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TQ Kalimullah November 19, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

For once, I enjoyed reading Kalimullah’s Sunday column yesterday. It wasn’t about some dead person or another act of sand-papering — with tongue.

It was an exemplary piece of unsophisticated schoolboy spin against BERSIH, after a marathon session of ‘West Wing’. The scent of desperation reeks from the newsprint. If there’s a course on column-writing, it should be held up as “how-not-to-write …”.

One of the best bits for me was towards the end, when he nailed his ignorance to the wall.

Some are recognisable names — like Aliran, Abim, MTUC, opposition parties like the DAP, Pas, PKR and Sarawak National Party (SNAP), but some don’t even strike a chord. Citizen’s Health Initiative? Group of Concerned Citizens? Community Action Network? Labour Resource Centre? Malaysian Voters Union? Save Ourselves?

Let’s see.

Citizen’s Health Initiative – led by our country’s finest and most dedicated doctors and medical professionals against healthcare privatisation.

Group of Concerned Citizens – led by Indian academics and intellectuals who work on a variety of Indian issues.

Labour Resource Centre – founded by veteran unionists a decade ago, working to build capacity and support trade unions. An NGO which I am proud to be associated with.

Community Action Network – an extensive network of conscious Catholics who work on social justice (hahaha… 4th Floor just p*ssed off a whole lot of Catholics!)

Save Ourselves – community activists who fought against the Quit-Rent policy in Penang.

(so on and so forth).

It would be forgivable if a person on the street couldn’t recognise these organisations, since papers such as Kalimullah’s censor their views and issues. But for a former editor-in-chief to display his ignorance and stupidity, especially in a spin, warrants a ROTFL.

One must thank Kali for his gem of a concluding line, “Conclusion: Not everything in this world is free and fair.”

Loved it. This is on par with the Prime Minister’s oh-so-clever “Saya pantang dicabar”. Both have the same combustible effect of adding fuel to the embers of our anger. Thank you, thank you :D!

If this is supposed to be the icing of 4th Floor’s damage-control, I’d dare say, Pak Lah would get trounced this coming General Elections, that is, if it’s free and fair.

So kiddies, there are two morals to this post.

1. It is better to keep silent than to open one’s mouth and let everyone know the depth of one’s ignorance.

2. Stop watching ‘West Wing” and imagining you’re Rob Lowe.



1. mudin001 - November 19, 2007

I enjoy yours as much as him. Haha!

2. toyolbuster - November 19, 2007

Kalimullah, you are as history as Kalimutu is now.
Lets send out our physically challenged brothers and sisters to deliver another memorandum to DYMM, this time to rid off all the bocors and tunnelling pests out of Parliament House, and may GOD punish them. Any pest control guys to volunteer?

3. libraa2 - November 19, 2007

When one moves up the corporate ladder through political affiliation , instead of brain power, education, writing skills or journalistic acumen , the end result is a school boys spin.
Little wonder NST is a third rate paper and losing readership by the day.

4. Paul Warren - November 19, 2007

But Elizabeth, what exactly are you saying? I read his piece too and I would say that he did put up a reasonably credible defence alright. So if he got the last concluding part all fouled up through his ignorance, and I should say, mine too, that does not discredit totally most of his other points, does it?

Surely Anwar did have a hand in whatever happened in Sabah in 1994. There is the air of nepotism in DAP after all.

All these politicians in the opposition might be righteous after all. but when it comes to their leadership qualities or, in Anwar’s case, his past credentials, many would be sadly sen wanting.

It was unfortunate that BERSIH could not bring out a small delegation of non-partisan non-politicians to deliver the memorandum. The PAS’s Kamaruddin Jafaar, did say that the rally had the King’s sanction. He got it wrong. The King had consented to receive a petition to be delivered to him on 10 November. To suggest anything else would be stretching some wishful thought a bit.

EW: Elaboration coming soon later this evening. But thanks for your comment.

5. Kalibuster - November 19, 2007

Finally, Kalimullah comes out from the snake hole..

6. monsterball - November 19, 2007

We are all falling into the trap ..set up by UMNO..to discuss the faults of BERSIH walk..if any.
Paul Warren is talking exactly what he knows it’s not true…that is using labels like DAP and Anwar as previous DPM.
The walk is by humans beings….and those people including Anwar particularly have his rights to participate as an individual…..including his lovely wife. Letting Anwar …Hadi Awang and Lim Kit Siang to lead and Anwar to present the memorandum and be the spokesman…is purely respect ..as they are legends in their own rights..plus pure manners and respect to them….and that does not mean the rally is Anwar’s idea and all of us are party members…of those three individuals. Yes…I believe many belong to one party or another…or support them one way or another like me…but we walk for free elections and wore yellow to tell the King…we are his subjects and love him…which is totally sincere and true. Why not previous Kings? Well we are not like Thai….with one King ruling all for more than 60 years and have had opportunities to show how great that King is and no ruling parties can claim true love and trust from their people there.. except the Thai King. In our unique rotations of royalties…King and including majority of those who spoke out are showing to Malaysians…for the first time…they care….and we responded with love to them. Does Paul Warren think shouting “Daulat Tuanku” and wearing yellow are side shows?
Why must it be a small group? If done like what Paul Warren said…..then it gives him and UMNO another reason to say….another excuse….so there is no end to find faults with what we do.
Who is Paul Warren? Is he a Malaysian or just a visitor to give his views?
YES!!….Malaysians will continue to walk in even greater numbers….as through out history….demonstrations and protest rallies do change the government and we want to see UMNO know exactly how we feel….simple as that. They are afraid..if not…why shut up all oppositions news?
To each his own..and Paul warren is not about to tell anything…..and that he has more brain matters and balls than all of us.
Definitely he cannot love our country more than we walkers?
Why not Paul Warren touch on the subject how peaceful and cultured are the 40,00 more are at the rally…inspite of being water cannoned and thrown with tear gas.
Does he love our country more ….feel the pains and hardships of those that are kept out of real truths ..being divided and rule by dirty race and religion politics and ….all these 50 years?
Why not he touch on that and welknown massive corruptions..from top to all bottom ministers….police…and so many of their fortunate politicians that can become filthy rich doing nothing.
And finally …if Paul Warren want to talk about Anwar’s bad reputations….then he is living in the wrong world.

7. Paul Warren - November 19, 2007

Does Monsterball deserve a respone?? I don’t think so. So he marched. Congratulations!. But so did I. I even got a whiff of the water canon and the tear gas that got me tearing. And i was in the middle of the crowd that was chanting Allah Hu Akhbar and Daulat Tuanku too. So there!!!..As for the rest…I think he lost the plot! So nevermind!

8. nstman - November 19, 2007

Kali, you are my friend. But Please stop making a fool of yourself. You are fast becoming a joke.

9. monsterball - November 19, 2007

Who are you. Paul Warren….a reporter…doing his job and got the water treatment? Identify yourself!!
You wrote so much about us walkers and Anwar…instigating 40,000 of us are balls carriers and now say nevermind?

10. monsterball - November 19, 2007

So the crowd shouted..’God is Great” and ‘Long live the King”
So what there?…don’t talk with a folk tongue…spell it out.

11. simon - November 19, 2007

A water cannon is a dangerous weapon as it can rupture the spleen and cause consequential death if hit directly on a person see also wikipedia.

Hence a water cannon is a dangerous force and should only be used as a last resort when the police personnel is in danger of imminent physical danger or death to their own forces.

12. Dan-yel - November 19, 2007

Paul Warren has a point. It’s hard for voters to pick PKR when there so many questions to be answered, questions to Anwar’s history, I have yet to hear his answer to his Islamisation agenda during his UMNO times. Now about his involvement with the Sabah elections campaign.

It does not escape my attention that there is indeed a thin air of nepotism in DAP. How about PAS, are they willing to give up their Islamic state agenda, because I cannot see how it could be reconciled with the secular state that we all fighting for. What’s the use of change of government when you merely replace one hypocritical regime with another?

Clearly the only way to go, is to provide a true alternative to the BN, its communal politics and Islamic state agenda. PKR must show that the party does not compromise on its principles by shaking the hand of “devil”. Sincerity is what the Rakyat wants to see if you want them to place their faith on a new party.

As for Anwar, wouldn’t it help if he go in the open about his political past? We need clarity here, not explaining or apologize about past political stand give us no choice but to vote BN again into government.

Kindly advise.

13. monsterball - November 19, 2007

90% of your message is supporting the walkers….I am not blind…but you hinted Anwar was the leader and advise small group marching.
When you want to stand on both feet…stand straight and proper….not one there and one here.
Malaysians are sufferings…not because of so call high oil prices.We are filthy rich….but solely because of bad management…race discriminations and corruptions…with evil race and religions continuously played……yet denied.
Ballot boxes have proven to have thousands unknown voters.
It is always the 10% that confuse people….so say it clearly…where do you stand..with us or UMNO???
Are you proud of our newspapers?

14. Tirunama Nasikandar - November 19, 2007

1. We do not live in a perfect world, so let there be imperfections.
2. Not everything is clean and fair – so let there be things dirty and unfair.
3. Lawyers are people to be respected (according to nazri in recent interview) – so respect them no matter what, just like we are supposed to respect judges, no matter what. This part is very malay – must ‘hormat’ (that’s how ‘YB’ came about), if you r a dato or a minister, no matter what. Reminds us of the Hang Tuah legacy – pantang melayu derhaka…

15. monsterball - November 19, 2007

I was in the middle of the crowd does not mean you shouted too!
Nice English…with double meanings….why like that?

16. simon - November 19, 2007

Another interesting piece of info…….death due to ruptured spleen normally occurs approximately 20 minutes after water cannon impact.

In a normal walk/demo, it is practically impossible to reach a hospital with operating theatre (as major surgery is required) within that time. Should this happen then the best thing to do is just to hug and kiss and say goodbye for the last time.

17. adamabd - November 19, 2007

A week has gone by. But I’m still left wondering how is it AI was the man handing over the petition (remember that dramatic moment when he made an entrance on a bike)? The organisers never mentioned the names of these politicians except, I think, Wan Azizah. In fact I think they mentioned that the NGO reps would be handing over the petition.

Would you know?

EW: There was a list but in the end it was the police who disallowed the other leaders, including the NGOs, to handover the memorandum at the gates. Only certain people were allowed to proceed.

18. lucia - November 20, 2007

and malaysian voters union (or malvu in short) was started by the same person who started SOS, very active activist, b.k. ong.

i’m not surprise that kali does not knows about these organisations. it’s true some of these organisations are not well known because they are small organisations but the reason people like kali, who do not know of them is not because it is not well known but they couldn’t bother less (or disapprove) about the causes these organsiations are fighting for.

19. Satya - November 20, 2007

I’d agree with Paul Warren that Kallimullah did a pretty decent job spinning things about the rally, BN’s way.

The number one rule of magicians when pulling off magic tricks is distraction. That’s how they get us to believe in stuff that can’t possibly be true. Same goes for the article.

He painted it as an opposition event, saying that they’re complaining aginst the system just because they lost, and making attacks on the credibility of Op leaders… which is of course what BN’s been trying to do all this while. I think he would have successfully distracted many from the fact that there’s lots of hanky-panky going on with elections.

Anyway, all that is pretty irrelevant IMHO. Cause as far as we’re concerned, regardless of the Op leaders’ ulterior political motives, those of us who know better have to keep reminding people of the real issue here: Postal voters, cleaning up the electoral role, allowing equal opportunity in the media for all to have a political voice.

Just my 2 cents’ worth.

20. HeadLiner - November 20, 2007

Seriously doubt SNAP was involved..

EW: SNAP signed. There were in fact a number of Sarawak folks who flew in for the event.

21. john labu - November 20, 2007

>The memorandum also asks for many other things, like a longer campaign period, closer and more effective monitoring of money spent by the different parties during the campaign, and public funding for political parties’ campaigns and for women and minority groups, and greater access to public radio and television.

These are certainly reasonable requests which should be considered. But could not the same memorandum be handed over to the prime minister and the king in an organised manner without a march through the busy streets? ,<

Agreed. how sure are we that the request memorandum does not get schredded?

22. rocky's bru - November 20, 2007


So he did spin, you say?

Spin is a bad word in journalism.

I am not saying he’s a journalist.

But you said he spun. You said it.

23. simon - November 20, 2007

Quote adamabd “A week has gone by.”

Quote Satya “those of us who know better have to keep reminding people of the real issue here..”

You dun have to remind people the gomen is doing the job for u.

Looks like the hr people better get some professional help from veteran advertising people otherwise the event will be consigned to scrap heap of irrelevant historical events.

IMHO, hr people are lucky as it is the gomen that is keeping the issue alive refer latest news article that is the topic of this post.

However once the gomen wise up to the fact, then there will really be a news non-event and life will go on as usual. Even NUBE with the button “Bank robs our bonus” have problem keeping their issues alive.

24. simon - November 20, 2007

Vengeance and revenge is a boomerang action event.

Maybe vengeance and revenge will triumph over forgiveness according to YM RPK.

Just popped back from m2day where RPK expects the gomen to help keep the issue alive. According to RPK a long list of police reports and or actions are planned as a gomen grant and free media event publicity for BERSIH and hr people.

Thats why most religions preach forgiveness which is actually and always the best course of action.

25. whispering9 - November 20, 2007

‘There was a list but in the end it was the police who disallowed the other leaders, including the NGOs, to handover the memorandum at the gates. Only certain people were allowed to proceed.’

….now this is definitely a pre-meditated trap set up by the Gmen. OMG. Maybe our esteem editor even have a hand in it…as tool of trade for his Sunday spun. Very very glad you have brought this out in the open. I am relieved by this info.

26. zorro - November 20, 2007

Impactful piece Eli. Cuntal Courage vanquished chap-sui Scrotal Stew.

27. libraa2 - November 20, 2007

If anyone does not know Kali, let me tell you that this man will lick your boots if he can benefit immensely from you . Yes, literally lick your boots.
He is a low down, immoral, spineless character who will tell you that the earth is flat and the sky is green just to please his bosses.
That is how, this guy who started as the penniless reporter who could not even afford a motorcycle, can become a millionaire.
For heaven’s sake, don’t call him a journalist.

28. Gamal Abdel Nasser - November 20, 2007

For the record, Kalimullah isn’t my favourite person but I think you should shoot down his points rather than his writing skills. Refute with facts not emotion. What he wrote about Anwar is true and in my view, Anwar taking the lead of 10/11 has reduced Bersih’s credibility remarkably although some might say the mission was accomplished. Anwar is far from bersih I assure you. I might even add that had the opposition just shut up and not take the forefront while allowing a knowned blogger or an ordinary person viewed as a representative of the 100,000 participants looking for fair elections etc, the Palace wouldn’t have had to make a statement afterwards. It just proves how election after election the opposition never succeeds in forming a govt. It’s because they are dumb strategists.

29. Satya - November 20, 2007

Dear Rocky,

Sorry, I don’t quite understand your point.

He definitely spun. My point (which may not have been made clearly) was that this spinning may have been enough to pull the wool over the eyes of plenty of Malaysians. Simply because they hardly get any other info, apart from the *censored* that’s shovelled to them by the MSM. And with regards to that specific article, I thought he spun it quite convincingly. Put it this way. I think I’d buy it without hesitation if it I didn’t read any alternative media.

Those of us who know better should counter this spin. Which is of course what blogs like this and yours do anyway… I’m just saying is all.

30. gua bay song - November 20, 2007

Finally! The Hindu Goddess and Muslim Priest has exposed DSAI and LKS for the SNAKES that they are!

See Eli! I’m fair! I whack EVERYONE across the board!

31. kittykat46 - November 20, 2007

The last 3 paragraphs in Kali’s NST write up is a very inaccurate potrayal of the difference between the police approach to street demonstrations in liberal democracies and in Bolehland.

Yes, Italian police turned on the water cannons, but only when protesters started damaging private property and attacking police.

Last week’s KL march had all the violence INITIATED by police.

Kali wouldn’t know the difference even if it were staring him in the place.

32. matdeboq - November 20, 2007

This Kali..guy is a known day-light… penyamun, penyangak,perompak,pembohong and all the pen…! but not pemberita which he think he is !

33. klconfidential - November 20, 2007

Good one Rocky!

I agree with Paul Warren, Monsterball and Satya. Yes, in my opinion, you are all correct.

Paul, you are right about Jaafar being wrong in saying that the King sanctioned the march. And also about the nepotism. There is nepotism everywhere we look. I don’t agree with it, but it happens. In light of the ruling party’s countless screw ups, I’d say that we wouldn’t be bitching about it if the country is run well. No party is perfect. I can’t bring myself to vote for UMNO, PAS, PKR or any other existing party because I see that they are no different from one another. They are just people in the end. What choice do we have? Ah, my guest blogger has written something on that. It will take up too much space if i put it here. Suffice it to say, of all the choices that we have currently, looking at their party track records, none of them are appealing at all.

Monsterball, you are right when you said that we are falling into UMNO’s trap by questioning BERSIH. That we must keep in mind the REASON why we were there that day. To me personally, I was there to support the memorandum. Not to support PKR or PAS or whoever. I was there as a citizen, not a party member. (can’t bring myself to affiliate with anyone at the moment). I’m sure you were there for the same reason too. I understand and appreciate your spirit and passion about this. So do many others, and we agree with you for the most part. (99.9% of the time) but in this case, I should point out to you that we shouldn’t undermine another’s opinions. I feel all opinions, if voiced and aired constructively, carries as much value as the next guy. We want to practice what we preach, we do not want to stifle other people’s views and opinions like what is done to us in Malaysia now.

Satya, I’m glad that there are people like you who realise that the media is full of BNs spins and twists. I agree that all the attempts to undermine BERSIH and its intentions are irrelevant to us who were there. We know better. That being said, I think we should talk to our friends and family about our experience and what BERSIH stood for. I’m surprised that every time i tell my friends my experience, they would ask “So what is this memorandum about?” They have no idea! I have taken it unto myself to spread the word and to encourage people to have an interest in our struggle. I promote my blog to my friends, hoping that they will take the time to read it and see what i see.

I would like to add that when I first geared up to go to the rally (right after the Lawyers March) I didn’t care that the opposition were involved in it. I didn’t see this event turning into some partisan issue. Even when they handed the memorandum over, I didn’t think of it that way. But recently I have begun questioning the opposition’s intentions. I feel that they are stealing the limelight away from BERSIH, itself. I fee like they are hijacking this rally as their own. God knows, i hope i’m wrong. But I feel otherwise. AI has always seemed like an opportunist to me.

34. klconfidential - November 20, 2007

Libraa2, yep, that is what Kali is. Damn straight.

Gamal Abdel Nasser, agreed. We need to be good strategists to be a formidable opponent. We need to have good foresightedness even to the most minute detail. BN will always find ways to spin something to their own benefit and we must prove to other malaysians that we are partyless.

I question the handing over of the memorandum by AI, Hadi etc. Another way to look at it, although the opposition were there and they put forward an opposing view, does that make their views (along with the NGOs and rakyat) baseless and irrelevant?

I don’t think so. They may be opposition but they (and the rest of us) are the rakyat too.

“It just proves how election after election the opposition never succeeds in forming a govt. It’s because they are dumb strategists.”

Although i wouldn’t put it the way you did, yes I agree with you on this. I’m writing an article about this. Do check in.

35. Gamal Abdel Nasser - November 20, 2007


My point is, had someone like you, who is not particularly affiliated to any party, handed over the memorandum, it would have been a better representation of the 100k that were there. Yes, the jokers from the 3 opposing parties were there and they may have had the right to be there as concerned citizens, but they are concerned citizens with a political agenda while you were one with genuine concerns for the mass, not thinking of winning votes for seats in parliament. That was the difference. The gathering didn’t see its full potential if a hard impact was the objective because Anwar and his goons stole the climax. If there was ever a time when a normal citizen could have made a dent in the govt’s pride, 10/11 was it. Alas, the UMNO reject spoilt it, as usual.

36. Hantu Laut - November 20, 2007


Your comment are the nearest to the truth about the state of political decay in this country.As much as we detest the present administration, what do we have as a viable alternative?

Do you trust Anwar and PAS? Do you honestly think there will be no corruption if they come to power?

I think the whole blogging community have a misconception that changing the whole government would solve the problem of corruption and dirty politics.We need to shift our mindset to be more realistic on what are the causes of our present predicament.Changing horses in mid-stream may not be the answer.What we need to do is to deny BN the 2/3 majority and a strong opposition in parliament.In such situation BN would not be able to pass any legislation without the support of the opposition.

They would behave better without the 2/3 majority.

37. klconfidential - November 20, 2007

You have a very valid point, Gamal. Funny though, i was telling my boyfriend right after the rally.. that I would have offered to deliver it with other young people to represent the youths. (jokingly)

But alas, it was not meant to be. The opposition leaders were chosen to deliver the memorandum. Which as I said in my site, this left us open to attacks by BN. Had we chosen someone like Eli, RPK and especially Haris Ibrahim (the person who started the petition and painstakingly worked his a** off to get 5000 signatures), BN would’ve had to be more creative in attacking us.

As i mentioned in my article, this representation will definitely deter other concerned citizens who would’ve joined us if not for the active involvement of the opposition. Involvement is good, but too active involvement will backfire and no one will take us seriously.

As for Hantu Laut, I have always thought the same thing. PAS’s behavior when they won Terengganu in 1999 could hardly be called a graceful win. They went to each defeated exco’s house banging and shouting demanding that they surrender their official cars (mercs). A good opponent is one who respects his opponent and accepts his win honorably. Couldn’t they wait till the official handover? As abundantly evident, PAS is not immune to worldly desires either. Not many of us are.

In my opinion BN has gotten bigheaded after their landslide win in 2004. We need to give them a wake up call by (i agree with hantu laut) denying them 2/3 majority and a strong opposition parliment so as to have a more balanced system.

Honestly i think to have a strong opposition, we should not look at PAS. BN needs to have a formidable opponent and PAS & PKR have been disappointing so far. We need a party that employs the same formula that we currently have. This will gain voter’s confidence as they know their lives would not go through drastic change if they voted ‘the other side’.

Right now we live in fear. Fear to vote for BN (they’ll screw us over again). Fear to vote PAS & PKR (they have not – to date- proven themselves able to form a government) Fear of ISA (that’s why i changed my picture on my blog) … among other things.

Not very liberating.

38. simon - November 20, 2007

see the Bruce Willis film “Last Man Standing” and you will have your political solution……to Malaysia’s problem.

Watch and hear carefully what the United States Marshall says near the end….

39. Sagaladoola - November 21, 2007


Somebody said not everything is free and fair? Huh?

Well, we talk about percentage. Can this statement be applied something where 90% is unfairness and only 10% fairness?

So, do we still consider such an application fair or unfair?

Goodness… LOL


40. Paul Warren - November 21, 2007

I don’t follow Monsterball’s beef. So I leave him with it.

One thing about Kali’s article and pre-emptive denouncing and demonising of anything that might be seen to be anti-government is labeling. And without much thought given to it the rest of us too get sucked into these labeling and charcterising.

I’d prefer the 10/11 gathering to be called a citizen’s rally. But the BN charecterises the assembly as illegal, unlawful, demonstration. I too have in various posts, without thinking used demonstration to characterise our assembly. But really, we were not demonstrating. And demonstrating carries with it a negative connotation. Rally sounds more positive. Maybe there is another word which would better describe the gathering on10/11. Well, this is something for next time I suppose so that we don’t dig our own grave.

Haris’ latest post on his blog on AI, about whether he can still trust him is really something (http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com) to consider. Maybe this was not necessarily thought out, but BERSIH’s 10/11 call up, for many of us, seemed one that drew our allegiance to our own humanity. Not any partisanship toward anything politic. No doubt PAS, I believe, of their own accord, provided some amount of logistics in terms of crowd control and to maintain a breach between the cops and the rest of us, nevertheless, I wish BERSIH will be able to reclaim the whole affair to be one of a citizen’s endeavour.

As a citizen’s movement, therefore, it is not onlythe BN led government that comes into our scope, the shenanigans of the opposition too should come within our scope. Just because these guys are unable to get their act together, it should not mean that we should accept it. Maybe its about time we define what we want of an opposition taking cognisance of the imparatives of what there is.

41. monsterball - November 22, 2007

I also don’t quite understand Paul’s logic….so I too leave it at that.
Rally is to get together for united efforts but saying is a walk to protest against UMNO is more clear and to the point.
Even that…UMNO still treat us uncultured and unlawful Malaysians.
Then lets organize a demonstration to wake them up.
After all…we are all known to be unlawful…so be it.
We must be ready to fight fire with fire and not have half hearted cultured ways…when we are treated like animals with tear gas and water cannons.
That does not mean we will throw stones or say fouls words to irritate them….NO.
What I mean…we must never be afraid and proceed with more vigorous methods to let UMNO know we mean business.
Let them make a false move…and if one person dies at future walks…let that person know that all are prepared to die like him for the country.
To change the govt….one must not be half hearted at all….go straight on….face the enemy…who is so powerful…let them torture us…but we will never give up.
Only this way….can we get UMNO supporters to understand what is the meaning of being a true Malaysian and convince them to vote against UMNO.
We talk without fear nor favor.
We cannot walk like thousands of friends have a nice day. The rally was a protest walk…thus the rally must clearly be known as a protest rally…and again….just using the word “rally” only …can be misunderstood.
Remember….thousands are not so educated…and need clear intentions why they are there.
Protest walks allows walkers to plan aggressive slogans to shout them out….to be approved by the organisers. Rally can mean we walk in silence….so peaceful. That will never work in politics walks
In commercial firms…if things are not said clearly in simple English for all to understand…then message will be like a teacher speaking to 40 students listening like smart students..but in fact cannot understand and dare not say so. So we must think of the less educated. I hope my point is clear on rally..

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