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6 days to go: Bersih website hacked November 4, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

(Updated: The Bersih website appears to work now)


The BERSIH website was hacked earlier this morning.

The info on the site – that the gathering has been postponed – is false – as false as the rubbish churned out by BN Ministry of Information.


10 November, Saturday, 3 pm.

Don’t ever let ’em fashion-challenged Umno cybertroopers cram our style.


1. cheguBard - November 4, 2007
2. Zig - November 4, 2007


This is a protest?

3. The clean up crew - November 4, 2007

What’s in a name?
Protest, Gathering, Walk, March, Congregation, Conglomeration, Assembly, call it what you like.
It is going ahead, assemble at Dataran Merdeka, it will be a peaceful gathering so congregate quietly, protest by your presence. When the conglomeration of honourable persons is ready, the march will begin, walk to Istana Negars.
So simple is it not?

4. Zig - November 4, 2007

If it’s this way then it’s alrite.

Sorry, have the impression that protest means kecoh. But sure got some Mat Rempit clowns who will find fault. We’ll see.

5. pocai - November 4, 2007

is it true? i thought the date post-poned is for real. I have spread the news to some of my colleagues.

4 more news please visit bersih.blogspot.com

EW: Pokai – If you are in Bersih, you would of course know the news is rubbish. What, you don’t possess the mental faculties to pick up the phone and call to check?

Anyway – I’ve been alerted earlier by my friends in Bersih, that “bersih.blogspot.com” (I.P., USA) is the handywork of Umno cybertroopers. Po-kai indeed! Consider this a public service announcement.

6. monsterball - November 4, 2007

I will be there from 1pm at 10th NOV. to do my small part.
I will not listen to rumors nor change my plan to be there.
The more someone trying to make things difficult for Bersih….that someone is afraid of Bersih!!
And one commentator at Susan’s blog is saying …he will be there by 7am…..which I suspect is trying to confuse everyone…the right time to be there. Maybe Liz can advise best time for all of us supporters to be there. Black said 3pm…and then we agree 2.30pm..but I will be there by 1pm…eating my quick lunch at road side with some friends I have convinced to come along.

7. The clean up crew - November 4, 2007

This is the real url for BERSIH

8. IHATEBARISANNAJIS - November 5, 2007

Election is definately this year, and in fact just round the corner before the great flood of 2008, as usual, year end or rather December is the month for holidaying and merry making and having a good time with michelle.

Dirty tricks to use…..
1. RPK’s Malaysia today’s site is hacked
2. Ronnie Liu’s blog is hacked, his web has been constantly and consistantly updating us on the PKFZ scandal. and It was in one of these blogs that tells opposition party to ware the “little dragon lady” plot, ie sex scandal involving china girl with opposition.
3. Bersih site is hack, ong tee kiat ask opposition to show proof that the electoral system is flawed.

some idiots working for this regime is hacking almost all of the outspoken blog, sites that is deemed to be detrimental to their brand of governance.

More hacking expected.

More dirts to be expect.

9. IHATEBARISANNAJIS - November 5, 2007

I am comming up from Johor, who is going to buy me a teh tarik?


10. Steven Wong - November 5, 2007

It’s back to normal now. Good for them to react FAST!

11. Winston - November 5, 2007

RPK’s web-site has disappeared from the screen for quite sometime.
Perhaps opposition groups should have their own cyber-troopers to counter those working for the BN as well as giving them a dose of their own medicine!

12. guabaysong - November 5, 2007

If electoral system so bad… why Bersih prima donna – Parti Keadilan Rakyat – take part in Ijok by-election?

For that reason, I will be very far away from KL on Nov 10.

Hmm… But then again it would be interesting to see PAS boys ditch green for yellow, at least for a few hours.


13. monsterball - November 5, 2007

IHATEBARISANNAJIS….I will be glad to blanja you teh tarik mixed with tongkat ali. The problem is how do we identify each other.
Me?…very simple to spot….smoking cigars all the way.
Black is filming the event. do you know him? We will be in touch constantly.

14. Zig - November 5, 2007

I think I’m going alone unless i manage to convince my ignorant friends(still working on it!). Will be taking LRT to masjid jamek then walk from there.

Any advice? Thanks.

15. bayi - November 5, 2007

The cyber-troopers are really busy now, aren’t they?

For them to give priority to hacking the site, it must sure mean the other side views this site as a threat. Keep up the good work!

16. yh - November 5, 2007

that shows how desperate the Ministry of Disinformation is? probably, he is urinating in his pants coz hundreds of thousnad s are going to descend and jointly pass the memorandum to the King.

17. monsterball - November 6, 2007

Yes Zig…According to Amin Iskandar…he will be there by 11am to assist in organising the rally.
So it’s the time you have to plan….Zig.
Best is go there by 12noon…have your light lunch ..then choose your spot by 1pm….as from that time onwards…the crowd will be swelling.
I will be there by 1pm.with some friends and we will sit at a spot till 5pm.
Yes…take a public transport….if you go alone.
Weather is unpredictable. Bring a foldable umbralla.

18. Cyber war in Malaysia — Kash’s World - November 6, 2007

[…] the past few days, the Malaysia-Today site appears to have been attacked/hacked. Then Bersih’s own website was hacked with a message posted saying that the gathering has been postponed […]

19. angkatan belia kesedaran rakyat - November 6, 2007

it just a sabotage …. it cant make we not go to “gelombang Kuning” support Bersih 100%

20. IHATEBARISANNAJIS - November 7, 2007

Hi Monsterball, 100,000 people sure hard to find each other, I will be there, hopefully with a yellow band if I can find one. you could get my email from Liz, if she’d be so kind so I might send you my mobile number

btw, I would seriously believe that all communications for that day to be void, cellphones, public phones don’t work.

just another trademark of this shitty regime.

21. Fire Breather - November 7, 2007

It’s a shame that I will be out of KL this coming 10th Nov. Nonetheless my support will be with all you guys. For the sack of our future generation I sincerely hope that the planned “PROTEST” will be a great success. With its success, there will be some hope for the “Underdogs”

22. Kick Some Ass - November 10, 2007

A road block have been set up at Sg.Besi (in front of Petronas) after the Sg.Besi Toll heading to KL, casuing a massive bumper to bumper crawl since 8-9am this morning. Could this be a delay tactic to deter rakyat from attending BERSIH?

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