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From the horse’s mouth: Independence of the EC November 21, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

Some gems from the Election Commission’s Chairman, who said he’d resign if there was evidence of the EC being party to unfair election practices.

To do that, the fundamental premise is to establish how closely aligned is the EC with the Barisan Nasional Government.

Rashid On Independence of the Elections Commission

In terms of law, we are restrained from doing a lot of things. This is the commission which has been established by the nation not to be a fully independent commission … You look at the constitution, what does it say? That there shall be a commission that enjoys the public confidence. It does not say ‘an independent commission’.


You can never escape from the government of the day from being involved in elections. Whether the EC is seen to be independent – fair and free – depends on one important fact: how tolerant is the ruling party? In most Western countries, the party in power is tolerant. They take criticism openly. Here, we have not come to that level.

(…) You just cannot implement anything without having to be interfered (by the government). (Malaysiakini.com, Sept 10, 2003)

When I read the constitution, I see nothing to suggest that PM has to step down (after the government is dissolved). (Malaysiakini.com, Sept 10, 2003)

I can’t do anything. I have mentioned this to the government and they asked me whether this was the EC function? I cannot do anything, my hands are tied. (Malaysiakini.com, Sept 10, 2003)

If you talk about poll campaigns over TV, public TV under the Broadcasting Act, the minister has full power. I tell them, “don’t do this”. They tell me to shut up, what can I say. (Malaysiakini.com, Sept 10, 2003)



1. monsterball - November 21, 2007

hahahahaha .It is waste really a of time to talk of this typical nincompoop….who can even say things to embarrass his boss…the PM.
But he is powerful la…so many thousand phantom voters being put out…on so many elections…yet all talks as…no one can really sue him with facts….as lawyers must be advising those victims…the chances are slim to get him. Sometimes real justices cannot be executed…no matter what…and I think if it can,..Rocky will be the first to do it.
Seriously…he is quite a magician…who master the art of hands faster than the eyes tricks.
When he says he will resign…means he is saying go to hell with us.
He even said…he will continue after retiring age…as if the position is for him….most indispensable man for UMNO.
Strange as it may seem…he is an idiot with the touch of great hands…not brains.

2. tupingera - November 21, 2007

rashid is just the public face of the crooked EC, the point man for public criticism and ridicule. He’s but an ignorant fool who willingly accepts that role in return for the glamour, perks, etc. that come along with the post..just another sakai amongst the many sakais in the ruling elite.

The real crooks in the EC who are working behind the scene are the deputy chairman, wan ahmad wan omar and the secretary, kamarulzaman noor. These are the sakais responsible for the all the kong kalikong in the EC behind rashid’s back.

Collobrating with khalil yaakob ( former sec-gen of umno ) and asih che mat ( former seg-gen of ministry of home affairs ), they have robbed Malaysians of their democratic rights to a fair and clean election for the past two decades.

rashid is sincere when he says that the EC is fair and clean because he really does not know of the kong kalikong perpetrated by these 4 sakais and he does not WANT to know…blissful in his ignorance.

3. oA - November 21, 2007


Another moron in the mold of the former sitting pretty cj?

They are nothing and they can do nothing. All they ever do is screw up the whole system they never knew about in the first place and then going about yakking archaic cliché as if the government was the ‘savior.’

An unconvincing make believe only pretty clueless people are capable of and he thinks he is a national hero of some sort…..LoL


4. toyolbuster - November 22, 2007

My my, thought we have seen enough morons after Zam and Naz, the Laurel & Hardy of Msia, up comes another. Well, at least now we have a complete cast of the 3 stooges.

5. Top Posts « WordPress.com - November 22, 2007

[…] From the horse’s mouth: Independence of the EC Some gems from the Election Commission’s Chairman, who said he’d resign if there was evidence of the EC […] […]

6. 20cents - November 22, 2007

Oh, dear me. The poor fellow’s job must be so difficult. If it’s not saying one thing, it’s saying another.

If I was him, I would decline the offer for a further extension of his tenure. After all, it must be a headache, and personally I wouldn’t amend our much tattered constitution again just to have another year of having my hands tied.

I mean, isn’t that what we all want to do, just kick back and relax after working so hard for most of our lives and enjoy our retirement *smirk*.

7. monsterball - November 22, 2007

We hear horse mouth…. mother’s tongue….bastard…expressions quite often.
The original idea of that ‘horse mouth’ stared 60 years ago..when movie makers made a comedy movie with a talking horse….so successful…then became a sitcom.
It means big mouth..a braggart when we say it sarcastically of one. But if we say it seriously….it means words spoken from the original source…not secondhand stuffs.

8. BC - November 22, 2007

Will the wife, parents and children of Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman please pray harder so that this Hamba Alllah Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman ini bertaubat sebelum terlambat?

There is no other way, really unless all of you too are enjoying the fruits from this ill-gotten gains. If that is the case then, I hope we do not meet in the after life, coz, I really don’t want to go where you may be.

9. monsterball - November 24, 2007

From the horse mouth..another horse mouth….Khairy’s mouth…he said 80% of the walkers on 10th Nov. were from Kelantan.
I was with that group and noted 2000 was the actual figure.
Now the official figure walking was reported to be 100,000…not 40,000.
And if 80,000 were from Kelantan and presuming few thousands children and wives came along and stayed off the rally….it can mean actually 100,00 came down from Kelantan…. most towns and villages would have been with no people there…and certainly Kota Baru hawkers….coffee shops suffered more than K.Lumpur? Any news?

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