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Human rights on TraxxFM November 9, 2007

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(Updated: 12:00pm) I just found out from a journalist that there is a total blackout of BERSIH news. So please log on to Malaysiakini, Harakahdaily or Malaysia-Today.

(Updated: 11:15 am) I received a call, just as I was leaving for Angkasapuri.

“Ms Wong, do you by any chance have anything to do with the Saturday protest?”

“Er… Suaram is one of the 70 NGOs co-organising it.”

To cut a short conversation even shorter, I was informed that my name is on a blacklist in relation to Saturday’s peaceful gathering for free and fair elections, and thus banned from all RTM stations. The programme staffer was rather apologetic, to have received the instruction that late, but I had to burst out laughing :P.

I’ll look at it as a badge of honour, but am too shy to wear it, since so many others in BERSIH have been working heaps harder than I have for Saturday’s gathering.

Apologies to all who had tuned in. Apparently, the higher-ups want to treat citizens like idiots, when in fact, it is the Abdullah Badawi government who isn’t ready for a healthy, free discussion on human rights, and most certainly, free and fair elections. So, stop running the country and go back to school.

(Below are the 18 questions which I’d submitted to the show)

  1. How did you get involved in human rights?
  2. What are human rights? How does one relate this in the Malaysian context?
  3. Can you give a brief history about the civil rights movement in Malaysia?
  4. What are the issues that are seen by human rights organizations to be fundamental rights in Malaysia and thus, need improvements?
  5. The government has set up Suhakam – the Malaysian Human Rights Commission – to oversee human rights in Malaysia. So why is there still a need to have human rights NGOs here?
  6. There is a proposition that human rights are part of the western agenda to recolonise the rest of the world and therefore aren’t suitable for, say for Asians. What do you think?
  7. The same goes for, say, women’s rights, where many in Malaysia say aren’t part of the Asian culture. What do you have to say about that?
  8. What do you think of the Malaysian government efforts in improving human rights in Malaysia, say compared to other countries in Southeast Asia?
  9. How many international human rights treaties and conventions has the Malaysian government signed?
  10. The government says that there is a need for certain laws to be retained, even though they are considered abhorrent to civil liberties, such as the Internal Security Act and the Emergency Ordinance. What do you think?
  11. The government has announced that they will be tabling a bill to monitor abuses perpetrated by the Police. This comes 3 years after the Royal Commission on the Police made its recommendation. What do you think about this?
  12. Recently there’s been a lot of noise regarding the independence of the judiciary, which saw the unprecedented march by 2000 lawyers in Putrajaya to hand in a memorandum to the Prime Minister and calls for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to be setup. But the government says there is little cause for alarm or worry. What is your stand on this?
  13. How do view the freedom of expression in artistic forms, eg. ‘Negarakuku’. Why should we allow for all forms of creativity in the name of freedom of expression without any form of control, when chaos would break loose?
  14. Which one would come first – responsibilities or rights?
  15. Human rights groups are also accused by the government of promoting what they call, rights of criminals. Let’s look at the recent cases of murders and rapes of young girls. Shouldn’t these people be convicted, regardless of the limited evidence, be thrown into prison or given the death penalty?
  16. Are there any areas of human rights that the government and Malaysians need to work on?
  17. How does improving human rights, improve our lives and our country?
  18. How can one be involved in promoting human rights?


(Earlier 4:57am ) From 11:15 am til noon, I will be on-air at TraxxFM for a live radio show on human rights.

TraXX 101 is a show that is willing to question, and invites listeners to question, everything from the existence to the ethics and intentions.
A show that’s empowering, uncut and informative; it is straight talk from the heart and mind.


1. fred - November 9, 2007

LOL.. and here I was wondering if they were recording the show to edit out the, um, controversial bits. Half an hour of earth, wind and fire and such waiting – very meh :p

EW: Sorry, Fred. BTW: I love Earth, Wind and Fire! Let’s groove tomorrow! 😛

2. whispering9 - November 9, 2007

Congratulation. You are now the second to be honoured with this badge after Rocky Bru. 🙂

3. Kenny Law - November 9, 2007

I actually waited till 12.30pm, and they didn’t even bother announcing that you weren’t gonna be put on!
I really thought you were gonna go on because they announced it sometime before 10am.
Damn censorship!

4. gco66 - November 9, 2007

its been a long time since i tuned in to any local station, but today i make the exception and i waited until 11.45am, when i found out on your update that u isn’t going to appear.

Oh well… its back to BBC, ABC, NPR, VOA, DW etc, there are a lot of alternatives for those with an internet connection.

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