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Malaysian police so damn brave November 28, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics, Race Relations.
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Watch how a gaggle of coppers arrest a man during the Hindraf rally on Jalan Ampang (1 man vs 10?) and a police officer in uniform gave the f’ler a nice kick in the ribs.


Waliao! So damn brave lar our police (that’s why our crime rate so low – not). But when tens of thousands are in front of you, would youi dare kick that man?


(The sound effects are also applicable to PM Abdullah Badawi – a real chicken for threatening to use the ISA.)



1. yh - November 28, 2007

no better than a gangster, no? no bodily contacts, mr IGP? i guess kicking someone in the ribs is not bodily contact. pardon me coz my english needs to be brushed up, eh.
either you did not tell the truth or the video is a fake. can someone verify that?

2. Vote4change - November 28, 2007

Whats Siva Subramaniam take on this? What about our Islam Hadhari expert, BADawi? We need to form another 3 man panel to determine the authenticity of this video. This country going to the dogs.

3. tupingera - November 28, 2007

they’re not only brave but are experts in the art of hauling stained mattress.

4. monsterball - November 28, 2007

Just sick to view this. Walking in protest is not our Malaysian ways..so said all UMNO.
I guess bullying…..when you have an opportunity is ok….even wear a uniform that represents an officer to protect the country with his life. Anyone wearing a uniform for the country…should be very proud of his/her job….be it military…navy or police…even St.John Ambulance volunteers.
So let those uniform people see this from our Police force and conclude who is at fault…who will they protect……the police or the people.
That will surely build bigger and bigger fires for Malaysians to defy the police and UMNO.

5. Pratamad - November 29, 2007

In this case, the police behave like gangster, except they draw salary, have pension and training. And they are supposed to protect the very people that they attacked in the video.

6. Fire Breather - November 29, 2007

10 to 1 police supremacy and brutality caught on video! Interesting! But the poice will deny and say CHECK THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE CLIP. Oh! it was a shooting by local artists to degrade the force, the police will say. This clip should be posted on Youtube to let the world know the truth of what is actually happening in Malaysia.

7. not.satisfied - November 29, 2007

so proudly talking about modern islamic country,,,but behaving like …..

8. guabaysong - November 30, 2007

Police pants need to be tighter. So no tendang curi from them.

9. chandran - December 3, 2007

Why DPM worry. He got plenty money. Mebbe he instigated violent police reaction to scuttle Khairy`s plans to be next PM.
DPM could be trying to undermine Bodowee.

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