very best. God bless you and your family.

Ok. Thank you thank you. Bye.


1. LeithaisoR - September 19, 2007

Was Lingam not the same lawyer whose photos on holiday together with a certain senior judge was such a hot topic of discussion some years back?

Whatever became of that? Nothing, if I recall correctly.

This time around, what will happen?

2. max - September 19, 2007

Dunno whether Msians are capable of going to the streets to have justice done. What are the options available? Shouldn’t wait for the GE. They would have compromised the whole process. We must clean up the legal system, then take action against the corrupt UMNOputras, police etc etc. We can’t do this on our own. Maybe Uncle Sam..

3. aitok - September 19, 2007

A lawyer can plot the judiciary setup in bolehland? wow!!!

4. wits0 - September 19, 2007

He at least proved without a shadow of a doubt that connection is everything in Bolehland at every level of life.

5. monsterball - September 20, 2007

There is a live conversation at Black@AminIskandar blog. Listen to it and it’s more interesting to watch how he talk and walk around his room…full of confidence.
Yes….Malaysians have elected a bunch of dictators.

6. monsterball - September 21, 2007

Putting race aside….It sure takes an Indian to do the dirty job…as they are fast talkers and good twisters….but none can beat a mamak…best of two worlds.

7. wits0 - September 21, 2007

“Malaysians have elected a bunch of dictators.”

And promoted the Cult of Sycophancy for rocketing to success. That’s the way of the BN elitist governace. First start with racism for the masses and within that womb is elitism begot, that which transcends race, oftentimes as determined by expediency. A Two Tier system of convenience that beckons to all unprincipled sycophants.

8. hutchrun - September 21, 2007

There was once a corporate knight named Eric Chia,who is supposed to have said , “when I look for a lawyer I look for a pariah dog that can bite, not some pedigree dog that can only look and sound good.”
[ ]
An investigation into VK Lingam and others named in the video clips would require an investigation into all matters involving Lingam.
These would include matters which have involved the VK Lingam satellite firms ie firms that act under his direction and which receive and act on briefs that VK Lingam considers too small or inconvenient to deal with.
These include:
a) V.Sitahmabaram & KT Wong of V.Siva& Partners; represented VK Lingam in VK Lingam v. The Bar Council

b) V. Sivaparamjothi; his brother and running mate

c) Rutheran Sivanagnam of M/S R.Sivanganam & Associates


9. anonymous dud - September 21, 2007

can someone in dap, keadilan check how many cases handled by VK won (name the presiding judge also), it is more clarity if these connections can be translated to numbers …

10. Pak Lah: Find the whistleblower « think it out* - September 22, 2007

[…] the current judiciary scandal, I was expecting him to start as usual with “setting up a panel to […]

11. Lingamgate: Blame the whistleblower « elizabeth wong - October 4, 2007

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12. Jennifer - October 27, 2007

Shame! Shame! Shame! And the ACA is going after the whistleblower instead of the culprits!

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