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100000 in the streets of Rangoon! September 24, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Event, History, Human Rights, International, Southeast Asia.


Many tens of thousands of people led by Monks and celebrity artists peacefully demonstrated against the military regime, on 24.09.2007, in central Rangoon, near Sule Pagoda. (video Ko Htike; photos Zaw Sai)

[Photos on www.burmadigest.info ]

Be Brave


1. Jonah - September 24, 2007

Will anything of this scale happen at Putra Jaya on Wednesday? I think we should give credit to the Burmese military regime for allowing a PEACEFUL demonstration of this magnitude. 100,000 people on the street? All you need is someone to throw a bottle at the crowd to start a riot.

Let’s hope Wednesday’s March will be as peaceful.

2. monsterball - September 24, 2007

“Be Brave..ACT”…so said Liz.
Here is totally different from Myamar. There one race ..one religion…two different thoughts. Here at least 3 different races with three distinctively different thoughts and behaviors desires…wants and needs.. and from 4 major religious beliefs.
So ….not easy to ACT.

3. ken - September 25, 2007

The monks may be brave but I wonder if their action is right.
Perhaps Monsterball may want to explain the fourth path (right action) of the Noble Eightfold Path that the monks are obliged to observe?

4. Moses Foo - September 25, 2007

100000 maybe something but 1000000 would be something…I’m speaking from experience when I was part of a crowd where there were almost that many people as the second figure if not more…you are really one in a million! Suffocating and left gasping for air especially when you are in the middle section of it.

The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myammar…who is next? The yearning for truth, freedom and justice is awakening in the heart of man.

5. Kesava - September 25, 2007

Well your query interestingly is answered here, sort of:
“.. The Bar (i.e. lawyers) is going on a peaceful march to try and save the judiciary, and ultimately the nation.
(And) Minister Nazri Aziz is aghast that the Bar would “stoop so low” and “lower their standard”.
This it seems is some kind of grievous fault.
Only scoundrels and ruffians like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King or those Burmese monks up north would resort to something so low as to march peacefully for a good cause.
And we (Lawyers) have now joined the ranks of such cutthroats and villains.
I sincerely hope that everyone is suitably grateful to the Minister for making us aware of our abominable behaviour.
I fully expect MEMBERS of the Bar to pay scant attention to him and turn up in FULL force at the Palace of Justice come Wednesday morning. And to MARCH! ..”
-N. Surendran a/l K. Nagarajan

I doubt though that the authorities will allow this to take place so it can be broadcast over CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera.

6. tan368 - September 25, 2007

Hope there will be at least 1% of the number of people marching in Putrajaya on Wednesday. May the march be peaceful and also fruitful!

7. monsterball - September 25, 2007

ken…I think the monks are experts on the Eight Noble Paths to become a monk…and perhaps being noble is not a solution to have peace and harmony in Myammar. Don’t forget…Buddhism is about attaining truths..by following 8 noble paths…and Buddha himself did
“show off” with some miracles out of no choice…that itself is against the Paths.
One also need to adjust life and interpret the 8 Noble Paths as according to life ..based on ..advancements…political and economical situations of the 21st Century…and not 2500 years ago…reading word by word…following like a dummies.
With educations…one ha capacity to think…and most monks are now computer literate…it is a must.
So don’t think those monks marching are not educated…far from ithe truth…..as monks all over the world are studying more than ever to think and speak with better reasoning power. and can study more from computers. Yet we are all very ignorant….yet thinking how smart we are.

8. Moses Foo - September 25, 2007

I hope the participants will take precautions for any untowards provocation given this government lack of courage to take negative publicity. And when the fights do turn dirty and bloody, will not shy away but stand firm. This is no longer a dash but a marathon.

This government is so seduced by mammon (the ring of power) that they are like the nazgul or ringwraiths, neither dead nor alive anymore. Consume and sustain only by the lust for mammon and corrupt power.

May God bless us all as we dig in for the fight to restore the dignity of Malaysia.

9. monsterball - September 25, 2007

ken..Fourth Path…right action?
It all depends how one is being influenced ..by his friends…by personal gains…by selfish ulterior motives..and few more.
Now ask yourself…are the monks doing this for personal gains or for other’s peace and happiness?
If personal gains..then that so call “right action”…fourth path is being twisted from wrong one to be right….then the TRUTHS will reveal it sooner or later.Buddhism is heading to death road..
Now if the “right action” of the fourth path being faithfully performed by the monks….how noble these monks are and how good Buddhists they really are for humankind. Buddhism will flourish.

10. wits0 - September 26, 2007

The repulsive Burmese Junta may well be seeing its last days. How long can it continue to repress its own populace?

11. Moses Foo - September 27, 2007

Look like blood will be (or has been) spilled in Burma/Myammar. Let us pray that the monks will be able to bring change to the country knowing full well it will means at the cost of their lives.

Their desire to leave the populace out of this march means that they are fully aware that all this will lead to brutal and violence suppression by the junta, one that will leads to death.

O Lord, watch over the Burmese people in their desire to break free from the bondage of oppression by their very own people. May your Spirit strengthen them and grant them the grace to respond with kindness and compassion where violence and oppression is abound. May you grant them the grace to know that death is not the end of life but the begining of it.

12. wits0 - September 27, 2007

Too much attention, effort and resources have been given to the perpetually volatile Middle East by such bodies as the UN all along since its formation. If only a little more had been allocated to the far East such as in Burma, a lot of result might have ensued. It’s obvious that Russia and China (as well as India, e.g.)are more interested in economic gains for themselves from the Junta there than basic human rights of its populace there.

13. Satya - September 28, 2007

Just a factual note, guys. monsterball said that, “There… one race… one religion… two different thoughts.” That’s not quite true.

Myanmar has a Muslim minority which is generally discriminated against by the junta, and the latter tacitly encourages the majority of the Buddhist citizens to do so as well. The Muslim minority is itself divided into two camps; one hoping to create a Burmese Taliban-style regime, and the other representing a more moderate voice of Islam.

They don’t quite have just one race either. There are ethnic Chinese from China who have become Burmese citizens, as well as people from Bhutan and some from India. Some (very few, cause Thais and Burmese generally have a historical dislike for each other that continues to this day) Thais in Myanmar as well.

In any case, whatever be their race or their religion, the Anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia support all the Anak-anak Bangsa Myanmar (don’t know how to say that in Burmese) in their fight for freedom. Our hearts and prayers go out to them.

14. wits0 - September 28, 2007

The SLORC military has long been sorely mistreating the Christian Karen minority, and driven some to rebel. The European Union and UN hardly noticed that. The US gave a little more attention to that but still insignificant and has currently the strongest line used against these rogues, China used the softest one but things can change. No one is readily giving credit to the US stand.

There is this Chinese economic interest in Burma but even this does not imply that it can only safeguard that via the SLORC. It could potentially get the same from the Burmese opposition.

CNN ran something from a smuggled tap about the Junta Chief’s daughter getting married yesterday. She(not even pretty) was totally bedeckered with diamonds and gems while the country suffers deprivation that commenced when the Junta took over in the early sixties.

Has anyone noticed that whenever a third world (rogue) nation changes its name, little good follows except turmoil? One of the earliest being Ceylon.

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