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Siva, Sim continue to protect source October 11, 2007

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The two men were at the ACA office (opposite Dayabumi) for almost 2 hours, with their lawyers William Leong and Amer Hamzah, and firmly showed the finger told the ACA that they would continue to protect their source.

“Until the whistleblowers authorise us to reveal their identities, we will honour our promise to protect them,” he (Sivarasa) added. (Malaysiakini)

Sivarasa said the ACA was, in fact, abusing their powers in their zeal to go after the source, and that authenticity should be a technical matter.

He raised an additional matter on the role of the ACA in the Lingam-Fairuz Videotape saga vis-a-vis the ‘Independent’ Panel and the government,

“(De facto law minister) Nazri Abdul Aziz said the ACA is assisting the panel but under the 1997 Act, the ACA cannot disclose their information to anybody.

“This raises doubts and questions as to what information the ACA has. Also, what is Nazri trying to say? (Malaysiakini)

The two were last seen walking off as free men – for now.

Another news report today on Malaysiakini, quoted former Sabah ACA chief Mohamad Ramli Abdul Manan who added,

“The tape is merely to support the evidence. The main evidence would come from the person saying those words on the video so in this case, the ACA must be investigating Lingam, not the PKR members” he said.

Get that through your thick ACA heads.

Present also were Eric Paulsen and Latheefa Koya from the Steering Committee to Free the Judiciary Coalition, a multi-NGO, multi-party coalition advocating for a Royal Commission of Inquiry and independence of the judiciary.

Will post Sivarasa’s official statement after this.


Random, side, inconsequential observations (thanks to my medication and the happy season):-

  • Eric Paulsen’s infamous oily hair has become refined, layered and wispy.
  • Latheefa Koya’s car is a mobile library of bundles, documents and magazines. But am pleased to report, no leftover food containers, dead cats or roaches.
  • Why oh why do party hacks never look hot when they need to? C’mon, there’s like 20+ reporters, cameras, tv crew. This is your PR moment, and you wore that?
  • I just found out Amer Hamzah’s from Ipoh. That’s why his tie is fantastic and he rocks 🙂
  • If TT Sim dishes out his silly analogy about ‘the invisible rope around our necks’ one more time, I swear I will pull it myself. Hard.


1. yh - October 11, 2007

this Nazri is a law unto himself. he will do anything he deems fit without looking at the consequence as long as it makes his boss happy. what do you call this type of people? any takers?

2. nat - October 12, 2007

i think we should medicate you more, haha 🙂

EW: Yes, please 😀

3. ewoon - October 12, 2007

i have said it before (elsewhere) and i’ll say it again (here): Everytime he open his mouth, nothing intelligent comes out. – ulu – neh, de fac law minister.

4. wits0 - October 12, 2007

Some people do get their foot into their mouth. Malaysia’s first with someone who gets both feet in!

5. monsterball - October 12, 2007

Yes… Liz should calm down and not be too irritated by this obvious pain in the arse Nazri. He is a gas bag and typical low class politician ….elevated to become a minister.
Total sum shows the quality of UMNO politicians today.
Black said voting on election day for the opposition is the not the solution.
The solution is by walking in the streets to protest.
Black is planning a protest right in front of PM house on behalf of the poor..sick and needies that receive no social welfare RM200 monthly help from the government. We think ..it is time Malaysia with so much wealth and so call successes and only 26 million populations…should not have the very poor anymore. This was inspired by Sheih’s few charity drives for the poor in Kelantan. Go see the photos of these people…..makes one sick to learn we are going to space…yet hungry mouths are not taken cared by the government. We think it is time we look at whole country of all races ..poor …sick and helpless.
It is no use to call for justices this or that…when all these are not the real priorities in life I don’t subscribe to “It’s God’s Will”,
To be poor has no sin…but it is very sinful for PM and even all of us not focusing how to help these people. This is the best Human Rights opportunity for all noble bloggers and commentators..and even if only Black and me are the two people going for the saId protest..we will do it after Hari Raya.
He said he is the “People’s Prime Minister”
So far…he has not proven to be so.
Now lets see all righteous Malaysians gather in huge numbers for the sake of thousands sick and poor…to be taken cared off… without race nor religion nor politics being played.

6. meltingpot - October 12, 2007

The Prime Minister and his merry men…. it is a case of the vacuous leading the fatuous!

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