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Lingam tape – Whistleblowers to be charged October 5, 2007

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This was Wednesday, 3 Oct 2007

We may be chanting in due time, “Save the whistleblower”, next to “Save the Judiciary”, if this is allowed to go on.

This was Thursday, 4 Oct 2007

Reveal the source of the ‘VK Lingam’ video or go to jail. This is the ultimatum given by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) to two PKR members (Vice president and senior human rights lawyer R. Sivarasa (right) and party worker TT Sim). (lead story in Malaysiakini)

ACA goes after PKR whistleblowers (The Sun lead story, internet edition)

Today is Friday 5 October 2007.

ACA will record a statement for Anwar Ibrahim in the afternoon. It is unlikely that he, like the other two will reveal the source.

The lesson in all of this that this rotten filthy Barisan Nasional government is sending out to the people is, “It doesn’t pay to be a whistleblower.”

So next time, if you find a photo of a certain Minister cavorting with a certain Mongolian in an island bar, keep quiet.

If you have a record of a certain Minister asking a receipient of a ‘negotiated tender’ to double the cost of the project, keep quiet.

If you have a testimony of the driver and cash-courier used to transport cash to a dirty judge, keep quiet.

No wonder 80% of crimes are committed by Malaysians.

Because crime pays in this country. The crooks go free.

Bravo ‘Independent’ Panel, Police, ACA, Attorney-General! (note – all of them were at the meeting at Suhakam office on Wednesday)

Satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional. Woo-oot.


1. sam - October 5, 2007

ACA reports to PM right? As long as the system remains we will not see the end of the tunnel…

2. wits0 - October 5, 2007

““It doesn’t pay to be a whistleblower.””

well, one everyday ramification is, e.g., “It doesn’t pay to report seeing a pistol spotted under a flower bush”. No good deed will go unpunished.

3. monsterball - October 5, 2007

Sivarasa should be calm and brave.
Yes whistleblowers should not be afraid..if the whistle one wish to blow for fair games.. So far….it has aroused great attentions from lawyers all over the country….thus proving games were not played fairly by UMNO….and the whistle blower have done great services to the country. So lift up the chin and be proud.
Almost all Malaysians believe the tape is genuine….except UMNO who needs to prove otherwise. That’s expected.
Be calm and cross the bridge with confidence and happiness….UNLESS it is not a real tape…then it is anther story….but Lingam has fled..no where to be found…so there is the great sign….all are genuine.

4. jass - October 5, 2007

Is BPR website bluffing?


Sejauh manakah perlindungan diberikan oleh BPR kepada pemberi maklumat?

Sek: 53(1) APR 1997 dengan jelas menyatakan bahawa tidak ada mana-mana pihak yang boleh menzahirkan atau menyebabkan identiti pemberi maklumat diketahui. Dengan perkataan lain, undang-undang memberi perlindungan kepada pemberi maklumat ke atas kes-kes rasuah.

I think you’ll get more justice if just post them onto the internet. Let the masses act.

5. kittykat46 - October 5, 2007

This regime has a long history of punishing those who expose wrongdoings in the establishment, while the guilty powerful ones walk away scot-free.

Irene Fernandez, Lim Guan Eng, plus the search for the “Deep Throat” who implicated JoBar – which got Nat Tan arrested on flimsy grounds.

Its definitely an unhealthy, even dangerous, environment for those would expose wrongdoings in the regime.

6. anon - October 5, 2007

list of ACA partialities:-

1. kidnap the family members of Nordin (a police officer) in order to force him to change his statement ( as per the police report lodged by him and his wife).
2. getting involved in private dispute related ito distribution of Ferrari cars. ACA was roped in to question and elicit confirmation that the bumi shareholders are only nominees for the Singaporean party. Question is why is the ACA meddling in essentially a commercial dispute between a renowned auto player here and the Singaporean party?
3. instead of investigating the pepetrators of this judiciary scandal, they are going after the source. This is no different from 1 above ( as the police officer is believed to have the implicating evidence against some powerful triads linked to the very top of the governance arms. incidentally, Nordin is now charged by the police for fabricating evidence! A police charged by the police. He must have breached all intenal police now protocol to be in this precarious state.)

7. jttii6fs - October 5, 2007

Footballl referees are also whistle-blowers, in fact die-hard whistle-blowers. So they are also to be charged?

8. hasilox - October 5, 2007

Execute all victims – rape victims, snatch-theft victims, robbery victims, etc. Get rid all of them and bodohland will have eternal peace.

How much more bodoh and ridiculous a govt can be?

9. V T - October 5, 2007

ACA better than ICAC. some one said this recently.

I C, I C, is this a joke?

10. wits0 - October 5, 2007

“Lingam Tape – a grand conspiracy to “kill” it at the technical level on its authenticity?”

De-emphasizing the tech aspect, hoping to discredit the human witness side first and then afterwards contrive to make the first inadmissable and irrelevant?

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