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Hindraf rally: 500 arrested November 25, 2007

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Remember PM Abdullah Badawi’s fluffy feel-good line about wanting to hear the truth?

This is what happens when one speaks truth to UMNO/BN.





(Pics above, AFP)

Thus far, Gobalakrishnan, Member of KeADILan Supreme Council, is the first to be remanded for 3 days. This was done at Ibu Pejabat Kontingen (IPK), Kuala Lumpur this evening around six pm. More to be remanded.

There were close to a hundred detained at IPK earlier, but the bulk of the protestors, numbering some 400, was held at PULAPOL (Pusat Latihan Polis) Jalan Semarak.

More later. Internet cafe not reading my thumbdrive 😦

On the gathering at Jalan Ampang, he (Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan) said police exercised maximum restrain and only used water cannons and tear gas to disperse the crowd and there was no body contact. (Source: The Sun)

Pics of two young men who were injured during the rally. They were released from detention to seek hospital treatment.





Say it again, Musa?


1. simon - November 25, 2007

I think current Topbody has lost control.

Onebody thought he can advance or help Somebody to advance to become the new Topbody by stopping the My Indians from voting for PPP.

Anotherbody thought he can advance by wrecking some temples so that the My Indians will not support MIC.

Somebody thought he can advance by stopping some rallies so that Nobody will vote for BN.

When BN get subtantially less votes the fault will be laid on the current TopBody’s foot and Somebody will become the new TopBody.

Actually the two rallies by BERSIH and HINDRAF if allowed to proceed will actually become non-events assigned to scrap heap of history. Normalbody just will not bother about rallies. Somebody thought it was just his opportunity indeed. Somebodywant to make Topbody look bad and hence to topple Topbody. Hence Somebody decided Everybody must be made to suffer by creating traffic jams.

Well it just might topple BN and Everybody, including Somebody and Topbody might lose their jobs.

Somebody is stlll in control post Hindraf rally. Somebody wants to remind Everybody everyday about Hindraf. Hence expect lotsa reminders everyday in terms of arrests and court mentions later.

2. libraa2 - November 25, 2007

When our Roving PM said he wanted to listen, he meant listening to praises. Like how well he is running the country and how pretty his wife is. Or how intelligent his SIL is.
That all his corridors will bring Malaysia on par with the USA.
He is not interested in what you say about the judiciary, elections or Indian rights.
Learn from the newspapers. Do they tell the truth?

3. simon - November 25, 2007

Commentaries by second echelon leaders are already coming in.

Looks like everybody in the second tier leadership of BN wants to become the new Prime Minister.

The actions taken by second tier BN leadership to create havoc by:-

1) whacking PPP and asking PPP to leave BN.
2) destroy temples near to elections dates.
3) blow up BERSIH rally and highlight it daily and purposely and internationally.
4) blow up Hindraf rally and highlight daily, purposely, continously.

is meant to stab the PM and twist the knife in PM’s body and blame will be laid there when BN lose seats in elections.

They hope that they can then advance to the next level.

Actually if they were loyal second liners supporting the Prime Minister, the logical thing to do is just to allow the rally to proceed as this will cause the rallies to just die down quietly to an unkwown death.

I expect the BN palace revolt to continue and more BN personalities will continue stabbing the PM in the back by giving free gomen support and gomen grants to BERSIH and HINDRAF and free publicity to the rallies by repeatedly keeping the issue alive.

4. simon - November 25, 2007

Hindraf Publicity events courtesy of Gomen grant/support as follows:-

Monday 26th – Papers will report on sunday 25th rally.

Tuesday 27th – Papers will report on Monday 26th court mention for 3 arrested Hindraf leaders.

Wednesday 28th – Dunno yet I am sure something will happen to remind the public of Hindraf.

Thursday 29th – Possibly arrested PKR leader will be produced in court as another free publicity event for Hindraf.

Friday 30th – Dunno yet I am sure something will happen to remind the public of Hindraf.

and ditto ………so it goes on until the Hindraf brand name becomes a Malaysian household brandname better than KFC or MacDonalds.

If you know of anymore free gomen grants to Hindraf to remind the public please post here.

5. monsterball - November 25, 2007

yea Liz….had tear gas and water treatment to.
For more than 5 minutes…2 tear gas bombs fell right infront of me..exploded to white clouds…I choking me to death….felt to the ground…only to to picked up by a man telling me..get up and we both ran to a water pipe….again he some ten guys..to give way for me to wash my face.
Until now…I don’t know who that good Samaritan is.
Pak Lah should feel good…..doing this to me…when I voted for him.

6. max - November 25, 2007

My concern goes to those who were injured today. I guess the message has been delivered. But will UMNaziO listen?

7. woodyooi - November 25, 2007

Police force once again demonstrated its “uselessness”. When comes to arrest real criminals, there are no where to be seen “Tak Cukup Kakitangan” When comes firing into unarmed helpless demonstrator, they are out in full force.
Shame on police force, you are just bunch useless, your payroll comes from those you fired and discharged weapon upon.

8. simon - November 25, 2007

According to The Star, PM has already given instruction that he need to be informed before anymore Indian temple demolition occurs.

I dun expect this instruction to be really obeyed.

I really expect more temple demolitions to continue instigated by second echelon leaders within BN itself. This is to prevent the My Indians from voting for BN in the next election. With the expected BN’s lacklustre results of the next election; somebody has to be the fall guy which could only be the BN Chairman himself.

9. nstman - November 25, 2007

Abdullah, you cant see for the forest for the trees. You cant handle truth. The truth is Indians are marginalised. The truth is Indians have nowhere to go. The truth is Indians have come to a point were they have nothing to lose. The truth is Malaysians are blind to what’s happening to a dispossessed group. The truth is Indians want justice. The truth is Chinese and Malays dont give a damn about what’s happening to Indians. The truth is I shed silent tears for a once proud community which has been reduced to scrounging for handdouts. The truth is I AM SICK OF IT ALL.

10. Paul Warren - November 26, 2007

When you got an idiot for a Prime Minister this is what happens when you try to do what he asks of you. He does not tell you the whole truth about what it is that he really wants to hear.

But something fuinny is happening. AlJazeera interviewed one S.K. Devamany or something, never heard of him before, an MIC MP. So far only Samy Velu is quoted as having said something or other. And of course we know that Badawi has previously made a statemnet and so has Najib. But no one else. What is happening there?

The government making it look like as if this is a MIC Vs PPP or MIC Vs Nallakarupan’s new Party (which that idiot wants to make part of BN, or is it supposed to be MIC Vs IPF maybe or MIC Vs HINDRAF is it? Make it look like an Indian issue so that the rest will continue to perpetuate what ever it is their present perception of Malaysian Indians!

11. truthseeker1234 - November 26, 2007

From a larger perspective this rally and the other such incidents around the world just reinforces the need for Plato’s “victory over self” concept. As long as we harbor indifference or fear within ourselves these incidents will take place all over the world. In case the last line did not make sense look at it this way. There are soldiers and policing figures who are dispatched to disperse these riots all the time. I wonder if these people ever think of the following thoughts:

1) Why am I doing this?
2) Who made me do this?
3) Is what I am doing right? Or am I just following orders?

Even further – are they loveless beings or do they have people they care about? Let’s say some of these authority enforcing people had people they love in the crowd. Let’s say your children or your parents or your siblings or your significant other were in the crowd. Would you fire tear gas and a spray chemicals on them then? Would you deny their pain and suffering which causes them to riot in the streets? Now let’s extend this concept – let’s say you’ve met everyone in the world and nobody was a stranger to you. Let’s say you were friends with everyone or loved everyone. Would you ever take up arms against anyone else if you cared about everyone? If so then you need to work on yourself. The fact that you harbor hate or discrimination signifies that you carry them in yourself. The inside is a mere reflection of the outside. As long as we are fear and ignorant inside we will allow or actively participate in these events.

I don’t need to prove the above paragraph – it is true by observation. For every 4 or 5 people you know who are disgusted by such incidents there will be a certain person who will go, “THEY DESERVED IT!!! THAT’S WHAT YOU GET!!! THEY’RE ONLY GETTING IN THE WAY!!!” As long as these people do not raise their level of consciousness their thoughts and actions will only further contribute more violence and chaos in the future. These people need to learn how to love and accept others first – and that can only be done if they are secure themselves. These people harbor fear though and their fear is what drives them to say these things. As Ghandi said, “hate the sin but not the sinner.” One day they will see the truth and realize they were wrong; then the world wil change.

12. Sagaladoola - November 26, 2007
13. oA - November 26, 2007


Malaysians should be conscious by now that the government is incompetent and delusional to an aggrieve stage. The government does not deserve to be given anymore due consideration and sympathy not when their policies are still predicated on some warped ‘delusional aggrandized’ ideals.

They might have their differences within their own party some like to say but they are all still tailored from the same specs – racist, bigot and moron.


14. monsterball - November 26, 2007

nstman…I did support the Indians..as I saw all of them as Malaysians…and is the poorest of the poor people and so proud hey walked in peace and shouting back”We want Peace” against police brutalities.
And you are so right…race politics seems to be played by Malaysians inspite of telling the government not to so it.
To each his/her own…and I was there from5.30am till 12noon…had tear gas and water treatment..treatments.
All Gods do say..”God will help those who help themselves”…so never mind…the Indians are helping themselves…but it will be nice for others to show their true friendship by joining in and not talk without actions…and daily I am seeing how much hypocracies we do have in blogging too.
Take it as a pinch of salt and open your eyes to the real truths…that charity begins at home.
Had I practice this selfish proverb…I would have spend a lovely peaceful Sunday with my family…but I never regretted one moment…doing things for others..although I never had the experiences of tear gas and water cannon. treatment before. I consider it part of my life’s journey to the real truths and feel so luck..returning home safely.
Did you participate?

15. ivan yang - November 26, 2007

Just wondering…, what business has Bad r wee got to do in Kampala, when the country is in turmoil? 2 rallies in 2 weeks… something must be wrong somewhere? But is the govt. in power going to examine what is wrong? Sad, sad malaysia!

16. crankshafted - November 26, 2007

Hey OA, I completely agree with you – the government is in a severe state of delusion and completely incapable of running a country. Heck, they even played into protestors’ hands by all that violence.

17. kumaran - November 26, 2007

hindraf valga i pray 4 u all

18. shan - November 26, 2007

all hindraf guys thanks especilly to lawyer. hindraf epolithum valga sg.siput(perak) guys we all support hidraf………. HINDRAFkaga uyirei kodupom ethe nadhanthalam nambikeyai elakekudathe malaysialah ulla annaithe indu youthssupport kudenga nam anaivavarem tamilergal kaga poradhevom…… 57 year sugenthiramkaga nam ellorem poradinom anal indru muthal nam ellarum nam urumai kaga poradhevom ………….VALGA

19. kalai - November 26, 2007

malaysia tamil kageh nan en uyir tariven…………..vetri namakeh……..unnem 30varizhem nam achi varum……………tamil vazhiga……….malaysia tamil makell vazhiga……………….hindraf thnx……………

20. Malaysian Indian Lawyer Sues Britain Over Malaysia’s Social Contract (And HINDRAF Rally) « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT - November 26, 2007

[…] Elizabeth Wong: Hindraf rally: 500 arrested (Pics and videos) […]

21. wits0 - November 26, 2007

OA, you’ve described the situation exactly as it is and put it all in a nutshell! Some of us have always known that and now more are coming to the same unerring conclusion. It’s a sign of hope that the mass consciousness of the people has risen.

22. monsterball - November 27, 2007

I wonder how many did walk the talk on any of the recent rallies?
RPK did tell some commentators to shut up…if they dare not walk the talk.
He must have read thousands of great messages put out by good writers…yet deep inside…he knew ….most can talk….but not walk.
To him ..these are insitgators..and rightly so.
Worst if you can talk so much anti government under the name of NGO and from out of Malaysia…very brave indeed!!!
Even as a political NGOs….the subject should vary from bad management to Malaysians…like what Sheih did for Hari Raya…..so many to choose. To keep putting out insults after insults of the government…… that to me…is a political blogger.Such NGOs are real hypocrites and dramatic to please himself/herself at the game….to have fun…at the expense of getting commentators to be the court jesters to him/her.
Good or bad….RPK did went to jail to walk the talk. He is a man of his words.

23. Pritchard Arthur - November 27, 2007

its kinda scary to see all this rally almost turn big riot thingy happening in our country…i am not siding on anyone because i believe in peace and living in harmony regardless of which party rules the govenrment but rallies like Bersih and Hindraf will only cause unrest among the people(multi-race and religion), unrest among the tourists(its visit Malaysia year weiii) and it will create doubt among the foreign investors..we have seen what have happened in Myanmar and Thailand recently..i dont want that to happen to us in Malaysia..i am grateful be born in Malaysia regardless what is my religion and race because for 33 years of my life..i live in harmony and peace without fear unlike our neighbouring country where blood was shed…think back..there are other ways voice up our opinion or whatever it is..but go through the proper channnel…what do we expect. the government or the police will do if there are threat like this..keeping quiet…at the other country..they might be counting death toll already…I love Malaysia and i love the peace that we are having…our own success comes within ourself..

24. PRAVIN - November 27, 2007

The gov and the police says that they do not have anybody control…..but they have……they wacked malaysian indian….some of them have to send to the hospital….if the gov did not do any wrong…why did they never allow the rally…..and if they stop from malaysian indian from going to ENGLAND…it show that malaysian govt is scared…..

25. Ty Coon - November 28, 2007

Nobody would ever go hungry in a rich country like ours were it not for the overweening greed of a small handful of fat cats who can’t see beyond their own distended bellies and bulging bank accounts. These are ones who corrupt public officials in order to put them in their pockets. These are the ones who, in the name of development, evict the landless and tear down shrines just to build more megamalls, golf courses, gated cities and theme parks. Who are these people? Are they even human… or just disease-bearing parasites in human form?

26. tyra - November 28, 2007

Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan..the 1st line of Rukun Negara…
r v following this In this country..I tink no…
if yes..the wont demolished the temples..
HINDRAF have awaken us…jz give us our rights…
V need Peace No War….
Valge Malaysia Tamilan..Valge HINDRAF

27. sanjay - November 28, 2007

Penang Tamilans always support HINDRAF..
the victory is ours…
V r not fighting over racial n just want justice n our rights
y is it so hard to give our belonging…
Poradevum Poradevum Vetri kadekum Varai Poradevum..

28. not.satisfied - November 28, 2007

The media controlled by The great GOVERMENT, still dont understand what is the issue all about.. It’s not the racial issues.. we are fighting for our RIGHTS!!!!

And shocking NEWS is, indians creating problems everywhere(it seems). for example Pandi Res. in Brickfields & Batu Caves Temple.

Come on la… HINDRAFF fighting for indians & y want to create prob with another indian & in temple… Nak buat cerita pun biar la logik sikit. So obvious, the goverment paying their “KULI’ to do all this…

C for how long they can do this…

We are the ” KALGI ” for UMNO & GOV

29. CONCERN TAMILAN - November 29, 2007

A RESTAURANT manager was left counting his losses after a group of men, claiming to be Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) members, thrashed his eatery and assaulted two of his workers on Monday.

The reason? They were asked to pay for their meal. The manager, who only wished to be known as Thomas, said that 10 men first came to the restaurant in Jalan Tun Sambanthan on Sunday.

“Upon entering, they asked my workers to bring them food as they said that they were hurt, tired and hungry.

“Naturally, we accorded them the same respect and service given to other customers,” he said.

However, Thomas said that when the men finished their meal, one of them left the restaurant without settling his bill while the others followed suit.

“One of my workers, upon realising that the men were leaving without paying, which came up to RM89, had stopped them and asked them to pay,” he said.

The men, Thomas said, became enraged at the worker’s request and announced that they were Hindraf members.

“They claimed that as they were fi ghting for Indian rights, they should be served food without being expected to pay for it,” he said, adding that the group created a commotion. Not wishing to prolong the trouble, Thomas intervened and apologised on behalf of his worker.

“I told them that they could leave the restaurant without paying. I did not want them to create trouble and disturb my other customers,” he said.

Before the men left, one of them threatened the worker who had asked them to pay and told him to “watch out”.

“I did not expect anything further,” said Thomas. He was wrong. The group returned the following day at 7.30pm, this time in two cars — a Toyota Hilux and a Naza Ria. Thomas claimed he saw them enter the restaurant but chose not to do anything.

“I didn’t want to stop them as I wanted to give them the benefi t of the doubt. It would be rude to tell them that they were not welcome.

“Again, we treated them like any other customer and served their order,” he said.

However, after finishing their food, two of the men pulled out a parang and a metal rod and stood guard at the restaurant’s front and rear entrance.

“They called for the worker who had asked them to pay the bill the day before. When they couldn’t find him, they began assaulting two other workers,” Thomas claimed.

The men broke five tables, 10 chairs and ruined the food. They then left in the cars.

Thomas said he sent the injured workers to Pantai Hospital.

One worker received 12 stitches for a slash wound on his head while the other, who was hit on his hand with the rod, needed follow-up treatment yesterday.

Brickfields police chief Assistant Commissioner Sulaiman Junaidi said police received a call on the incident but by the time they arrived, the suspects had fled.

“We have yet to identify the suspects, who are believed to be in their 30s and 40s. However, our investigation showed the Naza Ria had a fake registration number,” he said.

Sulaiman said the restaurant manager had lodged a police report on the second incident but there was no report on the first incident.

The case is being investigated under Section 148 of the Penal Code for rioting with weapons.


30. VANAKKAM - November 29, 2007

Keep out, Nazri tells Tamil Nadu
KUALA LUMPUR: Stay out of the controversy involving the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) – that’s the stern message for Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi. 
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, who rebuked Karunanidhi for interfering, said what happened here had “nothing to do with Tamil Nadu.” 
”Do not meddle in our affairs. This is Malaysia, not Tamil Nadu … lay off,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday, when asked about wire reports that Karunanidhi had written to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urging him to take immediate and appropriate action to end the “sufferings and bad treatment” of Tamils in Malaysia. 
Nazri said he would not apologise for calling those who participated in the Hindraf rally on Sunday “penyangak” (thugs), stressing that the demonstrators had violated the law as no permit was issued.  
He explained that it was illogical to assume that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would not accept their memorandum. 
“I cannot accept the action of 20,000 people who want to be involved in a simple action of submitting a memorandum. They can send one person or even 10. The question is – are they really sincere in highlighting their grievances, or are they trying to create chaos? 
“It’s a mistake to make an apology to them. It’s not the Indian community that’s involved. Don’t be samseng (gangster),” he said, adding that the issue was discussed at yesterday’s Cabinet meeting. 
Nazri said police would probe a petition to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, which stated that a genocide would occur here with the Indian community being forced into violence like in Sri Lanka if their “cause” was ignored. 
“The Attorney-General’s Chambers will study who sent the petition and charge the writer for sedition. The Hindraf memorandum is also a matter of concern because its contents are seditious,” he added. 
“I’m sure these matters will also create animosity between the Indians, the Malays and the Government. We will take action. These people must be responsible for their actions.”  
Nazri also reiterated Abdullah’s warning that the Internal Security Act would be used if the situation warranted it.  
“Don’t challenge the Government. They can try and hold a rally again and see what will happen,” he added. 
“The authorities were accused of excessive action. Look at France, whose police used tear gas and even rubber bullets when a demonstration occurred there.”  
Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has expressed support for most of the demands made by Hindraf.  
He told reporters yesterday that he turned up at the Klang Sessions Court on Saturday to give moral support to lawyers P. Uthayakumar, Waythamoorthy and V.S. Ganapathi Rao. 
Anwar said he had advised Hindraf not to use Article 153 of the Federal Constitution to pursue their demands as it involved the rights and privileges of the Malays and other indigenous local folk.  
In a separate press conference, Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang urged Nazri to apologise unconditionally for labelling the demonstrators “penyangak.” 

31. johnson - November 29, 2007

We need to voice out for our rights but not to the extend of being physical. This will defeat the unity of all races which had been preserved for years in Malaysia.Seeing Mahatma Gandhi pictures carried out during the procession also teaches us the non violent movement which the great leader had preached and practised. Hence please solve the matter in a way that the rest of the nations will have high regard towards Malaysians

32. sanggeeta & jegan - November 29, 2007

hindraf valga

33. not.satisfied - November 29, 2007

ISA for non violent street protest? Come on people…dont you think this is too much?

34. marathamilan - November 29, 2007

Who r the real perpertrators of racism.Everybody knows, the MF from UMNO…Hishamudin raised the keris…the delegates…shouted.’tell me when r u going to use it’..i was surprised..nobody highlighted this issue..mfuckers..we indians stay united…we shall live in a dignified manner or die with dignity…u UMNO…can bring ur …Jalur 3 or pakeda to slaughter the indians …as what u UMNO did in Old kelang road…u can’t shake us..U UMNO should be blamed for ruining this country..Right from UMNO leaders…police force…armed forces…civil service…all malays…highly corrupted..country ruined…

35. magzzz - November 30, 2007

UMNO is too much SHOULD not vote for BN!!!!

36. uno - November 30, 2007

Hindraf…I salute you for propelling the complacent parties in the BN component to rethink and dare to voice their stance.We are starting to see changes and it is because of you that the UMNO fatcats are twitching uncomfortable in their seats.

Mind you all that ANY rally would not have been tolerated during Mahathir’s time.
Abdullah has in a way given us some leeway.He is always overseas before the start of any trouble.
His son in law showed us how to demo.
His entire cabinet consists of abbrasive personalities who need to be sent for Public Relations courses.
ALL our TV stations have indoctrinated in us over the years how to throw stones ala Palestinian style.What did they expect?

Some people may question Hindrafs motives.That it is the money that you are after.But I can’t blame you.I have many Indian friends who have really no avenue and see no future for their children what with all the odds stacked against them.

The government can blow money just to make a Datuk’s son the first Malaysian space tourist (yea we all saw how scared shit he was on TV)but not on ensuring the supply of electricity and water to all interior districts of Sarawak.If only they could stop grabbing all the money that they can in the name of the Malay race.We all know that race is a farce.What they mean by race is UMNO race.

They mock the silent majority.Yet it is the silent majority like me who are writing to express our displeasure with their handling and one sided distribution of our nations wealth.The British divided and ruled they are doing the same.

When will they listen?

37. not.satisfied - November 30, 2007

Look at this…the olice & FRU started everything!!!!

38. ramanath - November 30, 2007

Voilence perpetrated in HINDRAF’s name…. Expected……to destroy its good name………HINDRAF the people who kept peace inspite of police aggression……….HINDRAF who,in decades made Indians proud once again, with their peaceful coordination, ingenious agenda and intelligent counter moves against power that be……….. Expect more to come…….Kampong Medan was mini genocide,which is a testing ground for the real thing- this time the agenda appears to be,firmly place Islam as state religion…………..the blame will go on Hindus……..that explains accelerated temple destruction as election approaches……..And Pak Lah will be force to resign…………the real power struggle is within UMNO…….Hishamudin’s keris is show of frustration of being played out and attempt to ganner grass root support………need to watchout………….keep Malaysia safe.

39. M. Muniandy - December 23, 2007

History has proved people who stick on to their positions will go out in
shame. Time has come for Samy to go out in grace otherwise he will
have the same fate as many – Marcos, Suhato etc etc.

We can also contribute to his exit – never attend any function attended by Samy, if you attend without knowledge walk out
immediately. Tell others too to do the same.

Spread the news to all – SAMY MUST GO, AND GO SOON FOR

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