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Wear Red for Burma this Friday September 27, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Event, Human Rights, International.


  • More Burmese feared dead in today’s shoot-out in Rangoon.
  • Al-Jazeera reports receiving news that a foreign photojournalist has been shot and killed while covering the protests.
  • Burmese embassy in Kuala Lumpur is said to have stopped processing visas and only taking applications.


On 28th September 2007, the Burmese democracy activists are asking the international community to wear a RED shirt or top, in solidarity with those currently engulfed in the fight of their lives in Burma against the most despicable regime, which our government had supported since 1997 when it allowed Burma to join ASEAN.

This simple act of solidarity will further inflame the hopes and strength of those who have struggled and resisted peaceably for 20 years now.

We are at crossroads now. It’s now or never.

There will be a demonstration tomorrow in KL and a candlelight vigil in the evening. More details to follow.


1. Moses Foo - September 27, 2007

For the people of Burma.

2. monsterball - September 27, 2007

4 monks dead…dozens injured on that march.
Here in Malaysia.. legal people on the march. There in Burma..the monks. Both hungry for truths and justice to all mankind.
Both are most noble professions on Earth.
Yes.. will wear red shirt for Burma tomorrow.
Yes UMNO is no better than the military rule like Burma…except we have a better chance to change it with our votes here.
Delay more….we are asking for trouble ourselves.

3. hutchrun - September 27, 2007

Around 4 pm today the Army had moved in and ordered the main Street cleared. Meanwhile, about 100 monks had been arrested. Probably more had been arrested earlier to take the `steam“ out of the protesters. A video clip on CNN showed bloodstains where 1 of the monks was picked up. sure doesn`t lookg good.
And the m`sian govt. since mahathir`s time has been one of the strongest supporters of the military junta. Petronas too helps prop up the junta while m`sia former rep to the UN has business interests in alliance with the junta.

4. Daily Nibbler - September 27, 2007

Yes, I will do just that! I hope will of the Burmese people will prevail, for they have suffered long enough. Been to that country. Its like being in a country locked in the 1940s or 1950s. I still could not forget an incident I witnessed: a truck driver getting down from his truck, went to the front of the engine and took out a piece of iron bar to crank start the truck engine!

Was very impressed by the phalanx of monks marching along the streets protected at the sides by people – the normal Burmese people who together with the monks want only freedom, democracy and a better future that are rightfully theirs! Is that too much to ask?

5. wits0 - September 27, 2007

Hutch: “And the m`sian govt. since mahathir`s time has been one of the strongest supporters of the military junta”

China’s rep is harping still on, “Sovereignty and Integrity:, the byword euphemism to enable rogue regimes. Bolehland’s FM and his “Constructive Engagement” ala ArseSeen formula.

Mahathir, Bolehland Just-ice and Foreign policies can be represented well by a picture: http://www.rantburg.com/images/Stabilityguage.jpg

6. max - September 27, 2007

The military in Burma will never give up. Eventhough the country is poor, there is still money to be taken. Msia is so much richer. That’s why we have C4s, Lingamgate to protect those that have retired and highly paid police and army so that similar situation can happen if the people dare to protest. I hope there would be something left in my EPF when I retire. All my excess money is parked elsewhere. Just in case UMNO wants to nationalise the banks and print their own money with a keris emblem. The day I see Petronas or Felda being listed, it is then the beginning of the end. Good night. Will be taking ot my red T, in case I forget.

7. wits0 - September 28, 2007

“The UN Security Council has called for an emergency meeting today to discuss the crisis in Myanmar. But China is expected to block any resolution condemning the government crackdown.

The last protests against the junta in 1988 ended in a bloody massacre as troops fired into crowds killing upwards of 3000 people. Something similar will almost surely happen again unless China makes a dramatic move and withdraws their support of the junta, installing a more democratic and less repressive government.”

8. Heute rote T-Shirts tragen! : simoncolumbus.de - September 28, 2007

[…] burmesische Friedensaktivisten die internationale Community auf, wie in südostasiatischen Blogs zu lesen […]

9. hasilox - September 28, 2007

I was abt to go out. Gotta change. RED RED RED!!!

btw, what the hell theStar asking people to send in photos for? I thought they only interested in doctored photos. They can’t even publish local malayanmar photos. What else they want?

10. kittykat46 - September 28, 2007

Spare a moment of silence for the oppressed people of Burma.

Allowing Burma to join Asean was one of the organisation’s most serious strategic errors. Akin to inviting a known rapist or child molester to your home for dinner. And Dr. Mahathir was the key driving force behind it.

China is now Burma’s principal international protector, and unfortunately the only country with any real leverage over Burma.

Elizabeth, thanks for using the original name of the country.
I always disliked using “Myanmar”, which was a creation of the ugly SLORC thugs.

11. Moses Foo - September 28, 2007


in addition to wearing red, can we not also offer up fasting, even for a day, as act of solidarity with the Burmese people?

12. anonymous dud - September 28, 2007

They say burma used to be one of the richest country in Asia. Now look at what military turned it into. Hope this will not occur to Thailand and Malaysia as well.

13. Moses Foo - September 28, 2007


For now the name of Myammar has no legitimacy because the one who change it is the junta, not the actual representation of the people of Burma.

Maybe when the military has been dethroned and properly elected government is put in place, then we can acknowledge it in whatever way the people of Burma wish for.

14. BloggingTom - September 28, 2007

Free Burma: Die Farbe heute ist rot

“On 28th September 2007, the Burmese democracy activists are asking the international community to wear RED in solidarity with those currently engulfed in the fight of their lives in Burma against the most despicable regime.This simple act of …

15. Ringfahndung, Forza St. Pauli flickr group zum “Red T-Shirt Day for Burma” » - September 28, 2007

[…] wie: Silke, Simon, Lucia Lai, Elisabeth Wong, […]

16. hunterseeker - September 28, 2007

UN Designated Official in Rangoon has established a 24 hour hotline in case of emergency, especially during curfew hours. The numbers to call are: 01 554 597 or 01 554 625. Please pass this to all people inside Burma.

17. Rødt eller Grønt? « Traumteufel - September 28, 2007

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18. bojeonline.de - September 28, 2007


Möchte sagen, daß ich den allergrößten Respekt vor den mutigen Menschen habe, die trotz Brutalität und Mord auf die Straße gehen, um für ihr Land, ihr Recht und ihre Freiheit einzutreten.
Aus diesem Chaos gibt es imme…

19. Das SecondLife-Blog » Tragt Rot für Birma - September 28, 2007

[…] SL dürfte das doch noch einfacher sein als in RL: Tragt ein rotes T-Shirt oder Oberteil zum Zeichen der Solidarität mit den friedlichen Demonstranten in […]

20. dandellion Kimban - September 28, 2007

Wearing red today. And as long as it is needed.
All the good thoughts for bravity and strenghth. Keep up!

21. Reflector - September 29, 2007

Remember, it was the CHINESE Govt, that systematically killed over ONE MILLION Tibetans, only a few years ago. (the 1980’s) in brutal, military minded fashion. Monks, Holy men and purveyors of peace. Do NOT under estimate the ego, greed and power driven minds that are killing people with idea of ‘freedom’, liberty and consciousness awareness. Burmese are in trouble.

22. drewpritt - September 29, 2007
23. Moses Foo - September 29, 2007

Why don’t we write a letter or memorandum to the Chinese, Indian, and Russian government through their embassy here in KL to exercise their influence and leadership with the military rulers to stop the physical oppression over the unarmed civilians. Maybe we can signed as Concerned Malaysian Citizens in Solidarity with the Burmese People or groups would allow ordinary Malaysians to express such support.
I don’t have the skill nor experience in preparing such official document but would like to participate with experienced people like you.
If our government or the parliament are sleeping on the job or consider this not urgent, then we as Malaysian should morally do so to express our support for the suffering Burmese people and restoration democratic rule that can stabilize Burma, in whatever ways possible, both in the immediate and medium term.
If you or aware of any groups planning to do so, can you let us know?

24. Kevin Lohman - October 2, 2007

Follow the link in this message to order a red shirt that will provoke questions and actually SPREAD the word about this crisis!

25. christopher raja selvan - May 9, 2008

how do we know of your itenary please. also when are y7ou coming to country homes rawang ??

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