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Long walk to freedom September 26, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Event, History, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Southeast Asia.


(L-R) Edmund, Amer and Jonah.

They walked the extra mile (actually it was 5 km!) to reach the Palace of Justice, when the police stopped the buses.


The plan was to meet the marchers at the PM’s department. But all good plans inevitably go awry. Buses were stopped a few miles away from the first meeting point. So some of us decided to escort them instead (we had Tian Chua’s alleged ‘killer car’ at our disposal to frighten the cops) and I decided to get off the car and walk with Edmund, my fellow Suaram Secretariat member, who’s also the chair of the Bar HR Committee.  Amer (behind) was polishing his Visit Malaysia Year tour guide skills.

(More pics later)



1. wits0 - September 26, 2007

One of those (real) good mourning.

2. anonymous dud - September 26, 2007

yes. after this let organize 5km march again to putrajaya/seri perdana to demand aab resignation…..

3. oA - September 27, 2007


It is sad isn’t it that the system is spiraling down into the abyss of cesspool?

Thanks to the combination of policies by useless 2nd pm and of course the so called vision 2020. These problems are not without its roots of course – leaving too much power to too many idiots.

Fact of matter is NOTthat these idiots are good leaders, just that these idiots cannot handle the truth – thus resorting to corruption of power to conveniently absolving their rots – if the rots mean anything to them.

Remember what pm said about leaders can be trained – well that is the biggest BS of all time. That’s what those policies are about creating more idiots than the system can handle.


4. ghostline - September 27, 2007

Regret I could not be there. Well done, Bar Council, civil society activists, opposition members and concerned citizens who were there.

5. monsterball - September 27, 2007

Never seen so many lawyers….totaling 800 on a protest march supported by so many others…all in all….2000 on the march.
Viewed the many photos posted out and inspite of the rain..they congregated happily together.
It is a real shameful thing for the government ..no matter how you look at it. If telling them…the law is not right…how can these UMNO ministers feel so proud to call themselves righteous and fair all these years?
This is a real slap on the face to UMNO!! Lets see how they will react with their 3 men finding out the truths.
Lets start again with the truths of Tun Salleh Abbas sacking.

6. ichtus - September 27, 2007

Looking back at the half way point, the walk must have reached nearly a km long…the group braving the rain while awaiting the leaders return from handing over the petition…these were gratifying sights…..and when they walked through the police officer who wanted them to stop..that was precious.

Our lawyers have really done well, especially the younger ones like Edmond. Our gratitude to Ambiga and his team…only regret is that more members of civil society and NGOs did not appear to support the lawyers.

7. sofiairdina - September 27, 2007

I saw lotsa young lawyers in the pics. Good for the future.

Monty, …3 men finding the truth? Err… you are forgetting the fact that you are still in malaysia. We have a funny definition about “truth” but of course, there is nothing wrong with hoping and yes, this march shows that there is still hope.

8. Daily Nibbler - September 27, 2007

Am proud to see there is still some ‘conscience’ in this country!

9. bamboo river - September 27, 2007

Regreted our PM is not here in Malaysia!!!!!!!!
However, my saluti to all involved in the march.
Next will be the citizen march?

10. monsterball - September 27, 2007

Yes Sofia…I know…but like Bar Council President said…I follow.
Personally…anything involving Lee Lam Thye is real shit…and not one Chinese on the street like him at all.
Yes the march shows much hope…and UMNO is dealing the the most brainy people from our country.
This is the most shameful protest march UMNO have experienced.

11. hankker - September 27, 2007

You are right jean.Dont expect much from these three stooges.

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13. monsterball - September 27, 2007

HI Hankker…..that’s sofia lah…jean younger sister. Jean is somewhere in Ijok….faithfully fasting with her mother….that’s what I heard…no no to talk nonsense…only after Hari Raya.
And I agree….but Bar Council President said give them a chance…so lawyers watching with alertness…so let us not disagree to give UMNO any reasons to F..up things for the lawyers.
What Bar Council says…we follow.

14. wits0 - September 27, 2007
15. woodyooi - September 27, 2007

All that necessary for triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)

Obviously 27 September 2007 is different. Our Good Men did something to make a different. Kudos to all Brave Souls out there.

Shame on the Rabies Infected Dog of Choice (RIDOC) – the Police force that out in full armed and even trying to thwart the attempts. Some claimed excuse – “They are just doing their jobs”, No, they have a choice NOT to carry on helping crooks to do their dirty jobs, but they choose to continue doing it.

16. woodyooi - September 27, 2007

Typo – should read “26 September 2007”

17. Charleybean - September 28, 2007

feel very proud of them!

18. hankker - September 28, 2007

Stand up for JUSTICE whatever the cost.Bar council led the way.We must be resolute and firm in our belief whatever the consequences(Susan’s Loone}.Monty,you are strong advocate of justice together with jean.Dont give up.Count me in.

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