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Royal quip October 29, 2007

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 The Prime Minister was a no-show this morning at the opening of the much anticipated Malaysian Law Conference.

It was either bad time-management by his office, a public snub, or perhaps he didn’t fancy facing hundreds of lawyers on a Monday morning. He is said to be hosting the Conference dinner tonight.

And even if he did turn up, he would be upstaged by my home state and Perak’s Sultan Azlan Shah, who was once the Lord President, who quipped (apparently by accident, according to Malaysiakini) during his speech, “there are good lawyers and bad judges”

Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak said public perception of the judiciary matters.

“The principal quality that the judiciary must possess is impartiality. It means that judges are not only free from influence of external forces but also of one another,” he said.

The former Lord President had the delegates in stitches when he mistakenly said “there are good lawyers and bad judges” (when he meant “bad lawyers”) before smilingly correcting his error.

He also said judges should resist socialising with business personalities and other well-connected people. (con’t)



1. yh - October 29, 2007

nazri will say bullocks coz Perak Sultan’s views are not of the majority. nazri and his gang will decide whats right and the decision is final coz they are of the majority. the constitution? well, its subjugated to the whims and fancies of the majority.

objections? who cares coz those that object are not from the majority. questions? the majority has the right not to answer any questions if they deemed fit.
if you are not happy, try turning the minority into majority but the majority will decide whos majority and minority since they are the majority now. if the minority is still unsatisfied, unless there are millions that go to the street to protest, the majority couldnt care less coz the numbers are insignificant. but then if there will be millions who protest, he majority can turn the guns at them coz the majority now has all the rights to do what it wants. this has happened in terengganu and the majority can do a burmese style clean up if it so wishes because the majority now has all the right to do so.
if you the minority is still not satisfied, keep quiet coz you are the minority.

2. ronin the crucifier - October 29, 2007

looks like we can never ever have a transparent country,legal system or in short anything legal.how do you wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep(nazri).every one talks about the linggam tape but alas he denies it……cool bro,you just shot yourself in the foot ance more.i think the song ‘oops i did it again’fits the scenario very well.my vote is for the opposition bro and thats purely because of half past six guys like you and many more.you know….my beloved country MALAYSIA can be like, thousand times better without guys and cronies like you….hmmm (sigh)i know that is a miracle waiting to happen.

3. chan kong art - October 29, 2007

maybe he won’t be appearing for dinner tonight

4. monsterball - October 29, 2007

He has no balls nor the brain to show up and give a comment.
He had few no show occasions by leaving the country …when he is needed to give a comment. Why be surprised.
Lets see….his absence have given him to gather more courage and appear at the dinner…and speech out.

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