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Why fear? November 9, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Event, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.

Take the power back!
“It is not the people who should be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people. ..”

From DarnMalaysia.com:-

I will show up at Dataran Merdeka at 3pm, wearing yellow. Is that against the law?
I will show up a gathering that the organizers have insisted will be peaceful, and I intend to be peaceful. Is that against the law?

I will show up and walk to the Istana Negara because I believe all of us in the country, regardless or religion, color, or gender, deserve an elections process that is free, fair, transparent. Is that against the law?

I will show up because I want the Elections Commission to be free of government interference and be answerable to the people and not the government of the day. Is that against the law?

I will show up because I want to show the Agong that there are massive numbers of people out there that want change, and are not able to affect change because the powers of the government are already deeply rooted in the legislature, judiciary, and supposed independent bodies. Is that against the law?




1. ricky - November 9, 2007

Dear Fellow Malaysian,

Do not follow them, TALK, TALK AND TALK Only but No Action.

The Lawyers had done their part to push for a clean and efficient judiciary.

Now we must do our part to clean the EC.

Many had posted in blogs all around venting your frustration, cursing these and cursing that.

Now we must show that we can walk as well as talk.

Join me and BERSIH on the 10th November 2007 for the peaceful walk and enjoy the the beauty around Dataran Merdeka and at the same time let the Barang Naik Party knows that we are not happy with the way they run our country.

I am from Penang and my computer will be shut down after this posting to start my journey to Dataran Merdeka.


We cannot just let a few brave ones to fight for us, we must support them.

2. whispering9 - November 9, 2007

“If we depend on someone else to fight for our independance, then we will lose the very thing we wanted to save….our own independance” from an episode in Stargate Atlantis Season 3.

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