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Info on HINDRAF Rally November 24, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Event, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations.
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Forget about what that police fella said. Blah, blah blah.

If you’re sick of reading about yet another Indian temple being smashed, sick of seeing Indian plantation workers and their families forced out from their workplace and homes, sick of seeing how Samy Vellu and MIC plunder and enslave those they profess to represent, sick of Umno Youth antics, and sick of this recalcitrant evil Empire also known as Barisan Nasional, then stand up and be counted on Sunday.

If you’re bored with brainless reactionary liberals, recycling the state’s rationale against the rally and silencing a most marginalised community ironically, while hoisting the banner of multiculturalism, please go read Nat Tan’s “Why I will walk This Sunday“.

Presentation of 100,000 signatures to Queen Elizabeth II at the British High Commission

Venue : British High Commission, Kuala Lumpur.

Date: 25.11.2007 (Sunday)

Time: 10.00a.m to 12.00p.m



1. Mahendran - November 24, 2007

thank you elizabeth. a timely show of support from multi racial society. we may or may not agree with HINDRAF and their memo points, but this needs to be done.. the suppressed needs to overcome their fear and come out openly

2. darien lembert - November 24, 2007

My utter most respect to you Mdm. Elizabeth. Your concern over the marginalised minority indians and support for the rally this sunday means alot to us. thank you.

Its about time to strengthen our ties between the races to united under one single NATION.

God bless you.

3. monsterball - November 24, 2007

Yes……Nat’s message is inspiring and do prick my conscience …feeling guilty…..if I do not join in the walk.
Liz strong. commitment is much to be admire. Where the heck does she get so much energy to do so many things?
I am sleeping off….very bad spasm….trying to be too smart to bathe at 3am…to wake me up to watch a football match…I would not want to miss.
Now I find my body numb and fragile.
God willing…all OK tomorrow…..see you there. Down to earth Indians are wonderful people like all races,It’s the many political ones …regardless which party they belong to….seems to be hot heated for no reasons.
I can say…HOPE to see you there.

4. gedebe - November 24, 2007

I will walk too.

It might be a Hindu rally but to me anyone oppressed, anyone discriminated, any group marginalised is a cause.

5. monsterball - November 24, 2007

My experience with ordinary Indians is that they are truly god gifted race on Earth.
In Malaysia..for as long as we can remember…feed them and clothe them…..they are ever grateful and loyal to their ‘masters”
That’s exactly what is happening at estates…still having the very grateful and loyal attitudes…but instead of realizing the British masters are all gone…and no more masters to serve….which should be the job of their King..Samy Vellu to explain….they do keep working hard at places that no other races want to go…thanking UMNO…MIC to feed them..thanking them for that ….as their children are getting better futures than theirs.
Now the children are educated and waked their parents to their real truths….God is great,,,that these devils destroy the one thing these uneducated Indians value most…..their temples!!
Yes built at illegal lands…who cares!!! They also read so many malays doing things that are not legal too… on government owned lands…..and rightly so….as to them they cleared the lands for the government…why can’t that small piece which is holy…be given to them?
Want to think like an Indian?
Eeerrrrr….even Samy is not thinking like that. Surely he could have foughtb tooth and nail for his race….instead of talking what is legal and not legal like his master…UMNO. So they walk in protest…one race….is that a racialist walk or a walk for justice and fairness by one race?
So are we all racialist or shall we all join in?

6. Haris Ibrahim on Hindraf « 我不爽! - November 24, 2007

[…] you have read this far, goto Elizabeth Wong and Nat Tan to read even more on the Hindraf […]

7. Paul Warren - November 24, 2007

Elizabeth, this is what I wrote in Haris’s blog: Hope you don’t mind I paste it here:

If they really wanted the Sunday rally stopped, Uthayakumar and the others would not have been granted bail, in the notion that their incarceration would, without leaderhip, halt the rally. But at least two have been let out and the other remains in custody in protest.

My own estimation is that, maybe not 10,000, but it could be less, maybe more, will somehow make it to the British High Commission on Sunday. If they are dressed in their orange attire, then I would also assume that it would be a statement like the one they make when they carry kavadis during Thaipusam. It simply says, that they are ready for sacrifice.

The result of any assault by the police and FRU, whether by chemically laced water canons or tear gas, or worse still, batons, guns and live bullets can contibute towards the first ever massacre on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. I can only imagine a passive congregation of people only too willing to end it all right there.

After all what is there to run to? For many their homes have been ravished and destroyed. The life that they knew once, whether in the estates or in the urban squatters, are decimated and their only hope, their cherished Gods and dieties, trampled and destroyed with no thought for human decency and sensitivity.

Reading what happened at the Giant, Shah Alam, this attitude towards Indians, who probably have to have a certain look about them, has obviosly transcended into the private sector as well.

The police have prevailed on all residents of the Klang Valley and all travelling towards the Klang Valley that the cause of their few hours of misery trapped in long traffic jams is all due to “some Indians” wanting to protest. My good Chinese friends have asked me why give all these problems. I tell them they sound no different from how many Germans would have sounded one time allowing in the mean time Hitler to rise to the heights he did.

Maybe some who actively participated and promoted the BERSHI 10/11 March might think that maybe HINDRAF should have joined forces with 10/11. But then again HINDRAF is driven more by a religious as well as a socio-economic motive that is uniquely prevalent in just that one community. Even among the Indians the experience that HINDRAF supporters would have had living their lives in Malaysia would not have been the same as those Indians from Urbania, affluent Indians of Christian, Muslim as well as many Hindu extracts. As much as I sympathise with HINDRAF’s motives and the drivers that have pushed them to this, I surely have never experienced everything that they have or would have. Yet, in many a conversation with someone of another race, I have many a time encountered the same ignorance, bigotry, prejudice and bias which I brush aside as attributing to idiots I sometimes have to deal with. Fortunatly for me I have the luxury to be able to. I know that for a large majority this luxury does not exist and they have no choice but to suffer the consequence.

The Malaysian Indian very quickly finds out that any respect he gets from other Malaysians has to be earned. I come out of my condo and the Nepalese guard asks if I came to do some work. I drive into a hotel driveway to pick up a resident staying there, the doorman opens the back door for the resident to sit. Whats worse, the door man is an Indian himself, and he thinks I must be the driver. WEll these are my experiences and I can get bloody furious about it. Of course for places like GIANT I suppose, the SOP for their security might be that all Indians who come in must be a potential thief. I cannot but laugh the day when very shortly after I went into one complex alone I soon realised that I was targeted for close scrutiny and was being tailed. I enjoyed taking these guys for a nice long walk for more than an hour, then took a cheap shirt or whatever, and paid for it with my Platinum card! But why target me? I had the look was it? Fitted the profile?

Come off it. We all know HINDRAF is not getting anywhere with its suit against the BRITISH Government. Neither are they going to go anywhere with their petition to the Queen. It is all about embarassing the Malaysian Government. Isn’t CHOGM on in Uganda? Will Abdullah Badawi be there? Nice time to embarrass him isn’t it? What more, everyone attending CHOGM will know exactly what its all about without needing to be briefed on whats really happening. Now, I didn’t know that embarrasing the Malaysian Government is suppsed to be a crime. But I shall stand corrected if anyone tells me so. But then again, we just have to leave it to our idiotic UMNO leaders to put Malaysia on a permanent state of embarrassment every time they open their mouths. So I guess HINDRAF would have a good defence here.

I hope nothing untoward happens on Sunday. But something needs to happen. More than the UMNO led government I would say that it would be Samy Velu and MIC that would not want HINDRAF to succeed. Indeed HINDAF’s headlines grabbing position in the last few days must surely give Samy Velu nightmares he has not had in a long time. How can any other Malaysian Indian or organisation outshine Samy Velu and MIC respectively? It would be in Samy Velu’s interest to see that this rally becomes unrully and becomes violent so that HINDRAF can be neutered and banned and its leaders incarcerated. I will not be surprised to see many faces that appear at the rally and who might, if any, be the cause of any untoward incident, be the same ones that popped up at the MAIKA AGM. I hope there will be enough cameras out there to take pictures of these guys to be posted on the net so that we can compare them to those at the MAIKA AGM.

To all those who manage to get there to Jalan Ampang in the vicinity of the British High Commisssion on Sunday, my prayers are with you. Not that I condone whatever it is you might do. But I shall try to understand and not dismiss it. My best wishes.

8. Pratamad - November 24, 2007

Truly agree! The details is not the point here. I would walk with our fellow Indian Malaysians this Sunday. But being here in Spore, I can only walk with you in spirit. However, I have been encouraging my friends in KL to show their support. Hopefully it will be a truly multiracial walk. And I strongly pray that nothing untoward will happen tomorrow. (PDRM, spare your kezaliman please. You should be a force to protect the people, not the opposite.)

9. raju - November 24, 2007

If you are a responsible goverment to its citizen,then tell the organisers to stop the rally and you are willing to have a dialouge with them and trash ther problem in an amicable way.
Just imagine if there is bloodshed on the 25th,this minority will be cornered to become extremist.
History has proven in Sri-Lanka,Lebanon,Iraq,etc.
Finally the the whole nation is going to suffer,wheater you are majority or minority.

10. monsterball - November 24, 2007

Any walk to expose or embarrass the government is good enough for me to support.
Lets see more other races support the real poorest of the poor of our country and talk less.
If we don’t support…we are racialists too.
I am a Malaysian Chinese….nice to add more color tone to all black tomorrow…hahahahahaha
Tony Blair gone…Howard lost election…not forgetting Indonesia chased mighty Golka party out….so in Malaysia..are we real pondans like Nazri called us…or walk the talk to chase him out?

11. raju - November 25, 2007

pls convey this message to the organisers
from my residing area,Masai,Kota Tinggi in Johore
buses before they can leave were raided by police and the drivers were subjected to urine test.Time at 11.30pm,anyway they are just cleared now around 1.15 pm.
the orgarnisers are reqeusting from the police for a report so that they will not be harrased at the next police block

12. holytounge - November 25, 2007

can we arrange another interview for pak zam…..ops! terlepas……

13. simon - November 25, 2007

My Hindu friends tell me that Deepavali signifies “victory of good over the evil” see also wikipedia for other meanings.

Let us remain stedfast in our faith that goodness and mercy shall triumph over evil indeed!

14. max - November 25, 2007

I pray that no participants gets hurt today. But news is already out that the police has sprayed chemicals and tear gas. I guess that UMNaziO is trying to force the Chinese and Indians to go underground. I do not cherish such a day but it is not that I do not welcome it. If only we are more organised and armed then we do not fear to die. They can have their keris. We can get M16s.

15. max - November 25, 2007

Sorry if I sounded militant. Got pissed off by Kerismudin telling us he’d unleash his silent majority.

16. monsterball - November 25, 2007

At Federal Highway….4 buses were not allowed to go into the city by 6am. We met another 2 more police stops before reaching our destinations at 7am….very near the Twin Towers.
Organizers kept reminding people never to get emotional or be provoked by insults or threats.I estimated my crowd to be around 10,000 an another 10,000 from no where marched and joined in.
Sitting and talking quietly….I am so pleased to see the young Indians are so cultured and well mannered people nowadays.We did talked and joked to wild away the time.

All of a sudden..by 9am…water cannons were aiming at us.To me…getting wet was no big deal…then followed by tear gases…got everyone running away. I ran and two tear gas bombs exploded right in front of me…surrounded by white clouds…eyes burning with fire and choked to …like death was coming for me…cannot breathe…I fell down…one picked me up and ran towards a man with water hose …and told everyone to make way for me to wash my face.
I could not breathe for more than two minutes..but did breathe little by little…as he held my arm and ran with me. After washing my whole face…felt better and saw a young girl…completely unconscious besides me…resting at a man’s lap.
I sat for how long I did not know..in front of Hotel Mandarin.
My friends saw my ok…told me to sit and relax..they went back to the crowd who keep defying the tear gas and water treatments…shouting “We want Peace” and few were carrying Mahatma Gandhi photos.
A man approached me and told me to go into the hotel. I followed him..went to the toilet and had a good wash.
Went out again….hotel lady gave me a nice cold towel to cover my face. Again tear gas smells was all over…but not as bad as the first experience.
My friends decided to go near where we parked our car…where few famous coffee houses are seen. I saw opposite..”Canon” showroom…..sitting at Secret Recipe doorsteps. Thousands of them were there…walking back..to and fro….shouting….’We want Peace”
At 12 noon….all finished…and was told..they did not succeed to present 37 boxes of 1.5 million Indian signatures to the British High Commission for compensations. What are the details…I don’t know….as I focus myself to walk for the poorest of the poor….and never regretted it. They are so cultured ..calm and not easily be provoked to violence…shaming the government all the way.

17. monsterball - November 25, 2007

Many told me Samy Vellu ran to India…and they told me more than 300,000 Indians are involved from all parts of the city.
It seems some trouble broke at Batu Caves …last night and those Indians are completely cut off……not allowed to come into the city.
From my own eyes…the area I was in..the crowd is easily 20,000 total.
All said Samy is finished…all consider him a traitor to Indians.
All said will vote against MIC…..many claim they were his supports…..no more now. Don’t trust Samy at all.
Truths do conquer all lies.in the end.
The experience reminds me of Marcos running away ..when his time is up.I doubt Samy is running away for good. Lets see what will he say…..when everything cools down.

18. I - November 25, 2007

I asked a man…how can he stand the tear gas….going back again and again.
He told me to eat some salt…and all be OK!!
Is that true Liz? How was your experiences?
In my crowd…I saw no other races..except me….looking different that all of them…and do get their loving and respectful smiles.
Yes…..bathe..slept and woke up to tell you my experience.
By the way….at the Hotel Mandarin….met a young Chinese Malaysians and he asked me what’s all about. Told him..and he replied..”I was planning to migrate…but now I think I will stay back to fight for my country”

19. tuah67 - November 26, 2007

Fellow Malaysian India, I think Malay should summoned British, ask for 1000 times of your claim. 25/11 mark as an evidence of the long hauling damage you have done !

Ketika negara ini masih baru mencapai kemerdekaan hasil kesepakatan seluruh etnik di negara ini (Melayu, Orang Asli, India dan Cina), Tun VT Sambanthan ketika ucapannya di Dewan Rakyat pada 1 Jun 1965 menyebut :-

“Now, in 1955 we won the elections with a great majority. Then we obtained freedom in two years time. During this period, we had to discuss citizenship and various other things. Now, what did the Malays do – since we are speaking on racial lines – what did the Malay leadership do? They had 88 percent of the electorate still with them. What did they do with citizenship? If we look around in Asia and in East Asia, particularly, you will find that my race the Indian race, is not welcomed in Ceylon, is not welcomed in Burma. Look at my brother Chinese race, it is not welcomed in Thailand, in Vietnam, in Cambodia, in all the other areas. What help do they get for citizenship in all these territories? In Burma, as we know, Indians have been send packing, in Ceylon they refused them citizenship and in Burma it is likewise. I know it, you know it. And yet in Malaya what happened? Here, we found that the Malay leadership said, “We shall take them unto ourselves as brothers, we shall give them full opportunity to live in this country, we shall give them every opportunity to become citizens”. And so, in 1957, for the whole year, we waived language qualifications, and tens of thousands of Indians, Chinese, Ceylonese and others became citizens.”[ii]

Ini yang dikatakan sebagai Kontrak Sosial. Persefahaman dan tolak ansur antara satu sama lain. Pada hari ini, terutama generasi muda telah lupa apa yang dikatakan sebagai Kontrak Sosial. Mereka tidak pernah didedahkan dengan perkara ini sehingga sudah ada antara mereka yang mula mempersoalkan undang-undang tertinggi negara, Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Sepatutnya perkara seumpama ini didedahkan melalui mata pelajaran sejarah di peringkat sekolah. Guru-guru sejarah seharusnya menerang dan memahamkan perkara ini kepada para pelajar dengan bertanggungjawab, dan tidak hanya menumpukan perkara-perkara yang akan masuk ke dalam kertas PMR atau SPM sahaja.

Tetapi jika dipandang dari sudut yang lain pula, sekiranya setiap etnik India di negara ini berjaya mendapat £1 juta hasil saman tersebut, mungkin etnik Melayu juga boleh memfailkan saman terhadap Kerajaan Britain kerana membawa masuk orang India dan Cina ke Tanah Melayu yang menyebabkan etnik pribumi tersebut terpaksa berkongsi kuasa, kekayaan, tanah dan segalanya dengan etnik lain. Sehingga TV3 terpaksa membuat rancangan Bersamamu untuk menunjukkan kepada rakyat Malaysia betapa ramai lagi orang Melayu yang masih hidup dalam kedaifan walaupun sudah ada rakyat Malaysia yang mempunyai kekayaan berjumlah berbilion-bilion US dollar.

Ponnusamy ada menyebut bahawa 70% daripada masyarakat India di negara ini masih miskin. Selain daripada kerajaan, tidakkah 40 orang terkaya di Malaysia[iii] yang antaranya juga daripada kalangan etnik India mempunyai social obligation bagi membantu rakyat Malaysia yang masih hidup dalam kedaifan ini? Umum mengetahui bahawa peniaga-peniaga Cina mempunyai jaringan mereka sendiri bagi membantu etnik Cina yang memerlukan bantuan. Begitu juga dengan kongelemerat Melayu seperti Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary.

Sekali imbas perkara ini mengingatkan saya peristiwa robohnya Kota Melaka 450 tahun yang lalu akibat daripada sikap khianat Nina Chattu dan Uthimutha yang menjual rahsia Kota Melaka kerana termakan dengan janji manis Portugis. Mereka berdua ini adalah rakyat Melaka (berasal dari Benua Keling) tetapi kerana hasad dengki dan tamak haloba maka mereka sanggup berpaling tadah menjual bangsa dan negara kepada bangsa asing. Ini yang berlaku kini.

20. max - November 26, 2007

Dear Tuah67.
Where did you go for History classes? Are the Malays really the original people of this land? Do you understand what is meritocracy? Do you know that corruption is against the law and is bad for the country? Do you know the NEP is giving the poor a very hard time? Do you agree that the NEP is causing a lot of ill feelings among the races? Do you agree that the reason of the two demonstrations is due solely to the corrupt practises of the UMNaziO Government? Do not question or answer that your ancestors granted citizenship to the Chinese and the Indians. Without them, Msia would be like Kabul today.

21. shruthi - November 27, 2007

Yup truly agree with you Max

Its sad to see that some people are still refusing to understand what Hindraf or the Indian community is fighting for……….

22. Kumaran Purushotamo - November 28, 2007

Its about time the indians voice out their depressions…
All of the nations know that there is discrimination against indians..
We are not gangsters as lots of people think..
how many indians students is not allowed the equal chance to continiue thier studies in public univercities??
How many Tamil schools are left in Malaysia??
will there be any left in future??
I am a public univercity student myself..
For your info..out of thousands onli a few are indians…in my course of studies itself..out of hundred students there is only two indians and only one chinese..
and when we compare the result of our stpm exam.. most of my coursemates don’t even meet the standard university requirement..
We don’t have a fair treat By the government..
I am not saying or asking the government not to give Malays a special terat..
but atleast treat us fair..give us a equal chance according to our academic results…

23. not.satisfied - November 28, 2007

I agree with u Kumaran.

Currently I’m working in a private middle east student recruitment company. Every day, i’m submitting number of application to local universities, include GOV universities.

Out of 10 application, 8 will go thru. U can c number of middle east students in ur uni. of course…

y is it so hard for indians 7 chinese & easy for middle east?.. is it cuz they are MUSLIMS?

24. Muniandi - December 10, 2007

I dont understand why Chinese get so emotional about this HINDRAF issues.. MAX, being Chinese I know what you feel… you never get over the May 13th eh ? You think the Chinese in Malaysia can sing Negaraku ? Dont think so.. so please stop the racial issue here.. leave the Malays alone.. just concentrate on HINDRAF

25. i love peace - December 15, 2007

sorry peeps, may i know what is the Hindraf’s major objective to do that rally? is that the right way to show the truth?gathering a thousand peoples and destroying public property?alangkah baiknya jika aku dilahirkan sebagai seorang sultan, pasti aku arahkan tentera tentera ku menghapuskan mereka yang melakukan kerosakan di negara yang aman lagi damai ini.kenapa hendak mempertikaikan soal hak asasi.tidak ada satu bangsa di malaysia ini yang layak berbuat demikian.kerajaan malaysia tidak sekeji kerajaan Amerika Syarikat.siapa yang malas, sombong pasti akan ketinggalan.bukan soal siapa miskin,siapa kaya.

Max, kau persoalkan tentang sejarah malaysia, kau pertikaikan tentang bangsa yang kononnya ‘lebeh original’ di malaysia ini.Aku menganggap kau ini sebagai bangsa ‘bukan bumiputra’.kau boleh tanya guru sejarah kau kenapa perkataan ‘bumiputra’ itu wujud 🙂

kenapa kau persoalkan jasa bakti kaum bukan bumiputra di sini? jangan kau lupa kalau bukan kerana kaum bumiputra kau tidak dapat merasai nikmat mengundi dan mengecap keindahan politik Malaysia.jadi tak timbul soal jasa dan bakti di sini.sepatutnya kau bersyukur.kau berpijak di tanah malaysia.bukan di kabul. ibarat seekor anjing menyerahkan tulang pada seorang manusia lalu mengharapkan manusia itu menjadi hamba kepada anjing tersebut.jasa yang kecil tapi mengharapkan pembalasan yang tidak terhingga.akhir kata, sedikit pesanan daripada aku,


26. alex - December 20, 2007

This is another example of malaysia citizens losing their right and freedom under the “ketuanan Melayu” form of “Godment” governance style. Every minority group will have to face with police brutality force if they trying to demand for their rights in this country.

27. Steve - December 20, 2007

UMNO-putra truely believe that without them giving out citizenship to Malaysian ethnic chinese or indian after independence, Malaysia will not have may 13th or Hindraf rally in Malaysia.All these “perdatang” are supposed to obey them and not defending their basic citizen rights and challege their racist policy.That is why HIndraf protesters are treated worst than treatment given to animals.

28. Victor Peng - December 21, 2007

The racist IGP think we Malaysians are really stupid and blind, he orders his “nazi” police force to brutalise the peaceful hindu protesters and turn around claimed that they are terrorists and bunch of gangsters, he think we can not see who is firing the tear gas and water cannon fill with chemical in batu cave and Jalan Ampang.

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