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請救救 Dora。 November 29, 2007

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(For those who’d prefer the Dora appeal in Chinese.)

Dora芳齡二十五的 Dora 今晨在莎亞南 (in front of Padini Holdings) 被二人綁架。

目擊者稱綁匪是開一輛銀色的 Toyota Camry,車牌號碼是 7641。

麻煩大家看到以上車子,或是 Dora 本身的話,請立刻報警。

如有其它疑問,請電: CHIN WEI, NG +60 16427 2625。





(Source: JerryWho)


1. ChiPet - November 29, 2007

Maybe her kidnappers mistook her for one flat chested human rights activist???

2. Sam Tam - November 29, 2007
3. JerryWho - November 29, 2007

ChiPet is one flat chested human rights activist???

… just wondering

4. bamboo river - November 29, 2007

ChiPet ….who are you talking about? You think it is FUN to be kidnapped???????

5. JerryWho - November 29, 2007

that’s why he/she is what he/she claims to be: ChiPet (it’s a chinese dialect for the reproductive organ).

6. Sharon - November 29, 2007

“Reproductive”?? I should know! It is a sexual organ not a reproductive organ.

7. JerryWho - November 30, 2007

dunno… it depends on what you use it for, i guess.

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