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In the alternate universe of UMNO, SBs November 9, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Event, Huh?!, Human Rights, Islam in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations.
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20071107-tan.jpgOn Tuesday night when the Suaram Secretariat met, we were informed that leaflets with a photo of Sivarasa Rasiah, one of our founding members, were found in mosques, surau‘s, bus-stops etc. where there are large populations of Muslims.

The message in the leaflet was to urge Muslims not to attend BERSIH Nov 10th gathering for free and fair elections, as it’s organised by ‘non-Malays Islam-haters promoting the Inter-Faith Commission‘ (paraphrased).

The next morning, Latheefa Koya sent me a text message. Apparently there are five faces on the leaflet – Sivarasa, Tian Chua, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Ronnie Liu and … me (!?!).

“I hope I looked hot in it!” exclaimed the only female on the leaflet.

Which goes to show, Umno goons and the Special Branch fellas are over-credited for having brains. If they had the facts, they would know there were many other people doing much more for the BERSIH event than me, since I had to kow-tim other pressing issues. I didn’t even have time to update this blog regularly for the past 2 weeks.

So thanks, Umno, SB etc.

Thanks for the national publicity that money can’t buy. We’re even more well-known now compared to that Norza fella who had to double-wax the SIL’s shoes, or the misai fella who had to do a repeat performance of ‘kiss and wave Mr Pointy in the air’, to get column inches.

Now I can go negotiate a decent seat, come General Elections… like Ipoh Timur, Ipoh Barat, Batu Gajah…? LOL ๐Ÿ˜›

PS. Thanks for using the ‘hot’ photo too ๐Ÿ˜€


1. nat - November 9, 2007

hot photo, ahaha! ๐Ÿ™‚

2. straits mongrel - November 9, 2007

harrh? indeed… i thought ppl with such low IQ were extinct

3. mat saman kati - November 9, 2007

Mula-mula aku tengok muka hang 4 tahun dulu, aku tau, satu hari hang akan jadi superstar. keep it up!

Ipoh Timor? LKS dah ambil.
Ipoh Barat? Kula dah ambil.
Batu Gajah? Fong Poh Kuan dah ambil.

Padang Rengas amacam? masih kosong!

4. anonymous dud - November 9, 2007

eeee, what’s the content, cannot read …

like what tdm said in his star interview last time when the journalists made of multi race – now the notice shows the rally very very “malaysian”…

5. Kenny Law - November 10, 2007

Come Ipoh TImur la. I vote you. ๐Ÿ˜›

EW: Yeah! Ngo hai Ipoh yan mah!

6. bobkee - November 10, 2007

They’ve also been spamming Malay Yahoogroups with messages like these :


Ana juga mendapat emel dari yahoogroups yang mengajak orang ramai supaya hadir dan membuat kacau diperhimpunan ini. Kandungan emel yang diterima adalah seperti dibawah.

โ€œPerhimpunan pada 10 nov dibatalkan kerana agong tiada di Kuala lumpur. Ayuh kita gulingkan kerajaan pada 10 nov ini. Kita akan bermandi darah pada hari itu. ALLAHHUAKHBAR…ayuh! ramai2x kita hancurkan si laknat ini.โ€


Hari penantian perhimpunan rakyat semakin hampir. Tanggal 10 november 2007 akan menyaksikan gerombolan gelombang kuning akan memenuhi dataran merdeka dan berarak ke istana negara. Satu perancangan yang amat mantap direncanakan oleh kumpulan whistle blower dari Malaya . Syabas diucapkan kepada pejuang-pejuang reformis sekalian.

Tapi di sini saya sebagai ahli dan mewakili Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) dan Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (JERIT) ingin menyuarakan rasa tidak puas hati dengan tindakan pertubuhan BERSIH yang menyatakan ke semua wakil BERSIH telah bersepakat dalam menganjurkan perhimpunan ini.

Untuk artikel sepenuhnya sila lawati blog http://www.bersih.blogspot.com

Pretty low, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

7. Black - November 16, 2007

Please remember that MCA, MIC and the whole components party of Barisan Nasional are together with Umno to do all the bad things in Malaysia.

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