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Cr*ck October 18, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Huh?!, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.
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(Source: The Star)


On 8th October, the Bar Council wrote to the Legal Division of the PM’s Department. And on 10th October, the Council received this (right) from Director-General of the Legal Division, Dato’ Abdullah Sani b. Ab Hani, who was apparently instructed by former Justice Haidar, to ask them to lay the Council’s agenda and issues on the table first (click on thumbnail, right).

Perhaps this is a new case of the “missing …”? Like the “missing seal“?

The Bar Council has made available, the exchange of correspondence and its memorandum, here.



1. yh - October 18, 2007

the 3 stooges in the panel? can I blame them for their steadfast duty to the government. just to echo Tun Hamid response..” who is going to compensate me for the loss of income if I will to resign from the panel. My fat directors fees and other income will be gone if i dont do the bidding of the government.”
yuck, money is important but to these three fellas, it is everything even to the extent of compromising their principles (if there is any left). well, i guess thats the price they have to pay. their dignity and respect goes down the drain in return for the fat purses.

2. mob1900 - October 18, 2007

Nevermind there’s still the Sos Lingam seal which they could use!

3. Wake-Up-The-Joke-Is-On-You! - October 18, 2007

Panel, sitting pretty, still waiting for a single report after three weeks

(Note: Due to Bodohwiland’s loony censorship law, the real version of the Sniggering Star news report is only made available online)

Three weeks have passed since the Laugh-a-Minute Government set up an “independently-ignored panel” to gauge the funniness of the video clip.

Poodle Panel chairman Tan Sri Haiyar More No said that until yesterday & the day before that & the day before that, the panel’s clowning secretariat – the Legally Self-Appointed Love-Affairs Division of the Prime Suspect Minister’s Couldn’t-Careless Department – was still having a good laugh playing tricks on him.

“I take it that nobody (surprise, surprise!) has come forward. If anybody had come forward, I would’ve gostan (reversed), I’m sure the clowning secretariat would have alerted me otherwise we would have collided; unless, of course, this is yet another one of their practical jokes, again” he told The Sniggering Star.

The 30 days of fun-fun-fun deadline given by the Laugh-a-Minute Government to measure the degree of funniness of the video clip ends on Nov 8.

Haiyar said the Anti-Comedian Agency would be meeting the panel later this month to present their very own version of comedy show.

The former Chief Comedian of Malaya maintained that the role of the panel was only to be the leading comedian limited to laugh-a-minute slots.

“People have the impression that we just swallow whatever that is given to us. Oh no, we do chew it first, then we spit it out, then we pop it back in our mouths again(YUK!). Finally, we swallow it in one gulp! Hmmm. Yummy!”

” Let’s see first whether we are happy or not with the food-tasting-gorging-fest”

“Let’s go step by step, after all you’ve got to have the passion for your food and enjoy it some more”

He said the panel might seek a third party’s opinion after they have done their poops!

4. oA - October 18, 2007


What can be expected from morons running the show?

Idiots holding on to “name” but unable to perform justifiable simple tasks – intentionally!!!

Anybody’s guess is as good.


5. All Is Not Well, But The Entire Judiciary Framework Is Slow To Reform « MLYSN - October 18, 2007

[…] When I was asked by my uncle in Singapore on how Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi might be able to reverse his country’s sudden legal meltdown, “just wait and hope for the best” seemed a profoundly unsatisfactory but only answer. In fact, this is the only exact type of action that the Independent Panel and the Legal Affairs Department have towards this acute legal disorder. Either I must have missed out something on the news while in Singapore or the enthusiastic PKR guardian cum blogger, Elizabeth Wong is cr*cked? […]

6. wits0 - October 19, 2007

Who wants to be punished for doing good deeds? The System has to prove that it knows and practises what is “good faith”.

7. jeancumlately - October 19, 2007

“Good faith” vs “good money…” The choice had been made. Now let us pay the price. Its not expensive. Just your dignity as a malaysian. If you are lucky enough, there’ll be some loose change to pay for the toll.

8. nwmjgf - October 19, 2007

Sos Lingam tasty? How do you know? Have you tried that? It’s white in color and sticky like hell

9. monsterball - October 20, 2007

Depend on UMNO for real justices???…dream on.
They will fight tooth and nail to protect any wrongs of their leaders. If they do not succeed……most of them will also land in jail…sooner or later. That’s where UMNO always unite….when the chips are down…like gangsters and con men….protecting their own common interest…..when being exposed.
We have just been voted by world experts..that our newspapers are getting worst and worst.
Democracies is truly dying at fast speed….showing how desperate UMNO position is in the eyes of voters. The more they control…the are digging holes to bury themselves….but will the coming election be fair and square? Hundreds of International NGOs needed to watch the ballot boxes.
Hartal was very successful….and it should be kept alive for the future…if needed.

10. bamboo river - October 20, 2007

Yurgggghhh….nwmjgf…very crude lah.
Why you tried already ah?
Anyway , that moron minister already said, no witness, no case.

BTW , Jean, things have changed. Kids are smarter nowadays!
Shopping is a standard exercise. You checked what I meant?

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