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WTF: Male MP wants to beat female MP November 20, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Huh?!, Malaysia, Politics, Women.

Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Environment and Samy loyalist, S.Sothinathan (BN / MIC-Telok Kemang), challenged opposition Member of Parliament Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu Gajah) to a fight outside the Dewan Rakyat yesterday, when he wasn’t able to reply to exchanges with the opposition bench (which could hardly be considered heated).


So this is the culture of BN, i.e. just because you can’t answer questions, your response is to beat people up.

Sothi, don’t just issue empty threats. Otherwise you’re just another w*nker. Do it. Do it in front of all the reporters in Parliament. Then you’d be crowned ‘jantan‘ – in those brief few seconds – before you’re set upon and then lose all ability to have children in the future.

This is so going into the MGS Ipoh Facebook group. Let’s see what happens if Sothi dares to step into Poh Kuan’s (and my) alma mater.


(Thanks Swee Kuan for the YouTube link. See Lim Kit Siang’s statement here: “Shame of MIC MP challenging a woman DAP MP to “fight” outside Chamber – first time in Parliament in 50 years”)



1. 4896 » Let's fight outside - November 20, 2007

[…] learned this from Malaysiakini, but, found the Video Clip at ElizabethWong’s […]

2. Kenny Law - November 20, 2007

Did Tangga Batu say babi dari Ipoh Timur at the end? Or too fuzzy to make out?

EW: I believe so. Let’s see if it appears in the Hansard.

3. monsterball - November 20, 2007

hahahahahaha….When they cannot bear to hear the TRUTHS…such actions are not surprised.MIC is famous to twist and turn….but I guess Fong cornered him too well…too hard and too clear…cannot tahan..so otak go wild. Had that be only MIC meeting….and Fong is an Indian..gone case ..sure actual fight going on.
Fong should not be upset and take his Sothi’s low class challenge. Just ignore him..not that he is afraid ….as men by nature do go head to head at times….but this is one sided politics ruled by so call almighty people.
Sothi talks like that at Poh Kong and your area?…why he will be uttering words you cannot even understand out of fear ……thus both of you better ignore such worms.
Forgive is best…waste of time to argue with one that belong to a party destined to close shop sooner or later…when more are awaken to the real TRUTHS.

4. monsterball - November 20, 2007

WOW!…Viewed the video tape….MIC Sothi is trying to bereal big hero saying MIC can take on DAP anytime….meaning the Indians can fight the Chinese indirectly carrying t the balls of his master….UMNO…saying “no need to come out master…we your running dogs can do the work”
Pak Lah must be amused and Samy love him more…sure to take over as MIC President…got guts la.
I like the part when another Indian from DAP responded saying DAP have their own flag to go to polls…why MIC dare not gop to polls putting their own flag.
Thank God…Lim Kit Siang is the same person I saw some 40 years ago….healthy and speak with same clear force.
More than 10 times…speaker of the house told Sothi to stop…he promised…say give him one minute more…then out come his burst of insults again…focusing the walk matter.
With his moustache hiding his real face…actually the craze caught up in India 75 years ago …looking at Charlie Chaplin silent movies…Indians by and large are a bunch of comedians…..and when you have something to hide from your face…make sure it is sensible and not to look fierce….as by looking fierce means you are a real coward.

5. Bob K - November 20, 2007

Wow .. interesting how the comments became a tirade on the Indian people 🙂

6. monsterball - November 20, 2007

I wonder where was Sothi some 50 years now…when DAP continuously expose the lies and deceits….corruptions and dirty politics played by his masters…MIC and UNNO?
Without DAP…our country may have long gone join the poor countries in South East Asia.I am no party man or balls carrier……but TRUTHS must always be reminded….as twisted TRUTHS can win weak minds.
So Sothi..be grateful la….without DAP…you will not be driving a Merz …live in big house…and enjoy live in Malaysia…not out of UMNO so caol, great management…but out of DAP was real watch dogs of our country…a real dirty job…no one wants.
I guess 50 years ago….Sothi was not born yet..and he is trying to teach that old man LIM how to manage Malaysia?
That’s a comedian in the making….an view the tape again…he sure have a comical idiotic face.

7. Bob K - November 20, 2007

I do have this feeling that Kit was deliberately provocative and pushing some buttons 😀

8. monsterball - November 20, 2007

He is Bob…ad enjoying the Sothi’s madness.

9. klconfidential - November 20, 2007

As a woman, it is insulting when a man results to physical force to intimidate my gender. No gender biasness refers to opportunities and intellect, from my opinion. It does not apply to physical brawling. Even human biology will tell us that women are, in fact, physically less stronger than men. Now, there are many women out there, myself included who are more than capable in a bar fight (or in my case, the boxing ring) but this is not a bar or boxing ring is it?

I can’t help but feel that Kit was deliberately trying to ‘cucuk’ Sothi’s buttons, like Bob said. Hahaha.. entertaining. I guess Sothi ‘terasa cili’ so he jumped! ahahaha..

10. Vijay - November 20, 2007

Our Dewan Rakyat has sunk to depths unimagined by most over the years. Insults have replaced intellectual dialogue, with profanities becoming the common currency of discourse.

That Sothi’s words and actions have now reduced the Dewan Rakyat further to a kindergarten playground run by bullies is simply shocking, but probably is in line with Umno’s overbearing arrogance and fixation with quantity, rather than quality.

In hindsight, perhaps Sothi’s new found “I’ll kick your a*se” attitude is but a mirror of SIL’s and Pak Lah’s dual motto of “kejantan’ness berjuara” and “pantang dicabar” (rolling eyes).

For the record, I do not blame non-Indians for looking at us with apprehensive eyes if these are supposed to be the Indian community’s representatives at Dewan Rakyat.

A man that raises either his arm or his voice against a woman is but a dog (my apologies to my Rottweiler and other dog owners), and a minister that cannot have an intelligent debate without continuously referring to a piece of paper is but the crassest of ball holders.

P.S. It was amusing to see Kit Siang jump in and push all the rights buttons, though. The joke, however, is unfortunately on the Indian community who got these twits in.

11. what the "F" - November 20, 2007

MIC thuggery works best in and out of parliament.

12. simon - November 20, 2007

This is just a sublimal brainwashing of the general public that “they” are “NOT ALLOWED” to lose.

If “they” lose there will be a “fight”. Even against women as well.

Dun under estimate the intelligence of the general public, all the makciks, tanggachis… and ah soh …ah soh get the message loud and clear. In fact that is what they tell me. Hence they have no choice but to vote BN.

In this case its quite sad …..sniff…sniff…to see LKS and FPK being suckered to send a sublimal message to the general public.

13. simon - November 20, 2007

This again reminds me of the classic way a leader leads; follow me and help me achieve my goals and I will help you achieve yours.

Nowadays it has come to……help me achieve my goals or else …….there will be a fight. boo…hoo.. hoo… and everybody feels threatened……

14. yh - November 20, 2007

aiya, aint no surprise coz just following taiko way of doing things. no sense of right and wrong. behave as if there is no law coz they know the police and the gangsters are there to protect them and intimidate those that stood in their way. BN BOLEH, no?

15. N0sf3r@tu - November 21, 2007

Right when I had thought we had come to the limit of BN parliamentary stupidity, they boldly go where no man (or woman) has ever gone before. Incredible. A man challenging a woman to a fight. Not that women can’t fight (my sisters can be VICOUS T_T ), but here’s a classic case of “pondan”, one that Nazri could (but won’t) do well to point out.

I mean, how the hell can they even IMAGINE winning the next general election with these kinds of MPs? But they think so.

Had a nice day dream of Sothi beaten up and SOBBING his eyes out. And Fong kicking him in the nuts (probably none there, though). What he needs is some good, old fashioned thumping.

16. kittykat46 - November 21, 2007

Just another example of the very low standard of Barisan MPs.
Violence is the last resort of fools.

17. Anjuli - November 21, 2007

Malaysian parliament sinks to another new low!
Argh! Doesn’t it just make you scream in frustration at how this moronic thug got elected to parliament?
Idiot Sothi is too stupid to think of an intelligent deflection so he has to resort to threatening to beat up a woman…the Shame!

18. Satya - November 21, 2007

I’m surprised that this is coming from Sothi who actually had the principles and the guts to ask pertinent questions about the CSMU issue. I guess the suspension was punishment and training enough from the UMNO masters.

To be sure Sothi’s response is utterly reprehensible and he should be ashamed of himself. Not only did he challenge a fellow MP to a fight in the so-called August House, but he unchivalriously challenged a woman MP at that.

Still, I noticed how lots of people were gleefully commenting that YB Lim and the other DAP MPs were “pushing the right buttons”. I don’t think it’s anything to laugh about. I think it’s sad that even the Op MPs are stooping almost as low as the BN MPs and resorting to such “kindergarten playground” tactics, as a previous commentor rightly put it.

Notice that everyone is making a big hoo-haa about “Mari lawan!” and noone remembers the 1000% increase in Kedahan tax rates, which was the issue actually being debated. I think by allowing themselves to be dragged down into the gutter that the BN has turned Parliament into, the Op is detracting from the very pertinent issues that they raise.

19. whispering9 - November 21, 2007

Violence is the (only) resort of fools.

20. max - November 21, 2007

It is not a matter of race. Just that Sothi’s parents didn’t bring him up well. Maybe his father used to whack his mum when he was drunk and that he was brought up a troubled and problem child. He didn’t have any respect towards women. Women need to be loved, cared for, pampered and respected. Not..’WANT TO FIGHT?’ Pity Sothi’s wife.

21. monsterball - November 21, 2007

Basically…it is one with inferiority complex that put out a superiority front.
It is the sinful…that declares how religious they are.
It is those who are dictatorial will apply the art to divide and rule.
And it is thick skin and cunning people that like to play race and religion politics….as surely it is a successful low down sickening formula to appeal to the majority uneducated….weak and stubborn minds. It’s simple logical…but what a low class polrtical act it is.

22. Brad Anak Armpit - November 21, 2007

Having heard the audio and visual from Youtube.com, Sothinathan is frailed to stress, thereof he lost touch with reality temporary resulting the utterance of such crude and ‘misogynist’ remarks.

My inverted comas implied that he wasn’t picking DAP’s Fong Po Kuan because she was a lady, neither does he intentionally challenged YB. Lim but in the course of his mental instability caused by pummeling stress, I implore to differ any neccesity for him to apologize, but someone should fix an apoointment for him with Hospital Bahagia.

If this is Hollywood, he would have won an Oscar. But in Parliment those BN clowns should go underground. The problem right now is that, the August House itself is UNDERGROUND!

23. monsterball - November 22, 2007

Simple…he has a weak mind and very sensitive to insults and his inferiority complex took over…then the clown lost his marbles.

24. Oh, he was misquoted… « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog * - November 22, 2007

[…] Now I wonder why Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang would “stoop” so low as to make an everest out of this ant hill. Even blogger Elizabeth Wong was quite incensed with it – WTF: Male MP wants to be up female MP. […]

25. xamolsis - November 22, 2007

yo guys if you know to get from tango in rock&rolle than you are very good to get in politics…

26. bayi - November 24, 2007

The BN/Samy character trait comes to the fore when the facade is broken down. Same old, same old….

27. jojos - November 25, 2007

mosterball said :

“WOW!…Viewed the video tape….MIC Sothi is trying to bereal big hero saying MIC can take on DAP anytime….meaning the Indians can fight the Chinese indirectly carrying t the balls of his master….”

– dont mislead people, DAP is not a chinese party. its a multiracial party. they way you put it is as though DAP = Chinese.
Get your facts right first before running your moouth

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