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A note from 26 Sept March organisers September 25, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in 1.

The walk tomorrow is a peaceful stroll to the PM’s Office. Everything humanly possible is being done and has been done over the couple of days to ensure this. The Cabinet has been informed that we are doing this, and handing over a memorandum and a representative will be expecting us.

The walk is importantly (1) a show of solidarity of the Bar and civil society’s positions on the issue (2) to send a message that we are serious about wanting a clean up of the Judiciary including by (3) calling for an independent appointments and promotion commission (4) calling for a royal commission to enquire into the recording and the state of the administration of justice in Malaysia.

A Star sms has been received about DPM announcing the establishment of a panel to investigate the authenticity of the clip. This does not change anything about the walk. We are still proceeding to walk because the issues we are advocating are not limited to the recording alone but with much larger issues as described above.

And would such a decision by the Govt for a panel be set up have been made without the continuous pressure from us and civil society which includes calling for this walk, more so after PM said there would be no royal commission?

Believe in the power we all have in making change, and believe in ourselves. We CANNOT be afraid to walk, we CANNOT look lowly on ourselves, we CANNOT give up our country to people who do not deserve to run it. 




1. max - September 25, 2007

Hope it will be peaceful. But the police might set up roadblocks jamming up the roads. The 3-man board of inquiry, nothing much to be desired. Why not Mr Lim Kit Siang, as head of Opposition. Mr Karpal Singh, senior lawyer and His Royal Highness, Raja Muda of Perak, to head the investigation. The integrity of Mr Lee Lam Thye is zero. The other two are puppets. But anyway, I will be there tomorrow.

2. Jonah - September 25, 2007

Liz, is this a statement from the Bar Council? I’ve been trying to get one. Is tomorrow’s action by lawyers a “march”, a “walk” or a “stroll”?

EW: You may even roller-blade there if you wish.

3. Jonah - September 26, 2007

Sure, Liz. I’ll be doing Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Op.20 or the Nutcracker Op.71 but certainly not his 1812 Overture Op.49.


4. anonymous dud - September 26, 2007

so stupid, why create traffic jam in the city? what are you trying to gain from the walk, publicity ? why to try implicating the bystanders as in Batu buruk ?

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