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Electric Elections Down Under November 24, 2007

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Our moment to change will soon descend upon us.
I pray we will be as courageous as the Australians.




Action at my former residence:-

“THE MOOD IS ABSOLUTELY ELECTRIC…” has been heard on a number of occasions.

Live radio coverage on 2UE
Virtual tally by the Australian Elections Commission.

Deputy Labor leader Julia Gillard has called for elections for Labor. 2UE is calling Kevin Rudd ‘Prime Minister-elect’ and reported on major swings in all states except Western Australia. John Howard has yet to concede defeat.

By 7.53pm, after almost two hours of counting and before polls had closed in Western Australia, the Australian Electoral Commission had awarded 53 of the 150 House of Representatives seats to Labor, 26 to the Liberals and six to the Nationals, with one independent.

Two seats I’ll be watching:-


At Bennelong – the seat of John Howard, it is still too close to call, but (potential dragon-slayer) Maxine McKew still leads by a whisker 🙂

Melbourne, where Adam Bandt (Greens) is running. Bandt and I were in the same student organisation, Left Alliance, so it would be great to see him win 🙂


1. Prem - November 24, 2007

howard going to lose!

2. libraa2 - November 24, 2007

If this happens in malaysia, UMNO will start another may 13.

EW: Then it’s our job to stop UMNO from doing so!

3. monsterball - November 24, 2007

Howard has lost!! Blair gone.
Like Liz said….UMNO may try some stunts to keep in power and we must stop them.

4. monsterball - November 24, 2007

Liz maybe a Keadilan member….but in true sense…she is one hell of a freedom fighter…who just not only blog…but talk the blog…..hahahahaha
I will be ashame if I don’t walk like I comment….so spasm or no spasm….rub “Deep Freeze” ointment and will be there…unless I am dead tomorrow…..hahahahahaha

5. stcin - November 25, 2007

SUHAKAM has merely humiliated and treated me as a silly old ‘guinea-pig’ for its commissioners to try out how INQUIRY could be conducted since 24-7-2000 when they called me up to KL from Ipoh to attend its very 1st historic INQUIRY on my issue of ‘ quest for justice’ ! Nothing was done even till a new committe was formed 2 years later and my case was closed, NFA !

The report of TRUTH to the parliament in 2001 is still not available, can someone please HELP, thanks .

6. Winston - November 25, 2007

I think that John Howard was done in by the immigrants in his constituency!!
Over the years, these immigrants have increased by leaps and bounds and they were not too pleased with his immigration policy because he wanted to limit their numbers. I even saw some of them mocking the PM!
Any country that has a liberal immigration policy will face this fate; it may even be completely overtaken by the immigrants.
Many countries in the EC are facing the same problem and perhaps are regretting their lax policies.
This country is also facing the same danger, both from legal as well as illegal immigrants, especially from Indonesia and the Philippine.
One day, they may outnumber us and, for better or for worse, become our rulers!

7. latentenergy - November 25, 2007

Yes! Time to change!

If the Malaysian Election Commission is handling the Australian General Election, no way the Labor party will win the General Election.

Even a rightful rally by Hindraf is denied by the Badawi government. There is no democracy in Malaysia.


8. simon - November 25, 2007

I dun agree with Winston on many points.

If we are really sincere on human rights then the whole world is one big global country and we are all free to go anywhere.

Then again a lot of people are against human rights. Quote Kayveas “the people is for human rights but the gomen is against” Unquote.

The EC countries subscribed to truly genuine human rights policies.

To say that EC countries regret is without substance. In the natural order of things there will always be high tides and low tides; the ascendance of anti-immigration political parties in the EC countries is just a low tide and as surely as the sun will rise again, a high tide will come.

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