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1st class policing October 10, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Huh?!, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Women.
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One may wonder, what exactly do the police have against an independent judiciary, with their harassment of the Bar Council and their surveillance of Anwar Ibrahim and KeADILan leaders?

And there appears to be a pattern.

When citizens demand for fundamental civil and political rights such as an independent judiciary, free and fair elections, transparency and accountability (anti-fuel, anti-toll hikes), etc., hundreds, if not thousands, of police officers can be mobilised in a blink of an eye and citizens inevitably get harassed, arrested and/or beaten up.

It is quite apparent that the police are more zealous when dealing with politics and human rights, than public safety.

Shouldn’t hundreds of police officers be on their feet looking for the bastards who left a woman to die at Subang Ria Lakes, and even more to hunt down Nurin Jazlin‘s murderer(s)? Is it that hard to stop a former police-officer from continuously assaulting a woman and her children from Taman Permai? How about reallocating thousands of police officers to curb gender-based crimes?

Or are they too busy taking statements from Bar Council officials and finishing up paperwork?



1. oA - October 10, 2007


Greed for power knows no bound – and thats umno.

How can one expect morons to priortize or even have the acceptable social mentality to set things straight?

Dont give em too much credit until proven other wise when the number one person in the country himself a sleeping moron.


2. Angry Taxpayer - October 10, 2007

yeah, where’s all the increase in policemen to improve security? Why are their priority focused on catching the easy sitting ducks (i.e. protestors and all) instead of walking the beat and going after the real criminals who actually cause harm to the ones paying those damn police their gaji?
I’m almost close to boycotting paying my taxes…..really don’t see the point anymore…especially when fellow taxpayers are constantly harrassed on the road by just about every government agencies, i.e. police, JPJ, etc putting up unneccessary road blocks whilst we know what the real purpose its for…..The worst part of it all is that its carried out without an ounce of guilt..like they deserve the extra “u-know-what” as duit raya…..

3. leithaisor - October 10, 2007

So should the deputy head of UMNO Youth be similarly summoned for questioning?

After all, when he was so loudly protesting and shouting against the presnce of Rice, supposedly “on behalf of all Malaysians” no less, at the front of the large crowd at KLCC some time ago, the organisers of that protest had reportedly no police permit.

That the police was reported to have offered the group a permit, and that the group had declined the permit, may be an interesting aside. Point is, they had no permit.

We are all equal in the eyes of the law, and the police too, eh?

And there are other occasions on the list.

Such as the same young man riding a motorbike sans helmet during the Ijok campaign. Prominent photo in one of our “leading” newspapers should do as evidence mah.

4. wits0 - October 10, 2007

A Police State is somewhat a misnomer because the police is one that would no longer police or care much for fighting crimes as much as it suppresses dissents at the behest of the power that be.- like the armed forces in any banana republic.

Ms Ambiga says she is surprised but that is actually naive. Perhaps she was too quick to support the 3 stooges commission. This PC politeness gets no return gesture as the empire strikes back with intimidation.

5. yh - October 10, 2007

police and aca investigate and clear each other of corruption. minister also was cleared. all are in the clear. its time to be united and thump those who oppose the powers-that-be. afterall its time to reciprocate the generosity of the powers-that-be to clear us. and we need the judiciary to standby us if we are charged in court for our nefarious activities. rope in the EC to gerrymeander and ensure that the powers-that-be remain so. and we all can enjoy the fruits which is $$$$$.
this is no different from the prostitutions, gambling, drugs operated by the triads.
the police, ACA, EC and the powers-that-be are the real triads.

6. kittykat46 - October 10, 2007

The regime has some 7,000 Special Branch personnel.
Since there are no more communists hiding benind the bushes , they are primarily employed as BN / UMNO’s Secret Police.

The regime is far more energetic in suppressing its critics than going after real hardened criminals.

Ambiga should not have been surprised at this turn of events. But I’m sure these top lawyers would enjoy their one-to-one Special Brunch.

7. V T - October 10, 2007

“People should not be afraid of their government, rather, the government should be afraid of its people.” V, from V for Vendetta.

this government is fighting agains the people, tourturing us, cheating us, robbing us, lying to us.

they are no longer working for theinterest of the people that elected them, they must go.

return the country to us, barisan najis.

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