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The Invisible ‘Witness Protection Act’ October 8, 2007

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This news depleted one of my phones’ battery today .

We checked past ‘Order of the Day’ sheets, Hansards, Parliament Legal Division, counterchecked with LawNet etc. I’m going blind. If the office had missed this, I would be skinned alive, dyed and made into a dartboard cover.

Boh. Tak-de. E-lek.

There was an Evidence of Child Witness Bill 2007 tabled and passed by the Lower House 2 sessions ago. But no sight of a Witness Protection Bill 2007.

(see: Parliament website folder on Bills in the House 2007)

But the Star and Sun) reported Nazri saying there was an ‘Act’ whereas New Straits Times reported him as referring to the Witness Protection Bill, “tabled recently in Parliament”.

Perhaps it’s so potent that it’s only visible to whistleblowers and informants. Or maybe it’s a bill that underwent surgery that we can’t recognise this?

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Lim Kit Siang from DAP, and Dr. Wan Azizah from KeADILan, are ‘baffled’ and ‘mystified’, respectively.

Press Statement
08 October 2007

KeADILan welcomes Witness Protection Bill:
Maintains urgent need for Royal Commission on Lingam-Fairuz Videotape

I am mystified, when I read the statement by the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, who claimed there was a ‘Witness Protection Bill” tabled in Parliament recently.

There is no evidence of such a crucial bill being tabled in Parliament, and my office had confirmed this fact with the Legal Division of the Parliament, that no such bill had been tabled for a First Reading in the Lower House.

The only bill which was tabled, debated and passed by the Lower House two sessions ago was the Evidence of Child Witness Bill 2007.

The People’s Justice Party (KeADILan) has consistently called for a witness or whistleblowers’ protection legislation, to enable witnesses and those with information on corruption and abuses of power to give evidence without fear for their personal safety.

I recall, during the proceedings of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), that even civil servants had difficulties giving information when we were looking into the case of ECM-Libra, as PAC could not guarantee immunity in exchange for their information.

KeADILan looks forward to the day when we will be examining this ‘Witness Protection Bill’, as mentioned by Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, if ever it is tabled in Parliament.

However we note that even if the bill were to be tabled during in the next session of Parliament, it will still take months before it comes to force.

The urgency of the matter of the independence of the Judiciary and the serious consequences relating to the contents of the ‘Lingam-Fairuz Videotape’ go beyond this bill, and we maintain the call for a serious examination in the form of the Royal Commission of Inquiry.

Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail
President, People’s Justice Party
Member of Parliament (Permatang Pauh)


1. monsterball - October 8, 2007

eerrrrr….Why be concern with that idiotic Nazri?
Have we not know his character through and through now?
If any voter trust him in coming elections…are blinded and vote for a party ..not for the country. How many will he get?
This is what we all need to be concern with.

2. mat saman kati - October 8, 2007

Ai-yah! You go and check Parliament record, where got!

This nazri fella, he proposed and passed the Bill/Act infront of Pak Ciks and Mak Ciks in Lubok Merbau yesterday, the same time you chaired the meeting in Pa-Lo.(Ipoh).

All these Pak Ciks and Mak Ciks had been asking what the tape is all about, and he tried his best to answer, in such a way that these Pak Cik and MakCik will not ask again.

3. mat saman kati - October 8, 2007

Ooops! Forum la, not meeting.

4. sofiairdina - October 8, 2007

Nazri got confused with the restaurant bill… he thought its the same thing.

5. tupingera - October 8, 2007

nazri is talking thru his arsehole since his brain is in his arse.

6. libraa2 - October 8, 2007

What puzzles me is The newspapers reported Nazri without even checking the facts. Now, will the papers send their reporters to Nazri again to seek clarification on this non-existent act or bill. Or just call him a liar. That scum lied to the nation!!!!!
I am sure the Editors would have known that there is no such bill or act. Then why did they allow a lie to be printed to fool the people.

7. adam and eve - October 8, 2007

NAZI’s IQ is dead 1

Watergate lost the presidency for Nixon
Lingamgate got Nazi the presidency of ‘Dumb and Dumber’

since the tape is a farce,does thhis mean that lingam chillie sauce and his cohort can sue PKR for defamation? since LAW in malaysia is ever changing and subverted to anyone’s fancy as long as you pay the right amount of commision and get the right lawyer that is lingam boy.

8. KNS - October 8, 2007

1) “Don’t quote from blogs or websites as they are not credible. Only the mainstream media is professional and credible.”

2) “I was misquoted by the press.”

Can we press any charges against Nazri for misleading the public?

9. werftxcd - October 8, 2007

The witless de facto Minister of Lies will blame the mass media for ‘misquoting’ him on the non-existent Witness Protection Bill and the BN will spring to his defence. How come no one dares to take that cretin to court for deliberately misleading the country and the people with non-existent bills?

10. whispering9 - October 8, 2007

This ‘witness protection identity change’ line is made famous by the whistle blowings on the States big bad ugly mafia gangsters. The last I read, our whistle blowers are going to jail for ‘making false accusation’ on our local mafia. Maybe they should seek plastic surgery immediately from Nazi to evade capture and jail.

11. Klaw - October 8, 2007

Haha, Nazri Aziz says the darndest things.

12. V T - October 8, 2007

This idiot watch one too many Arnold Swazzewhat’shisname movie, there was this film about the american witness protection programe, seems like he fancies himself as mr swazzewhat’shisname and he, the defender of the witness, and programes himself to be the biggest moron in malaysia.

13. travicjams - October 8, 2007

Loyar buruk kan? And you expect me to trust the government, if not anyone else?

14. wits0 - October 8, 2007

Don’t think, e.g., that the IHT is too impressed with the 3 stooges Commission either by the sound of their titled article:
Malaysia to offer protection to lure whistle-blower in judicial scandal

The keyword seems to be “lure”, a word often used also by Bolehland’s Tourism outfit blindly to get tourists. Reflect for a moment and it becomes iinescapable that there’s a dishonest ring to that word, “lure”. Obviously if you have to lure anything, chances are your return worth or intention is wanting. Westerners understand nuances and subtleness in the English Language better unlike mostly mediocre and non perceptive and less proficient Bolehlanders .

q/ “The Bar Council, which represents 12,000 lawyers, said in a statement that Malaysia has no specific law to protect witnesses, although there are some provisions under the anti-corruption law.” u/q

Methinks this is d one:

15. anonymous dud - October 8, 2007

he shouldn’t have said about witness protection act. He should recycle his previous famous quote: “All these (corruption allegations) are lies. Why are you so stupid? Where are the allegations? You have no brains. Stupid, stupid, stupid!… “

16. OMG - October 8, 2007

Nazri, please take advantage of this programme to go for plastic surgery, we know you are stupid, you dont have to be ugly too.

17. woodyooi - October 8, 2007

Nazri’s inferiority complex is as stupid as it is ugly, trying to change his image by plastic surgery. Why not suggest sex change too, or Maybe race as well. Oh sorry , provided Syaria court allows that.

No joy for you Lina.

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19. wits0 - October 9, 2007
20. hankker - October 9, 2007

Ignore this nutzri.He is a coconut.He only know water and electric bills.

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22. cktan - October 14, 2007

i think it’s under Witness Protection so it has vanished forever.

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