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BERSIH solidarity November 10, 2007

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Smoothriver (below) now lives and works in Shantao University (China), with JerryWho. They’ll be having their own Yellow Power party going on Saturday.

There will be solidarity protests from London to Ulan Bator on Saturday too!

If you’re far from Kuala Lumpur, you can still join in solidarity, via your blogs, websites, or wearing yellow or hanging yellow ribbons on your cars. Just remember to take pics (and pingback here) 🙂




1. malaysian ways - November 10, 2007

Learn the Malaysian ways here!


2. dzulman - November 10, 2007

The solidarity march is indeed an eye opener for very rarely a gathering of such magnitude was conducted fairly peaceful. The crowd was comprised of the cross sections of Malaysians. The Govt’s leadership of course didn’t like it but then it is good for them as it should afford them the opportunity to really gauge the rakyat’s prevailing attitude particularly their perception of the Govt’s current capability. RTM and the other leading TV stations should have exploited the situation by showing the Malaysian side of the picture rather then allowing the foriegn stations to take full advantage.

What happened on the afternoon of 10 Nov was no news to the main news media especially the eletronic media. Didn’t the realise that the silence in the media of what happened in the afternoon offers good opportunity to rumour mongers who will of course exaggerate. This will create unnecessary misunderstanding and misinterpretation to the disadvantage of the Govt. Why are current leaders so shortsighted and behave like amatures – malu lah!

3. The clean up crew - November 11, 2007

Democracy 10. BN government 0
What a great day for democracy, freedom and rights of the people 10 Nov. 2007 was.
The valiant Malaysian people defiantly expressed their disgust regarding the make believe democracy in Malaysia.
Election fraud must stop.
The BN charade has gone on far too long, enough is enough!
Voters need to turn out in full force at the next general election in order to give all BN component parties a hard slap in the face, by not voting for them.
The fantastic turn out of well over 50,000 yesterday was commendable, especially since many blogs were blocked, defaced or hacked, and government controlled tv, radio and print media, gave out false propaganda, misinformation and lied by announcing that the gathering had been cancelled.
Police set up road blocks and intimidating checks, illegally forced the diversion and detention of many buses loads of citizens, caused unnecessary massive traffic jams all around KL.
Despite all this fascist authoritarian bullying, the Malaysia people, to their great credit, demonstrated a wonderful example of peaceful people power.
People should not be afraid of their governments.
Governments should be afraid of their people.
V for Victory!!!
The clean up has begun, keep up the momentum.

4. Pseudonymity - November 11, 2007

Hello from Singapore! 🙂

In solidarity with BERSIH and the THOUSANDS who marched on 10 Nov: http://pseudonymity.wordpress.com/2007/11/11/thousands-protest-in-malaysia-for-free-and-fair-elections/

5. hiro - November 12, 2007

hello from the uk!
Solidarity gathering was held in London near msd(malaysian students department) on the 10th of november. Pics can be found at anwaribrahimblog.com more pictures and videos to follow!!

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