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PM: IQ ling-ling September 21, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

My jaw dropped when I saw this in The Sun. Finally the man has spoken, and once again, you wished he hadn’t.

“I am disappointed. The video was released with the aim of getting the people angry with the country’s judiciary system.”

No, Mr Prime Minister.

It is meant to save the judiciary. If that’s even too hard to comprehend, you should leave the job to someone better.

Undur CJ! Undur Badawi!



1. wits0 - September 21, 2007

The Complete Dummies’ Guide to the Dunnoverse.

2. LeithaisoR - September 21, 2007

I was one of the voters who gave BN the massive majority in the last General Elections. A major reason for my voting BN was Pak Lah. I believed him. Heck, I liked him as PM. Note the PAST tense.

Not any more. On top of all the recent rubbish, and the not-so-recent rubbish (including that fom his son-in-law), he has now added his latest “video was released with the aim of getting the people angry with the country’s judiciary system”.

Now, I simply cannot vote BN anymore.

3. V T - September 21, 2007

Hi Liz, lovely title……………

This guy is definately from URANUS, sounds like Anus.

EW: haha! Tq VT.

4. monsterball - September 22, 2007

What an idiotic remark.

5. Anak Bapa - September 22, 2007

Check out Big Dog’s comments:

On September 21, 2007 at 5:59 pm Anak Bapa Said:
How come Big Dog you have nothing to say regarding VK Lingam’s video clip?

So much flaw in the video. Who VK Lingam talked to cannot be verified. Whether the phone call is genuine or not cannot be verified. Was the ’so called phone conversation’ scripted or not cannot be verified.

Personally, I think its an “entertainment”. Just like any other you-tube videos.

So, nothing to comment then.

EW: Snort!

6. monsterball - September 22, 2007

Big Dog is not a sincere blogger. He has never been…He is a liar and a pro Mahathir only…and an UMNO member…yet against Pak Lah.
Leave it to UMNO members…one of it’s rare kind in the world…that can play such so call clean politics to their minds….yet few bloggers of other races with no principles in life…sadly few are of Chinese identities are supporting these pro Mahathir group….just because of being drinking kakis. To the Chinese..such are the lowest scums of the earth…thinking about themselves..yet put out a knowledgable front to be humble and nice.What hypocrites!!
Ofcourse it takes an Indian to stir up trouble.
All these are BN people…playing race and religion politics..not us….but they must be exposed…as ordinary people are not racialists nor fanatics in religions.
Ordinary folks must be reminded not to be easily influence by sweet talking mouths of traitors to the country…proclaiming they are Malaysians…but infact ..they are balls carriers with no principles in life.

7. monsterball - September 22, 2007

Malaysia politics is welknown to be the lowest in the world.
No integrity nor principles in life..but like con men…sweet talking and behave nice blokes…yet can sell his votes for few ringgit.
The twist is…when inviting S’pore to help Malaysia to grow further..out come these sickening group…can twist and turn to try their best to influence the general public ..their unpatriotic logics….by pro Mahathir group. Fortunately…their voices are actually non influencial right now.
Are we also not sick of Pak Lah’s stupid remarks?
There…either a very cunning and corrupted man or at the extreme end….a stupid one managing our country….pick your choice from great UMNO. Next is even worst….no backbone…if ever he becomes a PM.

8. monsterball - September 22, 2007

Then look into Zorro..Rocky…a voice…and shar101 blogs…the so call champions of all bloggers.
Not one is talking about this important matter. We all know why…don’t we? And smart Zorro and Rock is diverting attentions to poor murder girl news….how noble they are.
If it involves Pak Lah….and not Mahathir…all will be putting out vigorously …their undying love messages for the country.

EW: Dear Monty, Rocky did blog on this issue, but I’ve not had a chance to check the rest.

9. monsterball - September 22, 2007

Yet all are UMNO Malays….who is Bernard Khoo alias Zorro…an ex teacher…….one of the most loyal and patriotic Malaysian Chinese in Malaysia?

10. monsterball - September 22, 2007

Then I apologise sincerely to Rocky. I saw that too…very short and insignificant…yet done. Again my apology.
He should talk more and update like you are doing Liz…..such important National issue….then again my apology again.

11. monsterball - September 22, 2007

I want put in writing that I sincerely feel Rocky is a kind hearted man…but can easily be influenced or used….and this is a 68 year old man talking…no balls carrier reputation in my life.

12. jose - September 22, 2007


13. wits0 - September 22, 2007

Why would people be angry with the country’s judiciary system for no rhyme or reason? He actually denigrates the people and imply impure motive on to them.

14. max - September 22, 2007

The problem with the Msian Gov is that almost all Ministers, MPs and State Assemblymen of BN are of UPSR qualification. Look at how the Spore Gov works.

15. fdjrfxs - September 22, 2007

LingamGate has the potential to bring down AAB’s administration; that’s why he is in denial syndrome

16. monsterball - September 22, 2007

NOW….. Pak Lah changed his tone and ask the police to work fast …to get to the bottom of this matter. He said he has not viewed the tape….can you believe it? I am getting bored of talks with no results incident after incident…case after case….all easily forgotten…the nature of Malaysians good natured people.

17. wits0 - September 22, 2007

“Forty-eight hours have passed and neither … had denied that there was such a telephone conversation between them, which would be the first reaction of anyone to a doctored video tape,” Lim said.” u/q

18. monsterball - September 22, 2007

Pak Lah knew there were cans of worms and thick layers of filth and dirt in all Ministry depts… when he took over from Mahathir
He did the cleaning job.
Now someone is helping him to clean it up…..why is he not happy?
No “fdjrtxs” writer…it’s not about his downfall…if he knows how to manage. It’s about restoring Tun Salleh’s reputations and Mahathir’s downfall.

19. mangchik - September 22, 2007

Dia cakap macam sebab die ingat Mesia ini die punyer. Pastu kite pon patut salah gak. Tiap kali mengundi, propaganda sket (kepala naga Lim Kit Siang, Ustaz Adi, Anwar Ibrahim), terus kecot telor, undi BN. Terima je ler “buah tangan” lepas tuh….

20. Kesava - September 22, 2007

Ofcourse it takes an Indian to stir up trouble.
Monsterball is on a crusade against Indians. He has been constantly repeating this line all over the blogs. A senile old communist chinese idiot.
Hopefully, some Indian will soon knock some sense into the filthy swine`s head.

21. Tamil Aneh - September 22, 2007

Yes, Monsterball is a racist bigot who has been exposed in other blogs before.

It seems this vagabond has lost his sanctuary in Susan Loone’s blog, so now he is bringing his poison to Elizabeth’s blog.

EW: Monty, I’d just read your comment, and I would agree that such comments aren’t useful and are racist. I’d rather these opinions not be expressed here.

To everyone – I can only imagine one has had some past traumatic, with one’s mother, cat, school authorities, kitchen appliances etc. I’d rather you not bring them here in disagreeable forms such as flaming or trolling. Pls see my section “On Comments”. Thanks.

22. monsterball - September 22, 2007

Dear Liz…Very sorry this is happening in your blog..while I am expressing the truth of it all. Perhaps I have not learn the art …like a politician….can talk double talk….but that’s how I see things…and I will never change..but will respect your blog ..by avoiding telling too much truths involving races. Let’s live with those as lies in blogging..but ordinary folks know I am telling the truths.
Once again…very sorry my message have brought in more noble commentators than me….pointing out my faults.
That will be the day I hope to see.

23. wits0 - September 22, 2007

Now, here it comes! The 180 degree reversal of “rejecting” the allegation: Malaysian PM orders probe into judicial fixing claims

– note that nice pic there! Refreshed after another siesta?

24. yh - September 22, 2007

sure it makes the people angry. what the heck are you going to do then. threaten the messenger? if the video is genuine, are you going to do another of your infamous act. ACT as if ” I DONT KNOW”.

25. wits0 - September 23, 2007

yh, shooting the whistle blower or messenger has always been the norm of administration and governance, not the truth of the matter. Therefore should it be difficult to understand the self-righteous mindset that pervades the flawed System? Bad fundamental presumtuousness don’t make for a good prognosis in the affairs of man – this has always come around to haunt them, no end, in Bolehland but this is not understood as such. They seek rather to continue dishonestly because they have been able to push that envelope this far and is very addicted to the cavalier falsehood of power.

26. monsterball - September 23, 2007

Dear Liz…Now that all have settled down..I respectfully say that you have also read my message wrong….as I am not a racialist. Please read it again….I was pointing out BN politicians. Are they not racialists themselves? You have been brave to point out the truths..and I have been commenting truthfully
I cannot stop low down guys like Kesava..choosing out of context to insult me supported by another Tamil aneh . I guess both are from MIC?
And concerning the others..I need to point them out too..as those are so call champion of all bloggers…by actively promoting themselves as so….through their own Association.
I received few phone calls saying am right and should not apologize.
It is not true..that without Susan’s blog…I am here at your blog ……but it is true..that I have more time to go visiting other blogs …now Susan is not more blogging…..and if you think I may cause you too much trouble ..commenting at your blog….please say so…..and I will refrain from doing it. I am sick and tired to be treathened…insulted from empty braggarts….sadly supporte4d by you too.
You are brave and forthright…why can’t a commentator be the same?
By right….kevasa and tamil aneh should be warned by you….and not you to me.
I wait your reply.

27. hutchrun - September 23, 2007

REMIX: “Can’t Tase This” UF Student Tasered

28. hutchrun - September 23, 2007

REMIX: “Can’t Tase This” UF Student Tasered

29. Black - September 24, 2007

dear all,

I think we should go back to the main discussion about the crisis of the judiciary in this country. Let’s accept Monsterball explanation. As far as i know, he’s not a racialist.

So lets focus on how can we contribute to reform the judiciary system in this country.

30. bamboo river - September 24, 2007

The judiciary system is going down the drain!

As for Monsterball’s comment, it does not specifically meant Indians are the one who can stir up trouble, chinese with no balls too are to blame for the political farce in this country.

Monsterball speaks without any favour to any races.
So, lets think out of the box for the sake of our country.

Agree with Black’s personal opinion about Monsterball.

31. Kesava - September 24, 2007

Well at least Black thinks Monsterball`s comment:
`Ofcourse it takes an Indian to stir up trouble.`
is not racist.
So we will let Tamil Nesan take it up then and help explain to the Indians. Black has a blog?

32. Kesava - September 24, 2007

We will let Tamil Nesan decide if the comment: `Ofcourse it takes an Indian to stir up trouble` is racist or not.

33. australianflashpacker - September 24, 2007

floating alone in Bermuda Triangle…..

34. wits0 - September 24, 2007

Eli: “…I’d rather you not bring them here in disagreeable forms such as flaming or trolling…”

Yes, agree, not that the substance is actually non existent though.

35. wits0 - September 24, 2007

Flash, borrowing from Hamlet :
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
Act 1. Scene V


36. monsterball - September 24, 2007

I thanks Black and bamboo river and it also takes an Indian like Kesava to twist and turn my meaning into a racialist remark…regardless what I have explained. Yes ….BN components are racialists parties..and I will keep reminding voters..
Kevasa thinks his own swine head and filthy mouth is an example for all Indians to look up to.
Monsterball?….who does not know me through and through?

37. monsterball - September 24, 2007

Aussie…you have found the blog!! Welcome…two Indians need to be told off. Now my GANG is here…..hahahahaha

38. monsterball - September 24, 2007

There..LIZ…I got you a nice foreign commentator…”australiaflashpaker”
from Australia!

39. monsterball - September 24, 2007

Soon jeancumlately will miss me..so will stenson and few others.
By the way Liz….it is confirmed that from blogging…Susan has found a great job…so no more blogging.
Shall we all congratulate her here?
No blogging never mind….but hope she can find few minutes to pen something here….especially protecting her most trusted commentator from Indian snakes from MIC…….hahahahaha
One million hits gal … sure get noticed!!

40. monsterball - September 24, 2007

HI ALL……I mean including Kesava and Tamil aneh too!!
Sheih’s mom is fighting for her life. Go read the details at “kickdefella” blog.
Offer a prayer and a message of loving kindness to Sheih and family.
Show you all are true MALAYSIANS!!

41. Black - September 24, 2007

Hi Kesava,

I have two blog. You can go to http://blackinkorea.blogspot.com for English and http://aminiskandar.wordpress.com for Bahasa.

42. monsterball - September 24, 2007

Yes Kesava….Black is welknown NGO man and a blogger under “Black@aminiskandar”..or
“Black from Korea” . He is a song writer…and a singer too!
And he is very busy with a great noble job.
So what are you comparing to him?

43. monsterball - September 24, 2007

witsO…my one time good friend…..will you stop the art of agreeing by disagreeing and speak straight to the point?
And make sure it is like what you are doing now….in simple English…no bombastic words…so hard to understand.
One may conclude you have great inferiority complexes….prove then wrong.

44. Tamil Aneh - September 24, 2007

Are you going to allow your blog to be a sanctuary for Trolls ?

Susan Loone’s blog ended up with an environment where any comments which did not agree with Monsterball’s world view was subject to flaming and intimidation.

Never mind its 1 Million hits, its comments section had become useless as a means to exchange different ideas.

45. wits0 - September 25, 2007

Poor Elizabeth. Are you found reaching for the Panadol tablets? 😉 Let’s just say that if people cannot understand your position, it isn’t really your fault. It’s mainly their own problem.

46. bamboo river - September 25, 2007

Okay guys , concentrate on the issues posted by Eli. Agree to disagree or so be it.
Picking cheries is not for us to do. Eli has the right and perogative to say when and where it should be done.
Just move on.

Eli is not Susan, so with due respect to both wonderful ladies, guys stop instigating each other and splashing the mud on the ladies.
Monty is okay as long as we read his comments on common context.

BTW, AustralianFlashpacker or I used to call her OzzyFlash had finally joined us. So, welcome OzzyFlash!

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