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Say so lar earlier November 19, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

Finally, clarity in the DAP-KeADILan negotiations via the Chairman.

If DAP intended to conclude the negotiations, they would have expressed their unfounded fears at the start of the negotiation, and not when it’s nearing the end. KeADILan would have thrown a set of documents at DAP to refute them.

Seriously. How many times must Anwar repeat himself. Even I’m bored. But this smells like an old trick by old hands at an even older game.

If that’s not enough, then all those negotiators didn’t have to waste their precious time during the past months hammering out details, and especially that of my friend’s kind labour making copious amounts of tea and coffee for them.

(ok – the latter is a side unrelated jibe at those in *that* office – apparently the presence of the double Y chromosomes means they are incapable of making drinks for guests, cleaning desks and the washroom, among other things).

See: Malaysia-Today’s active commentators here on the same news article.

DAP to go it alone if PKR works with PAS

(The Star) PENANG: The DAP will work with Parti Keadilan Rakyat at the next general election only if the PKR disassociates itself from PAS.

DAP national chairman Karpal Singh said the party wants PKR de factor leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to publicly declare that he will not work with PAS.

“The DAP is for a secular state, not an Islamic state. If Anwar chooses to be silent on the matter, the DAP is ready to fight without the PKR,” he said at a dinner organised by the DAP Bukit Bendera division on Saturday.

Karpal Singh, who is the Bukit Gelugor MP, said he would not be giving up his parliamentary seat despite being wheelchair-bound.

“I do not intend to give up. The Opposition has a big role to play in this country.

“We will put up credible and tested candidates, who have principles,” he said.

In Ipoh yesterday, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the party planned to contest in at least 54 parliamentary and 115 state seats nationwide.

Lim said the party considered both the Ipoh Barat and Ipoh Timor seats, of which it is incumbent, as “dangerous”.

He said the party was unhappy with the electoral rolls in the two constituencies.



1. Shin - November 19, 2007

The only way to win in triangular battles, I would say, is when voters are enlightened to understand that KeADILan is way more relevant in the future of Malaysia, since DAP always set one group against another and divide and rule the progressive mass, whereas as fire-fighters we reconcile the different segments in the country and launch missiles against the greedy oppressor on the behalf of all our fellow countrymen.

To achieve that, we must intensify our penerangan efforts until everyone in even Sipadan, Ligitan, Batu Puteh, Middle Rock and South Ledge have been given a treat to William Leong’s wonderful slide show presentations.

I would also advise my beloved brethren to prevent from lashing out at our fellow opposition parties no matter how frust you are, let’s never be demoralised, as given time, their homogeneous seats will evaporate into thin air the way dry-ice do, and whoever across the political divide that is not well-prepared will be swept into the history of pre-modern, unenlightened Malaysia.

Bravo Eli dear, 999 red roses for you!

2. monsterball - November 19, 2007

It’s good news and showing DAP do listen to their supporters.
I think it is a very wise move..
Malay parties tends to place race and religion…
Let Keadilan and Pas play it out against UMNO.
DAP concentrate on MCA and Gerakan.
Yes …it is also playing race moves… cannot help it…played too long by UMNO…cannot beat them….join them…then rectify all tings bad after winning the election.

3. Din Tempoyak - November 19, 2007

Shin-buat kerja parti dulu dan bukan kurangkan sembang kat jln Telawi dgn pak khalid. Ape kata kau releven kan parti sebelum nak ber-ceremah.Yg kau nak mengorat Elizabeth ni ape cerita? Cakap aje terang terang kat dia lah…999 rose pulak.

Relevan kan diri anda sebelum nak bagi nasihat

Kepimpinan parti tahu lah ape nak buat

Din tempoyak

4. Reformis - November 19, 2007

Did PKR leaders willing to listen grassroot voice?

How frequent top-to-bottom well communicated? Example, what is the latest positioning? What is the counter measures strategies?

Politic means “who get what, when & how?” Please measure cloth on your own body, do you have strong enough strength to joint 3 corner contest?

Did our potential candidate given GREEN Light from the party go ahead?

Did the party promised not to import paratroops candidate without consulting grassroot or the candidate who put in effort?

What is the candidate selection criteria? General knowledge? committment? When to strat work?

If you are serious about election, how deep the party (all level) pro-actively suporting BERSIH? Refer: http://maibincang.blogspot.com.

Discuss please!!!

5. nvcftye5 - November 19, 2007

From its past records, I sincerely doubt KeADILan will ever manage to win more than 1% of all the seats it plans to contest in the coming GE. That is to say, if it contests 100 seats, 99 of them are goners.

6. klconfidential - November 19, 2007

I agree. I’m malay and muslim. Very wise move, indeed. There are so many of us who are at a loss as to who we should vote for. If push came to shove, I would go for DAP.

To compare, look at Singapore and Kelantan. DAP is a spin-off from the PAP in Singapore. PAS is, well, PAS. Compare administrative styles. I understand the fears of the non-muslims against PAS being a ruling party (or part of it). I’m a muslim and I fear it. I’m not against having islamic laws etc but I feel that PAS’s approach is a tad bit more fanatical than others.

I fear that if i vote for PAS, during their ruling term, they might come out and say, “Well, let’s do away with the democracy system and put in a Khalifah system.”

That’ll be the end of us all. Especially when i look around and see that there are no people who are ‘khalifah’ material. Everyone is in it for something. I would classify PAS as an opportunist party,same to KeAdilan too.

What choice to we have? My guest blogger, Melayu Lama, has put down some thoughts on this. You can view it at ‘klconfidential’ at blogspot.com.

Please have a look. I would welcome your thoughts on this, Elizabeth. Your views here show much research and is backed up by facts. Kudos!

7. melayu lama - November 19, 2007

To the political parties, do not involve religon with politics. Pas is the major culprit in this. The stupid policies and rebuttals UMNO makes are usually, if not always, in retaliation to PAS’s so called higher Islamic values and in the end religon has suffered because of these two power hungry parties.

As an analogy, imagine having two buckets with you. One is filled with crystal pure water (representing Islam) and the other filled with dirt and filth (representing politics). By mixing the two together it will not clean up the filth, it merely dilutes it a little but in the end it remains what it is, filth. In that respect, mixing religon and politics will not clean up politics, or make Pas or UMNO’s political agenda more religous, but instead drag religon into the filth that politics is. Keep religon out of politics.

At the end of the day the secular way is the best way.

8. Nik Nazmi - November 19, 2007

I’ll say my piece on the DAP matter later…

But as per cleaning the kitchen and making coffee… those with Y chromosomes in *that* office do it very much, thank you.


EW: Eeks. I didn’t say it was your office, did I? 😀

9. monsterball - November 19, 2007

I am not doubting Keadilan will get much much more votes than 1%.
Don’t forget…Malays are frustrated….more than any race in Malaysia..
There is always the famous phrase..choose between the two evils.
Let Pas and Keadilan plan their smart moves to battle UMNO in Trengganu …Kelantan….Perlis and Kedah.
That does not man other States like Johore be left out….particularly Johore and Melaka. Then these three parties should sit down and don’t fight each other..as these two States may have plenty for each to say…who is stronger than who and all will back fire.
Penang is one to one DAP against MCA and Gerakan….maybe few for PAS.
But Keadilan can do it it big in East Malaysia there ….with the help of DAP.. Important…not to quarrel or feel how big they are..especially from Keadilan to DAP.
Therefore…it is nice that Kapal Singh spoke out. He does know the people’s aspirations and desires…but we are no fools…they must co-operate one way or another.
Afterall….politics is dirty..and clean are dragged to play with dirt too….why talk so bersih on politics. Talk bersih voting system….yes.

10. monsterball - November 19, 2007

For past two years..UMNO keep spreading Anwar is no more powerful or influential…..so much so…the more you hear,…you may believe it. That’s the nature of propaganda and marketing works.
I have heard it so many times by UMNO supporters and you have to ask yourself…is the one giving you the news..can be trusted or reliable?
I said no…which means UMNO is very afraid of Anwar.

11. A true Malaysian - November 19, 2007

I strongly agree with melayu lama that ‘do not involve religion with politics’. I also want to add that ‘do not involve race with politics’. So, if any political parties that still want to involve religion and race with politics, then they are not much better than UMNO.

So far, my view is that KeAdilan is the party that ‘best fit’ in this category and all Malaysian should give support to such kind of politics.

DAP in essence, is also belongs to this category but not looks not like one because it is the victim of BN conspiracy in the main stream media controlled by BN which resulted in few Malays willing to join the party. I am of the view that politics of DAP does not involve religion and race because this can be evidenced from the blogs of Lim Kit Siang, Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua. DAP is similar to PAP of Singapore where MM Lee mentioned in his recent interview that :-

” We knew that if we were just like our neighbors, we would die. Because we’ve got nothing to offer against what they have to offer. So we had to produce something which is different and better than what they have. It’s incorrupt. It’s efficient. It’s meritocratic. It works.

“The system works (ie in Singapore) regardless of your race, language or religion because otherwise we’d have divisions. We are pragmatists. We don’t stick to any ideology. Does it work? Let’s try it and if it does work, fine, let’s continue it. If it doesn’t work, toss it out, try another one. We are not enamored with any ideology.”

As for PAS, my observation is that, since the party was founded because of Islam, we can’t blame them to involve their politics in religion. I am of the view that Islam practized by PAS is ‘purer’ that the so-called Islam Hadhari as promoted by UMNO. Just look at PAS leader, Nik Aziz, his way of life is so simple that command respect of many Malaysians, especially PAS members. I read in someone’s blog that ‘Islam treats all human beings as equal’, and I believe PAS able to apply that. PAS actually realizes that the party cannot go far if it still stick to its ideology, that is why you can see it recruited more young professional Malays into PAS. But, to me, PAS still cannot go far as only Muslim, which is mainly consists of Malays can join the party. For the meantime, I still feel that Malaysian should give their supports to PAS candidates as even if PAS won all seats it contested, it still won’t be able to set up an Islamic State, but at least its brand of Islam treats all human as equal. Kelantan, which was ruled by PAS for many years, is less developed than other west coast states because of ‘no support’ from Federal government. This scenario will change if DAP, KeAdilan & PAS can form Federal government in future.

So, I hope DAP & PAS will consider my view here. Make sure you guys work well with each other. This was proven by both of you in recent issues of judicial rot and BERSIH. Salleh Abas won’t work with Kelantan government if PAS is that bad, right?

Eventually, I still hope politics in Malaysia does not involve religion & race. At the meantime, KeAdilan, DAP & PAS, please disregard your differences in ideology and concentrate in ‘equitable policies’.

12. Rudy - November 19, 2007

ahhh politic,politic and politic.I must say that if the opposition parties wants a realistic chance to deny BN two-third majority then something must be done NOW!!!!! Don’t wait until election times.Prove that you all can work together anytime not during ELECTION!!!!!

13. what the "F" - November 20, 2007

I will vote for PAS, and I am a CINAMAN! I will never vote for BN, because they are what nightmares are made of.

14. whispering9 - November 20, 2007

I admire the way you write using unspoken words. Above all things else, I admire your honesty in posting this piece of frustration. It shows that you are not a politician in heart. A politician will say yes, okay, correct to all the conditions but good riddance latter. Why not stand out with some of the present young generation friends and be independent candicates? We used to have lots and lots of independent candidates in the sixties. It may be a longer journey but you will get there eventually since youth is at your side. Anyway, please learn to disagree agreeably fast before election because urban voters will be confused with the choice of several oppositions against one BN candidate. If it is any help, when Pas is field against BN and DAP, the chance of DAP winning the urban vote is very good. That is why DAP wants nothing to do with Pas. But if BN is going against DAP and Keadilan, BN will win hand down. Keadilan against BN one on one…with a good choice of candidate, Keadilan might win. It is not going to simple…especially in politics. You must eventually learn first to be bad and then good. All the best.

15. max - November 20, 2007

In the last election, MCA won Simpang Pulai because DAP and PKR splitted the opposition votes. The moron ADUN, Alex, is no where to be seen. Most of his work is taken care of by a Fat Phang or OKT’s brother, who stays in the area. DAP and PKR must come to a compromise. Chinese majority areas should go to DAP. Mixed areas to PKR. Malay to PAS. All seats must be fought one to one. Win the GE then we can talk about how to run and heal the country. You cannot fight BN without changing your tactics. Burn CDs about P Mengkuang, Ijok, Lingam, Sabah. You can have volumes about BN’s wrongdoings. Show the keris CD to new villagers in BGajah. Po Kuan can win hands down. After being in MCA for 27 years, I know when I need a change. OKT and his brother can go back to Lenggong and tap rubber. Ling’s sons can answer corruption charges on Omega..with Soh’s testimonies. Chan Transport can shave his ugly moustache and answer about Port Klang. Railwayline gatekeeper can sell his mansion and retire to Pudu. Samy can hide in his mistress’ house in Pari Gardens, Ipoh.

16. Fabian Sim - November 20, 2007

On the issue of the Opposition parties, I think that DAP, PKR and PAS should try to work together on the coming election.

What is important, however, is that PKR publicly state that they DO NOT agree with the PAS ambition of an Islamic state in Malaysia. If they do this, then I would say that many moderates would vote for DAP and PKR (myself included).

As for voting for PAS? I won’t. Definitely not. I do not believe in their ideology. I wouldn’t submit to ANY theocracy. But this is where the Opposition should focus on: fielding candidates in areas based on the racial/religious makeup, at least where this issue is concerned. It’s sad but true: I will vote for DAP, I would vote for PKR if they renounce any intention of working with PAS for Islamization of Malaysia. But never PAS.

DAP and PKR should focus on efficiency, fairness and transparency in the system it wishes to bring about. They should state what policies, actions and changes they would bring about should they form the next government. Just HAVING a party manifesto isn’t important. You need to keep others informed. And not just when it’s close to elections. This is sort of like a “report card”, that the public can always compare them with their actions and press statements between the elections.

I want an MP who’d fight for his/her electorates. Not just a bloody face on a party endorsement.

I truly hope that things will change back home in Malaysia now. Things have been particularly interesting this past year. And yes, the younger generation ARE more informed, and they’re willing to act.

17. The return of “Top English WP Blogs” « conduong.co.cc - November 20, 2007

[…] Say so lar earlier Finally, clarity in the DAP-KeADILan negotiations via the Chairman. If DAP intended to conclude the negotiations, they […] […]

18. hkengmacao - November 20, 2007

Fabian Sim, I do not think PAS will realize its ambition to form an Islamic State even if PAS won all the seats it contested. A true Malaysian has good points regarding PAS. Please refer.

Let PAS form state governments in Kelantan, Trengganu & Kedah, and the rest of peninsular states by DAP & KeAdilan. Then see how the states under PAS fare in comparison to the others. PAS, like DAP, are the victims of propaganda of the main stream media which create fears among Chinese & Malay voters respectively. So, please don’t discount PAS in this coming GE, it is definitely better than XXXO. You get what I mean?

19. melayu lama - November 21, 2007

Taking Rudy’s comment further…. perhaps a way to do so is for the opposition trio to form a shadow cabinet a-la Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in the UK. That is one way to see if the trio can function in a coalition. If it fails even at the “shadow” stage then we needc to give serious thought to what’s in store for us….

20. nat - November 22, 2007

heheh, i’ll have to roger2 nik on that one 🙂

granted, not as often, but we’ve spent our hrs in that kitchen… 😛 🙂

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