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Blatant racial profiling November 27, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Huh?!, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations.
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“Some 20,000 penyangak (crooks) who participated in the rally would not jeopardise our viewpoint of the entire community,” he (Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Nazri Abdul Aziz) told a press conference at the Parliament lobby today. (Malaysiakini, 27 November 2007)


Now “Indians = Crooks”???!!! WTF.

Someone, anyone, please stop them from opening their mouths.



1. Kinsy - November 27, 2007

Indians= crooks
Chinese= racists
Malays= stupid??? ( not me, he mentioned that during the interview with AJ)

2. max - November 27, 2007

He acts like a clown, talks like a gangster in Parliament. If not for NEP, he wouldn’t survive in the real world. Must have bought his law degree. Arrogant, rough, uncultured and disgusting is what I think of him. Tell him to go into private practise, sure no business. That’s why NEP is so important to flies like him.

3. harimau - November 27, 2007

what has his bl**dy viewpoint got to do with reality?

4. Winston - November 27, 2007

This is another cock talker who seems to populate the ranks of the government!

5. Pseudo-Polymath » Blog Archive » Tuesday Highlights - November 27, 2007

[…] Racism in Malaysia. […]

6. kfchan - November 28, 2007

Dear Elizebeth,

They love to hear their own voice so much. Perhaps instead of shutting them up, ask them more “interesting” questions.

Give them more rope. They will surely hang themselves.

7. monsterball - November 28, 2007

What do you expect them to say?
It’s their mentalities never to admit mistakes and borak attitudes to defy and compete.
That’s why…most young Malaysians were temporary behave same styles…but they can think and are awakened to the real truths.
They are ashame of most UMNO ministers.
No one influence them…they can think logically and visit the internet for alternative informations.
What’s left in the election day…as they say do that on election day…not on the streets…okay will do…meanwhile on they streets we keep showing too….cannot stop..no other ways to express our dissatisfactions.

8. whispering9 - November 28, 2007

This guy also said “Robin Hood still need to face the music” in the same breath. He has just admitted out loud that we are living in a similar Robin Hood era where ‘the sheriff is despotic and gravely abuses his position, appropriating land, levying excessive taxation, and persecuting the poor’. He forgotten that Robin Hood is the perennial folk hero. When in the legends did RH face the music? Seesh. Studity is really infinite.

A quote from Robin Hood poem:

Right or wrong or in-between,
I think I understood,
That circumstance makes men appear
as something they’d soon not,
Both time and trouble makes them do,
things they’d rather not.

These are times where many of us are doing things we’d rather not do…like street rally. For the sake of Malaysians, Gman please wake up before it get any worse!

9. monsterball - November 28, 2007

hahahaha…Robin Hood face the music …when a proven hoodlum like him from UMNO ..Nazri is warning MIC to toe the line with no power to speak or do as they like.. Poor Devamany…..is now learning never to speak anything without UMNO’s approval and all those MIC top water pistol guys….can only say Deavamany was not disrespectful. Shit….the way they talk….is actually showing UMNO is their masters giving them jobs….and UMNO”s obedient and faithful servants. So selfish and great hypocrites they are…and 40,000 Indians have shown they are against this types of MIC Indians.
Robin Hood should resign and join the opposition and sure to get elected again ….otherwise..his days are numbered in MIC .Whatever it is…Devamany did say things to show he does not intend to be afraid to speak bravely..The only problem is …so does Samy speaks bravely with a fork tongue.

10. monsterball - November 28, 2007

And Chinese Robin Hood….”botak Chin”… truly robbed the rich and gave to the poor and died bravely.
Criminal he was out of no choice…and many Malaysian Chinese still consider him..a hero….no matter what the police is saying about him.
Indian Robin Hood…not brave enough.
Malays have three guys fighting to be heroes as their Robin Hood…..Nazri..Khairy and Hussien.
Two must loose their jobs… to make way for one and one only.
Which two?

11. shiver - November 28, 2007

told you, we have a bunch of punch and judy in the judicial, executive and police.

and i think he is running for election in some safe seat.

oi nazi, come seputeh and run against teresa kok!
you sure kalah man, sure kalah!

12. not.satisfied - November 28, 2007

Ha…let him talk…indian crooks or WHATEVER…!
He thinks when he said that, indians will get angry & become agressive…so GOV can arrest them under ISA!!!

Nice Physcology….but indians are not supid..

13. Vote4change - November 28, 2007

Nazri, nazri, every time he opens his mouth, we see the rubbish in his brains. how the hell did UMNO manage to collect all this retards?

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