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PM: IQ Ling-ling 2 November 26, 2007

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“Setiap kaum ada yang miskin dan ada juga yang kaya.”
PM Abdullah Badawi, 25 Nov 2007, Kampala (Uganda)

Oh really. You don’t say.

Time to get a new book out titled “PM: IQ Ling-ling” – inspired by superstar Amir Muhammad‘s “Malaysian Politicians say the Darnest Things”.



1. monsterball - November 26, 2007

Saying that at Uganda…..a country that have nothing…..BRAVO Pak Lah!!
How about …if few dies in a rally..you say…”There I told them don’t pay with fire. serve them right. Never listen to me.”
Best is when you loose the general election…questioned by reporters…you can say…”I expected it la. Please, no more questions”
And ‘Sir…they say you are an idiot…are you?” Your reply should be….:”I believe in democracy…majority wins. If those people saying I am an idiot…how come I am a Prime Minster? Be smart and think la…Jealousy got me defeated. No more questions…I am tired and need to sleep and pack my things to live elsewhere. Malaysia is not for me. You call can have it”
Where are you going Pak Lah?…..’Why Uganda of course!”

2. Kenny Law - November 26, 2007

Hmm, I think IQ ‘Ling Gai Dan’* is more appropriate right?

* Zero Chicken Egg = Kosong

3. mangchik - November 26, 2007


been to rocky’s bru and wonder wat’s your opinion on his comments below:

I won’t walk for someone’s narrow, racist political agenda.
I was out of KL. But if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have walked. I would have covered it as a blogger and a journalist. I posted earlier that Hindraf supporters should be allowed to walk and protest and I stand by that, but I would not have joined hands with them.
Read Hindraf’s memorandum to Gordon Brown, appealing to the British PM to refer Malaysia to the World Court and the International Criminal Court. After reading the memo, I realised that Mr P. Uthayakumar and Hindraf have misled many to support their own agenda.

I hope Mr Uthayakumar stays in the ring and not seek asylum again, as he did a few years ago, when the kitchen gets too hot.

Read it.

4. toyolbuster - November 26, 2007

can’t get into Amir’s blog la

5. monsterball - November 27, 2007

hahahahaha…Rocky you say?…The President of All Blogs?
Well firstly…don’t expect cowards and selfish Malaysians ….especially the Malays and Chinese to support the Indians..who by nature do have a bad reputation to keep voting Samy in.
So sure to have trouble….and better to avoid than be in the thick of the situation….any one like me walking with them will be known as an idiot…..so be it.
But if Rocky wants to live to his words as All blog President ..he should support without hesitations.
But not only Rocky did not support…..most malay bloggers also did not support too. So what is the real truth behind all these?
I have posted my personal opinions at “kickdefella” blog…..no need to repeat here.
Lets see the Chinese come out with a walk to shame MCA….and I bet you….malays will keep away…and many Indians may join in. WHY?….Because most Indians understand and trust the Chinese more than the Malays. and again…that’s my personal opinion only.
no need to explain too much….all are smart Malaysians….so go figure it out yourselves. Bottom line..all vote for change of government…that’s most important.

6. K.Shan - November 27, 2007

Racism must be seen in context.Its closely linked to position of power.Its racism when race is invoked to trample on other race or rights.Its racism when the there is a policy or an administration that discriminates others.Its racism when the government acts to establish once race as superior to the others.

Lets bark at the right tree-the government and not some small group.

7. TunaSingh - November 27, 2007

“Setiap kaum ada yang pandai dan ada juga yang bodoh.”

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