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Bersih picks up Rashid’s gauntlet November 20, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.
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“If they will show me evidence that the commission has rigged elections, then I will – in fact, all members of the commission – will resign.” (Source: The Star)

But it must be proven in court, according to the Election Commission’s chief, Abdul Rashid. Good call. He must thank his lucky stars for patriots the likes of Lingam and Fairuz.

BERSIH refutes below. Will Rashid now start drafting his resignation letter?

20 November 2007

BERSIH demands explanation for the “Phantoms of SPR”

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) demands that the Election Commission (SPR) Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid explain how “phantoms” were created in Ijok, Ipoh and numerous other places.

BERSIH dismisses Abdul Rashid’s attempt to divert attention by focusing only on the 142 missing ballots in Ijok and ignoring the bigger scandals in the Ijok by-election on 28 April 2007:

(a) Over 50 dead voters were still on the electoral roll and 12 of them, all of them Malays from the Jaya Setia polling district, rose up from their graves to cast their votes on polling day. Opposition support was slashed by about 18% in this district.

(b) Three Chinese voters at Pekan Ijok had their votes stolen by impostors, who had turned up earlier at the polling station. A swing against BN had been expected and realized at the Chinese-majority polling district.

(c) As many as 23 voters were registered without national identity cards.

(d) As many as 32 voters aged between 100 and 132 years old were still listed on the electoral rolls.

BERSIH stresses that such irregularities are not isolated cases, but rather, they reflect systematic patterns. Most recently, Ipoh Timur (the seat of the Parliamentary Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang which he won with a margin of 9,774 votes) saw an increase of 8,463 registered voters. The problem is more than just a clandestine form of gerrymandering.

The integrity of the electoral roll in Ipoh Timor is reflective of the integrity of the SPR. Prominent local blogger Ahirudin Attan (Rocky’s Bru) who had never registered as a voter found out that he has been a resident and voter at Taman Rapat Setia since 1999. Another example is a Ms. L.L. Wong, who has never registered as a voter, recently found that she has been a voter in Johor Baru since 1990.

The SPR has tried to blame this on some assistant registration officers who used the old registration system before July 2002 but it has failed to given any names to support the accusations. It has also failed to guarantee that all such irregularities will be rectified and not be repeated since the new registration system was introduced in 2002.

The petition by 100,000 members of the public to the Yang DiPertuan Agong on 10 November was to express, amongst others, this legitimate demand: the electoral roll must be cleaned up so that all phantoms can be exterminated before the next general election.

BERSIH also dismisses SPR’s attribution of the 142 missing ballots in Ijok to “human errors” as irrelevant to the larger question of the necessity of postal voting. If 142 missing ballots can be explained away, how about the missing ballots in Lumut, which were as high as
2,763 in 1990; 3,487 in 1995; 8,176 in 1999 and 5,486 in 2004

Abdul Rashid has in the past attributed such missing ballots to postal voting. Can the people trust the electoral process when thousands of ballots are mismanaged in every election? Is Abdul Rashid not concerned about his commission’s integrity and credibility?

Taking the example of Ipoh Timur, 3,208 of the 8,463 increased voters for the next elections are postal voters. In 2004, 92.9% of f the 4,807 postal votes in Bukit Bintang went to the BN. The local residents must wonder where all these police officers and army personnel in the city centre are hiding, as the high figure of policemen is not reflected in the actual situation on the ground.

BERSIH emphasizes that domestic postal voting must be abolished. Monitoring of the voting process is insufficient because postal voters are also assigned en masse to any marginal constituency to counter Opposition support as and when deemed necessary by the BN.



1. rocky's bru - November 20, 2007

Will Bersih sue Rashid? Because the EC Chairman says he will quit only if you prove in a court of law that there has been rigging in election. You can only go to court by suing him, right?

I can’t believe this guy, Eli. He has become very arrogant and detached. Did he know that some people led by Haris Ibrahim have been meeting EC officials to discuss the many holes in the electoral system? No, I don’t think so.

During our meeting with the SPR office in Ipoh a little while back, the officer confirmed that I had been registered by someone else. He did not know how that could have happened.

I have lodged a police report on this illegal registration and even urged the SPR official to lodge a similar report with the police in order to safeguard the integrity of the SPR. I am not sure if he did.

We also went to look for the house I was supposed to have lived in when I “registered” as a voter. It was a shop lot. Met the owner of the shop. Of course he didn’t recognise me because I never stayed there, never worked there, never been there.

What’s up with the EC chairman? Just the other day he pissed off Abdullah Badawi for saying that he knew when the GE was going to be held!

2. monsterball - November 20, 2007

Sad knowledge about real TRUTHS on voters.
Only these few months..we get to know more details….yet EC Chairman..keep saying in papers…he will resign if there are actual proofs. I guess…what he meant was…if no UMNO agencies are investigating….there is no proof. It’s the same old story going round and round…and he even said…he will continue with that post after retiring.
What the heck is he hinting at?
I guess he is hinting …there is no one can do a better cover up as good as him.
He even say things that embarrass PM…shows how powerful he is..to keep UMNO winning elections with phantom voters.
Now that Rocky have done all details search….I wonder can he apply a court case against EC Chairman?
If he can ..why not…and if cannot..why?

3. libraa2 - November 20, 2007

It will take a few more years for the case to be heard in court. By that time this fellow might have gone to hell. After all his term expired on dec 31.
Just ignore this UMNO dog.

4. 20cent - November 20, 2007

Ah, this fellow. I like to call him ‘George Washington’, with his “I cannot tell a lie” line about him knowing when the next general election date is.

5. klconfidential - November 20, 2007

Doubt he’ll keep to his word. All of them talk but when asked to confront, they go into hiding or claim that they were misunderstood. I don’t think we can expect too much.

But i think we should get this printed… easier said than done eh?

6. meeshlet - November 20, 2007

This is getting really disgusting. I’ve sat and heard friends talk about 100 people living in one house during the last elections, raise their hand and object numerous times and then get intimidated by the EC officials too. This needs to widely disseminated and we need to get these turds! )(!**!$(*$!()

7. what the "F" - November 20, 2007

good dog rash

8. what the "F" - November 20, 2007


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9. monsterball - November 21, 2007

And on the subject of Besih….there is no other political party that is really clean…except DAP.
Many declare themselves as non political……yet keep talking all anti Govt politics….nothing but anti Govt. stuffs.
I recalled when UMNO proving doing more good than bad….DAP Lim was friendly with so many ministers and even attended few UMNO functions. So DAP have proven fair and just party all these 50 years.How reliable or unreliable of an opposition voter depends on how strong his/her mind is.
Don’t tell me those who voted for Pak Lah last election…were all UMNO supporters? I am guilty to be one supporting him…but I did vote more for oppositions all my life…for more oppsitions voices and better democracy in Malaysia. Now I am going to vote for total change of the government. Enough is enough .People who hero worship DAP like me…yet non political member….are really free to do as we like with our votes….and millions are like that…no need to talk bad all the time about the government….but focus on each subject that is important to the public. For that….Dr.Hsu stands out to be a unique blogger…talking health cares…to that recent poor girl ..feeling her school result is not good enough…..hanged herself. So sad to read.. Then you get a special blogger like Sheih with a touch of genius in his posters.
Liz…I presume is a DAP member…everyone knows……….so is Jeff Ooi….and both are showing their true colors and not be shame about it.That’s Truths revealed.
The TRUTHS..we all are seeking ..is to be comfortable with one that we know know exactly who that person is.
BERSIH means CLEAN. To be clean…one must be all truthful and sincere. No one doubt DAP sincerity. Tell me which other party has such a clean reputation?
But we yearn to change the government and DAP will know which parties that are not so clean parties to co-operate with… to fight the real devils…UMNO..and BN small fries.
The day I choosed to walk …was the day I declare I will vote for the opposition….but I will still talk good about our government…if good news are benefiting poor Malaysians. This …to be…is truly non political attitude….so check out how bersih each of our mind is…how sincere are we…or else…why walk…if you can change your mind yo vote for UMNO…yet talk so much anti govt. stuffs.
Once again…check out your character…real bersih or can easily be influence by bad advises and companions. These are the unreliable votes….plenty of them…weak and sensitive minds they have.

10. monsterball - November 21, 2007

In our daily lives…trust is the word…and real truths will be revealed.
Husband and wife must trust each other…and jealous people do poke fire to see other happy couple break off. Strong couple can withstand “rumors”..only weak will change from white to black….meaning extreme change.
In our commercial fields..if the boss does not trust you….you maybe smart. He will play the smart game to use you only…….but if he really trust you…then you have a good future. And in accounting…it must be 100% correct. 90% correct informations usually get companies go bankcrupt.
But if one is an employee and another is a boss all his life and both talk in bloggings….usually they do not speak the same language and since bosses are less…that poor boss will get hantam left and right and be labeled this or that.
BERSIH like the word LOVE give me inspirations to write out of the subject….yet important for young readers who are employed… to know how boss think. Get his trust.or you are in trouble.

11. klconfidential - November 21, 2007

Monsterball, I really like your views. We shouldn’t be anti-government. We should be anti corrupt government.

I notice a lot of hardcore party supporters (BN, PAS, PKR) think in ‘absolutes’. Meaning just because you are pointing out flaws in their party, they assume you are from the opposing party. This is very sad to hear and see this as it really shows close mindedness. But then again, we all fall into this ‘trapped thinking’ at one time or the other. We should always put ourselves in other people’s shoes, especially those who we think are the enemy. This will help us understand where they are coming from.

I said I would vote for DAP in the coming elections and I still stick to it. Like fellow commenter Hantu Laut said, we shouldn’t give BN the 2/3 majority win. We must have a strong opposition presence in the gov, so that for any policies, the gov would need opposition support too.

My guest blogger, Melayu Lama, made a suggestion yesterday, we should suggest that the opposition set up a ‘Shadow Cabinet’. This way, we can see if their coalition can work together or not. For some people that I’ve spoken to, have concerns about the opposition’s ability to work together. You can google ‘shadow cabinet’ and find out what it’s really about. Tony Blair was in a shadow cabinet before he became prime minister.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this?

12. JerryWho - November 21, 2007

eli, i think you really need to play Punctuation Police every once in a while.

13. Paul Warren - November 21, 2007

KLConfidential, I was pushing for the formation of a Shadow Cabinet by the BA before the 1999 elections. I guess they thought it was a joke.

Fact of the matter is, maybe except for Anwar who probably sees himself ruling as a future PM, there is not a single one of them who sees himself or herself other than as an oppositionist. Fact is, the BN talks in absolutes as well and has done so all along such that we cannot conceive in our minds anything other than a UMNO led government. Honestly if in the next elections MCA or MIC was to fail miserably but UMNO could make up a two third government tying up with DAP or PAS, they would move to make that happen surely! Whether at that time the people in the DAP or PAS have the fortitude to resist such attempts by UMNO is quite another thing. BN is basically UMNO’s vehicle for power grabing and holding. Demographics and peoples’ attitudes are such that UMNO cannot now anymore rely wholly on the Malay vote to give them a majority hold within the Barisan itself let alone Parliament. UMNO needs the Indian and Chinese votes especially to ensure victory for itself on the assumption that in any given constituency the Malay votes would be divided equally and squares itself off.

UMNO knows this. But just to ensure victory time and time again it has already been inculcated in us that only UMNO can govern. Indeed only yesterday talking to a Chinese businessman, he just could not fathom a government led by the opposition. He just could not contemplate BN getting less than 50% of the seats and unable to form the government. To him that would have been the end of Malaysia literrally speaking. I guess to many government employees the same would be true too.

Of course when I told him that since Independence India has had no less than 4 changes of government and yet the entire government machinery did not falter. The same goes with most western governments. Even Iran despite the overthrow of the Shah and replaced by the Ayatollahs, the government machinery did not break down. Suddenly he thinks surely we are not that bad, it will not be the end of Malaysia.

Of course there was also the other argument. Why bother what the UMNO guys do? AFter all we too can go on doing our business and what not. Well, he was stumpped when I reminded him that the rest of Germany flet the same way when Hitler was rising up in his fortunes from the early 1930s when he came to power. Throughout the time he waged war a lot of them probably also said we are o.k. so leave Hitler alone. Well, when good people do nothing evil prevails. Now some of this message neds to go down.

14. klconfidential - November 21, 2007

Hehehe.. punctuation police. Makes it kinda hard to understand sometimes..:)

15. Sharing - November 21, 2007

Abdul Rashid
If one knows what is meant by responsibility
142 missing ballots is not a small responsibility!
If one knows what is dignity
142 missing ballots will not be regarded “a human error”!
If one knows both are indispensable for a Chief of EC
one would gladly take the retirement and disappear
instead of challenging court with resignation as an appeal.
Voice loud but logic gone!!

The Least Wisdom even if to a Common cannot be found
so what to qualify you the Chief for another round?
Shame on Parliament if that is granted!

16. sonmupp - November 21, 2007

Just follow the Thais who boycotted Thaksin’s polls in April 2006. A few months later, Thaksin’s was deposed and his Thai Rak Thai party banned. This too can happen to umno

17. 20cent - November 21, 2007

I like the way you think, Paul Warren. Your disection of the opposition party – and the sentiments of the people – seems quite accurate. I did not look at it that way before, so while I can’t just jump in and say I agree, it does give me something to think about.

As for those who distrust BN, but still not too sure about how they should vote, here’s something for you: “When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.”

18. Satya - November 21, 2007


I don’t think the Opposition are quite ready to govern, precisely for the reason you just mentioned: They don’t see themselves as government. I too think that the DAP for instance, would serve the country better as Opposition.

I think the realistic goal for the upcoming elections (assuming no rigging) is for the BN to get less than a two thirds majority. Maybe even less than a simple majority, but that’s ambitious, I think. In any case, it would probably mean PAS retaining Kelantan and regaining Terengganu. I’m hoping that the DAP win a state (Perak? Melaka??), that Sabah and Sarawak would go to one of the local non-BN parties, and that KeADILan would get a respectable number of seats.

Get them and the people used to the idea that they can govern. And rattle UMNO out of the arrogant complacency they’re in now. Then they need to do better than PAS has been doing when it comes to taking care of their state.

In any case, I agree with you that we have to start voting differently. Standing by and watching without doing anything while evil goes on makes us complicit.

19. monsterball - November 21, 2007

One wise commentator at Sheih’s blog advise all of us not to be too positive and keep concluding UNNO will loose the election. It will backfire!!!
England’s voters are truly independent and more educated people,
We have alot of one track minded..pro UMNO. These are the people we need to convince…to vote for the oppositions..and if we keep talking all bad and start so call shadow cabinet…it will be taken as a real insult to UMNO and they will get more sympathetic votes….and our walk was done in vain.
Expose the great actions……like the broom awards…the Royal Commission….the better education system..all good news from UMNO…..give them some hand claps for good work…then ask voters to think are these done out of no choice…..to win votes for coming election? I also see the freeway …being speed up to complete in Subang …and I am sure many other places too…all showing how nice and peacefully rich our country is….so why change. That’s their dirty tactics they keep using…..never sincere….and when they feel strong…a freeway takes three years will take 10 years or more to build.
We must compliment and expose….and if nothing to expose…….sincere compliment to UMNO,…why not?

20. From the horse’s mouth: Independence of the EC « elizabeth wong - November 21, 2007

[…] gems from the Election Commission’s Chairman, who said he’d resign if there was evidence of the EC being party to unfair election […]

21. monsterball - November 21, 2007

I disagree that oppositions cannot govern our country or not ready yet.
This is like saying let UMNO win one more time…lets wait for another few years more.
What is so damn hard to manage a country? What is so damn hard to manage Proton…and all others?
they are always people around to do the right job for the ministers. you mean Pak Lah is so smart…Najib know so much warfare matters?…
Roads…rivers….school houses.. airports…all build by Samy as the main architect?
The main ingredients are commonsense and sincerity..totally uncorrupted….like China ministers.
Are we not ashame….so many countries 100 times bigger than us…same time independence,…..all have united people and here e are still talking race and religions identifications.
Wake up folks….make the change….with confidence and don’t let anyone tell you cannot be done.
It’s simple and straight to manage a country… if all the craps are taken out. UMNO purposely make it look difficult …like a lousy Dept. leader of a comme5rcial firm…so common to get that wy…and supported by few clerk….but most are sacked and exposed by CEOs.
In govt. the CEO is APPOINTED by 7 millions share holders…the Malaysians voters. We check the performances every 4 years. Are we blind?
Keep quiet …and live with all hardships quietly….if we do not want a change.
Don’t compliant….then say we cannot live without UMNO…that’s real bunkum talk.

22. monsterball - November 22, 2007

I don’t know what “klconfidentia” writer…suggesting a shadow cabinet mean.
I recalled long time ago…. DAP Lim did form a shadow cabinet and it back fired.
One must not compare British culture to Malaysians…..far apart.
One should sit…talk and think like a Malaysian and down to earth malays hate people bragging…so shadow cabinet can mean you are bragging. They are very concern about being fair to all and corruptions.
Chinese by nature take politics less serious than malays ….but they hate braggarts too. But some chinese do feel with corruptions they can do better business…not that they want to bribe…but no choice.They cannot get this or that so easy as the malays…so they take the hints…and give bribes. they love to be treated fair and square and will vote for that.
Indians by and argue are always confused and lost…as they get more educated. They are following behind others…and it looks like more of the will vote against MIC …coming election.
East Malaysians…especially Sarawak are mostly dead against UMNO and BN. Just watch how they vote..but Sabah voters seems quiet…no comments. I guess you can call that smart voters like the chinese.
So Lim Kit Siang did show how powerful DAP was in old days and back fired not because people ..especially the majority chinese hate DAP….but because he teamed up with PAS…thus made DAP a hypocritical low class selfish party…..which is not. Lim just miscalculated for our sake and have to live with all those labels…loosing all his constituencies he stood at. Now he is back…and things are working nicely ….and his most trusted man..Kapal Singh is much admired and respected by all Malaysians.
I tell you one secret….if Lim Kit Siang can get himself arrested again…he will be invincible…and DAP will be more powerful….that’s the senario of Malaysian politics.
Now tell me…can be copy British style?
I wonder why people dare not say …lets do this or that…based on successful Asians values….like from China and Japan.
If we copy Japan….UMNO would have been dead and buried long ago by oppositions. If we copy Indonesia…our lives should be more free and democratic.. If we copy China….I dare say…in just 10 years…we should have Malaysian Malaysia…..ah but then..it was exactly what Lee Kuan Yew wants and got kicked out of Malaysia….siding malays are not ready yet…and not ready until kingdom come…I guess. Not true…it is the race and religion politics UMNO wants…..and to practice what British are experts at…divide and rule.There is no other successful formulas….except to know 100% how to promote your fight against evil in malaysia ..by winning the hearts and minds of BN supporters.
That will take pages to explain ….but one thing I am sure…there is no better time than now for DAP..PAS and Kadealan plus others to win and manage the country now than ever before.

23. monsterball - November 22, 2007

We all forget that Malays…Chinese..Indians..Ibans…Dayaks…all are old fashioned and cultured people..proud of their history.
All are intelligent…even uneducated
Just go and listen to old folks talking from the kampongs villages…..without education and shame most so call degree blokes…so wise…so far sighted and so humane.
Mostly gone…because for 50 years….their minds…real freedom …are controlled…feeding them with false hopes and desires. I guess you know I am pointing the race..the Malays…as they hold the vast majority to decide what kind of future we all can have for all children and grand children.
This cruel cunning doctrine established as Merdeka promises tio malays……to control..to hero worship how great their race is….yet how much help they need to be at par with others were well received by all others.
It is not others all agree willingly……but for the sake of unity…peace and harmony….so many sacrificed and agree.
The chinese have not much problems…they can survive quite well..as they are ever hard working and dare to slog and slog. The Indians and others are left behind….as they are firstly great minorities…so not much to say…but cannot work as hard as the chinese…so they fell back to be working in estates ..like coolies of old days to British…no change.
Just 5 years ago….it has proven Malays have achieved more than the 33% they ask for so call “Bumiputras”….proven with sensible simple economic facts…then twisted by UMNO to cover up their selected malays to be rich ad wealthy.
Malays have awakened to the real truths on this matters. the have not will surely want changes of governments…and the many many haves also do not like to see their race being selected like lambs. Don’t think every malay that got rich from UMNO are happy with UMNO….they are PATRIOTIC and can understand dirty politics. These are our hopes for the change..and now leaving the hardcores…mostly old folks and balls carriers. Will they think of the country first and then for themselves and their families …more than personal? I hope so. if that is the case….they will read more and then think for themselves…not like lambs with no brains.
One blogger banned me few days ago…saying I am a racialist.
I hope she wake up the the truths and if she is right…..I should be banned from all blogs….starting from here.
You see…race and religion is he name of the game by UMNO and PAS…no other parties want to play this way. PAS is changing fast with Husam and his assistants for Kelantan. I get rep[orts that in Trengganu is much tougher. It’s like talkimng to a stonewall to change from racec to be Malaysians…but nevermind…Rome wa not build in one day. They will change….as the message is good and opure…and all pure things are accepted by good humans. It ios just that 50 years of brainwash…not eassy tio rewash all the dirt out.

24. monsterball - November 22, 2007

Sorry last paragraph got so many mistakes. It should be…
“You see…race and religion is the name of the game by UMNO and PAS…no other parties want to play that way. Pas is changing fast with Husam and his assistants for Kelantan.I got reports that in Trengganu is much tougher. It’s like talking to a stonewall to change from race to be Malaysians…..but never mind…..Rome was not build in one day.They will change..as the message is good and pure…and all pure things are accepted by good humans. It is just that 50 years of being brainwash..not easy to clean all the dirt out.. It takes patient and true love for people to convince them. “

25. monsterball - November 23, 2007

Don’t get me wrong…’no other parties want to play race and religion politics”……mean out of BN group…but UMNO is so powerful….thus all are dragged in to play same game to fight this devilish party.
We are infact like stoneage citizens with the master holding all the weapons….and this monster is created by ourselves!!
Ironically…we are their bosses…yet we give them permission to suck us dry? Don’t believe?….just look at all the essential things we are buying….all prices up and up.
Yes TDM had Diam to apply turn-over…telling public to spend spend spend…to get turn overs…should work…why not….but it did not work at all. TDM was smart enough to use money to save some of his cronies and some to keep our essential needs… no prices rise.. PM took over with empty cans in every government Dept.
Pak Lah said save save save…also same results….WHY??
The answers are simple….the massive corruptions…lavish spending….many .thousands of government unproductive workers…makan gaji buta…race politics also in working life….favoritism also shown between a malay to another malay……all add up…no God can save Malaysia…unless we open our eyes and be brave to vote them out.
Malaysia is truly blessed…with so many natural resources ..especially oil…and hard working enterprising business people….some got fed up…went elsewhere to Singapore …and China. UMNO is always ungrateful and unreliable. These guys are no fools and these are great Malaysians…mostly chinese origin. They are never recognized and treated fairly…..so out they go. They help build Malaysia…but don’t like race and religion dirty politics…..period.
I have given my personal opinions …with the hope…the more we know about our own people….the better chance we can get back what we all deserved…a properious healthy country …all living as one race…the Malaysians. In business you got to have good product knowledge to be a good salesman. Once majority Malaysians take the interest to know more…is the day…we will see the change of government willing with strong minds. Has that day arrive? I think so.

26. frmad - November 23, 2007

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27. monsterball - November 23, 2007

Here is a typical matter to show how ungrateful and stupid UMNO is….not because it is under Pak Lah..but because what PM said..all keep quiet..meaning all approved what he was said.
Pak Lah suddenly cut off talks with VolkWagen on Proton.
When in trouble…begged for help….patient and humble.
Now one model selling well…..make some money…never give notice….just sudden cut off.
Such action is like a bookie in huge English football game. He hold all the aces. Result of looses in Proton shares by 15% by shareholders….go figure out…who will make the 15%…as looses means gains for someone too…in share market.
Stupid…because…no real great car manufacturer dare to say…we are on the road to success based on one new model good sale. Cars are very competitive business.
Proton so call good news IS NOT PERMANENT!!
You bet your life…election is very very near…so many good news…brooms for bad managers…Royal Commission to be set up..schools getting better…speeding up highways 10 years stagnant project to finish before elections….no oil price increase yet.
You see…if our country is so great….where are the opposition voices?…all dead or keeping quiet? Never hear them in newspapers…..yet now it seems more than 100,000..not 40,000 walked in protest…biggest protest walk… in the history of Malaysia….no news in papers.
And our lives..are we not paying more and more money to buy daily essentials? These are signs. Don’t be blind nor ignorant to real truths.
Have we not fooled by UMNO enough?

28. monsterball - November 23, 2007

I mentioned in one of my above message that Liz maybe …is a DAP member.
I think I am wrong. However she certainly is an opposition supporter…and a political blogger…thus the truths is so clear.

EW: KeADILan lah!

29. Michael Sun - November 25, 2007

I don’t quite agree that the opposition cannot govern the country.

Tony Blair’s first cabinet has only one minister with ministerial experience and New Labour did well to govern Britain over the last 13 years. Tony Pua an Oxford graduate did well to come out with a 2008 budget which is better than the national budget. There are lots of such people around in PKR and DAP, even in PAS.

What we need is honest politicians. Definitely not the BN kind. What can we lose if we have a regime change? Did Indonesia collapse after Suharto fell? or Marcos in Phillipines. Of course there are setbacks on the road to democracy. A free Malaysia based on a proper implementation of NEP minus the racial bias will be good for Malaysia.

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