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Note from Nat Tan: Solidarity with Whistleblowers October 24, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

On the eve of the deadline to handover all original footage of the Lingam-Fairuz tape, or otherwise face a jail-term of 2 years, Anwar Ibrahim’s aide, Nik Nazmi was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying:-

“We won’t do that (release the full clip) until our demand all this while is met (for a guarantee of protection and legal immunity for the sources).”

A notice for a solidarity gathering on Thursday morning has been going around SMSs (Versi BM terdapat di sini) and this concise note (below) is from Nat Tan:-

This is not just about Anwar, KeADILan, the opposition, politics or any of that stuff.

It’s about standing with those who stood up to uphold justice.

It’s about showing those who put themselves on the line for a better Malaysia that they are not alone.

It’s about refusing to let corruption wash over our homes like some black night.

The ACA will probably come calling sometime in the morning. We expect a big presence there waiting to send the right message – go after the criminals, not the whistleblowers.

Venue: DSAI’s office17, Jalan 16/2, Section 16, PJ.

Time: 10.30 am, Thursday, October 25th.

Please help spread the word.



1. kl chong - October 24, 2007

i will be the 1st to come

2. edtajchman - October 25, 2007

This is very important, people should have the freedom to speak out! This relates to Mrs. Plume finally speaking out, she was quoted has saying it’s important I speak because its the story of what can happen when you speak out against power.

3. monsterball - October 25, 2007

What Nat said is true.
For this Anwar needs support.
Hope he gets them

4. libraa2 - October 25, 2007

Anwar is not the one to chicken out to these Assist Corruption Agency. Taking actions against Anwar will see wider repercussions. The PM needs three ba**s to jail Anwar again.
In any case I don’t see the logic for wanting the original since the ACA has already spoken to the protagonists in the video.
The ACA is indirectly admitting that the Lingam conversation did take place. Now it is trying to look for an excuse to throw out the case by claiming that they do not have the original.
The ACA is an UMNO dog.

5. monsterball - October 26, 2007

If the ACA is an Umno dog….who are all those 97 lawyers and few police guys all…being debarred and caught for corruptions?
Yes ACA did have a bad reputation under Mahathir. We all know it.
I think Anwar should co-operate and make things simple to get the matter on the way by ACA.
If ACA is found by Anwar fooling him…he may loose the tape…but will gain few millions more votes. Is that not worth the risk? is that not he is after….people to trust him and his boxes of evidences…not first one being released.
Don’t forget…Anwar also have a bad reputation….so who is the real dog?

6. wits0 - October 27, 2007

Again it should be stressed that no “tape” exists”. The recording came from a memory stick, a memory card ; repeating “original tape” is not a correct term but is suspiciously made to confuse. How can there be a term as “original” that’s applicable here. Cloning the content of one memory card/ memory card into another is easily possible ; what’s there to distinguish between the first and second and so on?

Why was there no need to agitate for Namwee’s “original tape” in the eagerly mooted attempt to prosecute him?

The selective and cavalier attitude involved is simply inescapable.

7. wits0 - October 27, 2007

Same old spin :
27/10: ACA wraps up video clip probe
““The ACA needs to have the original copy of the video clip, not just a copy of it in a thumbdrive.

“We have sent the copy for analysis to many experts, but none can determine the authenticity of the tape, or determine that the person in it or on the other side, are those being alleged.”” u/q

What “TAPE”?!

8. wits0 - October 28, 2007

There ain’t no original tape but just plenty of parasitic tapeworms around.

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