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3 days to go: BERSIH needs bloggers! November 7, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

With government cyber-troopers targeting the BERSIH website, causing it to be out of commission for the 2nd day, the secretariat has issued an SOS to bloggers to help spread the information on your respective blogs.

Please write to the organisers with your blog URL. Strap on your (virtual) battle-boots, man your battle-stations and prepare to do battle with these troopers!

BERSIH website temporarily offline

BERSIH apologises for the problems we’ve been having with the website.

Obviously, our campaign for electoral reform is a threat to certain parties out there. We would like to appeal to bloggers and democracy activists to help us publicise BERSIH updates, press releases and so on. Please get in touch with us by emailing info@bersih.org.



1. max - November 7, 2007

The bloody idiot brandished his crooked penis again and challenged us to a fight. If only we are at war….I will hunt them down.

2. fred - November 7, 2007

well, it’s the least bloggers can do. website appears to be down again at this time.

3. Anouhea Audiya - November 7, 2007

Don’t go to war!…

They like it if you do that! Remember, Government held everything that can be use to squash US!

4. csa - November 7, 2007

does bersih have an alternative blog or website?

5. fred - November 7, 2007

btw, I’ve heard that there is transport being arranged for people from Johor. Any details available?

6. npv - November 8, 2007

email and sms foreign media now and continuously. CNN, BBC, ALJAZERRA, AFC, ABC, NBC, REUTERS, BLOOMBERG, NHK, PTI

7. monsterball - November 8, 2007

Calm yourselves and remember Mahatma Gandhi’s NON VIOLENCE victory for India. One false move to give them the chance to start a war with the people at the rally will be spread as if we are hooligans.
Take note how the 800 lawyers with their 1200 supporters did the protest walk.
Lets hope..no one plant a few bad hats purposely into the crowd to throw stones or do anything purposely to create a so call war between the people and the Police or FRU people that wil be obviously on duty.
Let that happens…let the people besides those doing things to irritate and want to create trouble..to stop them.
We are after the government great injustices and full of shit talks….
Let the know we are no more fools…and shame he thick skinned devils…that’s what they are.

8. monsterball - November 8, 2007

The bloggers like Liz open the eyes of commentators like us.
It is the 99% COMMENTATORS that will make up the great crowd.
People’s Power in every country lies with the brave and intelligent young…starting from the University students.
Check out how government changed hands…when University take to the streets.
We must vote those ministers out of our lives in next election.

9. macanhitam - November 9, 2007

Count me in as part of the virtual team! Here’s my portfolio…convinced??


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