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Dec 8-9: Valley of Hope November 30, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Heritage, History, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Photography, Politics.
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SEVENTY-seven years ago, in an isolated valley of Bukit Lagong, Sungai Buloh, Selangor, there were leprosy patients, sent to live in the Sungai Buloh Leprosy Settlement, where they found hope and dignity. It was a heaven that allowed them to re-define themselves as human beings and enabled them to make friends and sustain friendships, express their feelings, form families and be individuals who contributed to their own community.

Recently, the government announced plans to preserve part of the settlement as a national heritage. But 40 acres (16.19ha) of the settlement has been surrendered to the government, to make way for the medical faculty of the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM). 

Title: “I Love Valley of Hope” Carnival

Date: 8 – 9 December 2007 (Saturday & Sunday)

Title: “I Love Valley of Hope” Carnival

Venue: Dewan Orang Ramai, Sg.Buloh Leprosy Settlement

Initiated by: Sungai.Buloh Settlement CouncilOrganiser: Save Valley of Hope Solidarity Group

Co-organiser: KLSCAH Youth Section, SUARAM, Lost Generation Space Supportive Media: Photo Creator Magazine, Ai FM

VISION: To preserve Sg Buloh Leprosy Settlement as a heritage for mankind

1.Firmly acknowledge the immortality right of living of the lepers patients in Sg Buloh Leprosy Settlement.

2.Introduce the Valley of Hope, educate and create awareness among the public regarding the importance of preserving heritage.

3.Assemble the support and strength of all groups, in corroboration of saving and preserving the Sg Buloh Leprosy Settlement as National Heritage.

Day 1: 8 Dec 07 (Saturday)

*10am-6pm Photo, Leprosy Settlement History and Flora Exhibition

*9am -12pm Drawing Competition

*1pm -2pm Opening Ceremony

*10am -1pm Movies/Documentaries Sharing 

* 2pm-5pm Forum: The Value of Preserving Heritage (Mandarin) 

2 days 1 night “I Love Valley of Hope” Youth Camp 

Day 2: 9 Dec 07 (Sunday)

8am-12pm Family Day & Exposure Trip

10am-3pm Photo,Leprosy Settlement History and Flora Exhibition

10am-12pm Movies/Documentaries Sharing

12pm-3pm Cultural Stage Performances 

Don’t miss this exciting and interesting carnival!!! Be there and have fun !!! And some of my photographs of Sg Buloh will be exhibited there:P)

Call Ms Chua 012-7355025 or Ms Choong 019-3503563 for further information.


1. fred - December 1, 2007

text formating!! :O

2. Mat Salo - December 1, 2007

Eli.. I hope a reasonable part of it is reserved as a National Heritage. In these days of crass development, heritage apparently takes a back seat. Even once-gazetted forest reserve can go to the highest bidder (or no bidder depending on your affiliation) if we’re not careful (case in point D’sara Damai).

The leprosy center is close to my heart. many, many years ago when I was much into mountain biking, the jungles beyond the leprosy center were our hunting grounds. Many a times I spent with folks there just to chat. Haven’t been there for a while and I wonder what happened to the inmates now. I agree, it’s a legacy that needs to be preserved.

3. monsterball - December 1, 2007

For many years ..every month I will drive to the Leprosy Settlement to buy plants….flower pots…fertilizers…..then last two years..simply don’t know how to get in with the roads… all system changed…with very poor road directions.
I have always felt these people are one of the most unfortunate living souls…and need our understandings and respect….not pity.
Each time I was there…I recall the move…
“Ben Hur”….where showing lepers are safe to be cuddle and be close to.
Wonderful news to read and note… Liz is one who those who cares for these people.

4. bamboo river - December 1, 2007

Thank you Eli for this post :-).

To those who do not know how to get there, here are my tips.
You can use the normal Kepong -Kuala Selangor trunk road and exit at the Sg Buloh Komuter Train station Interchange bridge. Clear sign board indicating Sungai Buloh Hospital.

Another easier route but have to pay toll. Use the North South express way. From KL after the Sg buloh interchange towards Rawang about 3 KM you will see the SG Buloh Hospital interchange.
From Ipoh , after the Rawang inetrchange is your exit point.

Exit there , pay your toll and arrive to a T-junction traffic light. In front of you is the NEW Sg buloh hospital complex.
Turn left and about 400 metres is the Venue.

Please , please come and show your support.

5. vlps - December 1, 2007

yeah. if only Malaysia has more women like Liz. ya get what I mean.

6. monsterball - December 2, 2007

Very very true..vlps…and few bloggers who claim to talk for the people and the country against the government….should study right here… what kind of character makes a sincere good blogger.
Another are Dr.Hsu’s Forum and kickdefella…..very humane thoughtful kind and wise bloggers.
It is so clear…one or two so call famous bloggers are promoting their skills to get attention..to get a good permanent job….and not blog for freedom of speech or human rights at all. If they don’t like you…will ban you…yet say they want truths and freedom of speech flourish in our country. These are sickening low class bloggers…seems so successful…because they are showmen….and do get alot of visitors to read and enjoy..never take them seruiously at all.

7. monsterball - December 2, 2007

I hope Liz not mind I wish to advise English educated people…especially young ones to keep buying the newspapers and make it a habit to read newspapers everyday.
One selfish blogger advise people to boycott the papers and turn to internet..Malaysiakini only. I am sure Mr.Steven Gan is happy and grateful.
Newspapers offers much much more news than politics matters.
How on Earth can one sincerely tell others to boycott the newspapers based on the politics that are one sided news..all agree.
what about the many pages of educational news..special write up…sports..fun and games….health cares…hobbies….and foreign news…and many many more to read..even relax and do word puzzles or read the cartoon strips.
How on earth can one have the decency to tell others to boycott the papers based on bias political news…which we all agree.
How may these young Malaysians learn to be interested in reading …if not from the papers..from what? Books readers started from reading papers first!!
We can talk nonsense…but one need to have good sense of responsibilities by not simply blare out anything out of selfish motives….likes and dislikes.
I sincerely urge everyone to keep buying papers… to read.papers as a good habit throughout their working life…for more general knowledge. Don’t listen to silly advises.
It’s a very good morning breakfast habit…to read the newspapers..going to office with first hand news.
Thanks Liz.

8. nstman - December 3, 2007

I agree with Monsterball. The press may be filthy and a propaganda pool of the government but there is no justification in boycotting them.After all there are many useful the reading materials in papers. I suspect those who call for a boycott may have hidden agendas. By the way, all hail Elizabeth, the modern day crusader for justice.

9. vlps - December 3, 2007

Foreign news published in local mainstream papers tend to be very biased on a regular basis. I’m afraid the exceptions you will discover are those attributable to foreign independent(or not) news agencies such as AFP, Reuters etc. Even there you too will find that there are certain seemingly “inscrutable?” basis on which various international news snippets are picked to be published. Oh, am I paranoid now?

As for other important(not to be confused with vital) info like educational updates, sports, fun, games and whatnots, I agree local newspapers do provide quite sufficiently. BUT all these are readily available online at little to no cost most of the time.

I may have to disagree with you on some tiny insignificant points monsterball. IMHO, it is not a matter of sincerity or decency to tell others to boycott the newspapers on grounds that they publish strongly one-sided news. It is something else altogether me thinks. I too told my parents to stop patronizing local papers(for my egotistical reasons). Something they won’t take heed of so far:P Also, interest in reading doesn’t necessarily has to be cultivated from newspaper reading, MUCH LESS from papers that reek of bleeding feces all over. There are, you knew it well I believe, countless other mediums and methods of doing so. As for gathering general knowledge, suffice it to say “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. But otherwise, I totally agree with you it’s good habit to read and to keep oneself abreast with the latest ongoings in the world we live in.

10. monsterball - December 3, 2007

Don’t read any political news if we don’t like…..but buy the newspapers to read so many other things…and sports is my main page to start….eating my breakfast….then browse through…going to office wit first hand news..to be prepare to talk anything about our daily lives. That is what a boss watches over the workers…to see how forward or backward or stagnant he/she is.
How can one keep up to what’s happening to the country…if ignoring newspapers?
How can one become develop a habit to read….if not from newspapers first?
Blog all nonsense …as much as any blogger want..to talk silly and see who will employ such people…who are actually blogging to get attention…to get a better job.
But writing out to boycott newspapers…is very irresponsible and there is a limit to it. To reccommed only Malaysiakini to read…is shallow and insincere ….all can think and understand
All of us are able to read and write…not only learning from schools…but by reading newspapers and novels. Our knowledge expanded by reading newspapers…how on earth one can advise not to read them.
Yes Internet do give alot of good news..but sitting at the computer…all alone and not be the whole family…..with a paper and chat away with the children…will develop another group of sickening selfish Malaysians….just because one selfish unmarried blogger think it as an individual…and never never as a family person.

11. kaki ayam - December 3, 2007

monster ball, I agree with the you about the need to read newspaper to gain more knowledge, all round knowledge. I guess nothing is perfect in this world as these knowledge comes with pro-gov message together.

But sadly, I cannot say the same on The Star as I felt they have too many of advertisement in its paper. Just buy a copy of Sunday Star and check out the pages. There are full page ads, page after page. I just hope The Sun will be thicker next time and be a full fledge paper soon. But then again, The Sun-> Berjaya…sigh…

I understand Sin Chew has plenty of ads too, but nothing compared to the Star. Imagine, I can flip a whole copy of the Main Section and read less than 10 articles. You just can’t read more, cause that’s the amount of articles there are to be read, the remaining are just ads.

I blog about it too-

12. bamboo river - December 3, 2007

I don’t read any bloggers telling all to boycott the newspaper.But I did read a blogger saying boycott is not an answer but more free press for the masses.
So, giving the benefit of the doubt , I believed the said blogger was misinterpreted.
Better re read the posting to avoid mis understanding or there is another blog with the same topic?

13. sofiairdina - December 3, 2007

Playboy magazine or Penthouse magazine do have good articles, educational and entertaining in their own ways but I would not serve it along with the family’s breakfast.

In the same manner, I would not recommend NST or star for “truth” either.

I do agree that boycotting is not the answer but understanding why it should be boycotted is. And we do need alternative views on things. Government’s lies and deceptions included. The only way to get a balanced view is to read NST and Malaysiakini together. We could not stop people from reading NST but we have to have more “malaysiakini.”

14. monsterball - December 3, 2007

We are all sick of the pages adverts and one sided politics in newspapers….but it is still the fact that newspapers is the cheapest form of getting educated and the most exciting way to develop a good habit for reading.
Focus on my main point…to ask young Malaysians to read newspapers….to ask you parents to encourage your children to read…and by showing example..you read too…so buy papers please!! .Good or bad…this is our country and lets not be hypocrites…we elected the government…so we still need to read how they think or do to decide on our future votes.
Bloggers that tells people not to read newspapers are committing a serious social crime…and it’s time we put a stop to this nonsense.
Knowledge is power…so the more we read…the more powerful your will become.
I know one person who read so much about the world countries…and when you talk to him…it is like he has traveled all over the world..but infact…never step a foot out of Malaysia. He can tell you like a tourists…what to eat..where to go..etc etc and it has amazed so many friends to later realized he never traveled at all.
That’s my late father….and he read so much….yet not so educated….but became a bank General Manager ..one of the top three in a huge Bank….and retired at age 70…on his own free will…never told to retire…so a successful worker.
And I know so many well educated people who take reading newspapers a must everyday…then a book for leisure hours….usually at night before sleeping.Talk to these people…any race..any sex…they talk with wisdoms…so nice to hear them talk and learn…for they are knowledgeable through reading habits.

15. monsterball - December 3, 2007

Bamboo river….read the first para of the said blogger and tell me again I am wrong. Better still…read the whole context and tell me what is the blogger trying to say.
In any case….did we not hear quite often many anti-government bloggers tell Malaysians to boycott newspapers? .

16. vlps - December 3, 2007

With all due respect sir, I think you just shot yourself in the foot there when you typed “blog all nonsense”. It is perfectly alright to be agitated sometimes but it ain’t do no good when our nervous system like, interferes with the mental faculty.

Btw, allow me to add that politics touches almost every facet of our lives whether we like it or not. I too wish we can live on sports and games and a little of something mildly resembling work/constructive labour alone. Fact, you will find politics in these areas as well. That is why journalistic independence or much more importantly, the reporting of the truth and nothing but the truth matters absolutely.

In Malaysian setting, however, the notion of “how can one become develop a habit to read….if not from newspapers first?” may be just true, given the praiseworthy state of our gomen’s powderful education system.

17. monsterball - December 3, 2007

Sofia…I don’t understand why newspapers need to be boycotted..if we all agree they do provide a lot of general knowledge and help readers to develop good habit in reading.
Bamboo River borrowed a thick book from me and read in three days!! I bet you…he cannot work without reading the newspapers first.
So lets tell the youngsters how to be knowledgeable…..read read read….start with newspapers.

18. monsterball - December 3, 2007

It depends if 3 little words are chosen out of context to read as it is….but you points are noted with thanks again.

19. kaki ayam - December 3, 2007

eli, i wonder if you have a copy of the NTV7 Siasat on the Leprosy Centre. I wanted to propagate this piece of news, but I guess a letter like this is hard to explain to others on the need to conserve this heritage. Perhaps you could send me some pictures of the Leprosy centre, if you don’t mind.

I will be there to take one look that may be the last.

20. padzac - December 4, 2007

i don’t buy our local newspapers. have not been buying them for more than a year. i refuse to give even one sen of my money to our gomen-controlled newspapers. i read them online because them free lah. and for foreign news… i go online also. last january, i ended my astro subscription. everything i get online now… because its free free free. the only bill i have to pay is my streamyx bill 😀

21. bamboo river - December 4, 2007

Monsterball ….correction…It took me 1 week to finish your book! That is about two hours a day from front to back and back to front. Just to make sure I did not missed any paragraph.
BTW , it was a good read. Thanks to you.

22. bamboo river - December 4, 2007

Oh forgot one thing…I can work without reading the newspaper. But I must have my cup of Nescafe and 2 slices of bread before I start my work. 🙂

23. bamboo river - December 4, 2007

Monsterball, on your comment at no: 15, let’s have a third party to comment on this. Just to be fair to all.

24. kittykat46 - December 4, 2007

The blogger in question most definitely did NOT call for a boycott of newspapers. In the first paragraph of her post, she mentioned that she, personally, had been boycotting govt. controlled newspapes for years. The post, as a whole, is calling for more alternative news. Please don’t just pick up one paragraph out of context.

I agree that reading newspapers is an essential part of a child’s education (and an adult’s continuing education as well). The Star , even NST often has good write-ups on non-political matters. Even advertisements have a useful function, if you happen to be in the market for a purchasing decision.

I would only add for children reading Malaysian newspapers – Parental Guidance Required.

25. monsterball - December 4, 2007

Come on…Bamboo river and kittykat….so many bloggers did ask for boycott of papers..in the past and even now.
Putting to say both of you are right….nevertheless….my message to highlight not to boycott papers and all agree with me. That’s good enough.
What do you mean reading newspapers need parental guidances..kittykat.? I thought most DVD movies easily available is the real headaches for parents.

26. monsterball - December 4, 2007

So you have a Nescafe and 2 slices of bread..no reading papers?
No wonder you cal me sifu…..hahahahaha

27. svllee - December 4, 2007

Hello Elizabeth, I came across your postings about the Sungei Buloh leprosy centre event this weekend and reminded me of my visit to the centre in 1999. I was taken there by a group of ladies from a church organisation. As a photographer, I documented some images in black and white then and submitted a series for a photo-grant funding to pursue the story then as a journalistic piece. I wondered if you would like to show them also. I also met and photographed several of the inmates along with their dwellings, and activities. My photographs are from a while back and may have some nostalgic value to certain people who visit the centre regularly. I will post some pictures up on my blog, please feel free to use them if you wish. Kind regards, Steven Lee


EW: Dear Steven, Thank you for your kind offer. Because I’m not in the organising committee, I’ve forwarded your message to them and I hope they will contact you in time.

28. A Few Good Looking Men Left - December 5, 2007

P….L…..E……..S….EEEEE R…E……A……..D c..a..r….e….f….u…l…l…y, someone/s here are swipping at Susan Loone’s

She enunciates the reasons to boycott one sided print media because they are employed with government propaganda. At no time she had influnce anyone not to buy newspapers!

And Kittykat’s last para: “Parental Guidande Needed!”
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha. Every kids is consider LUCKY when they don’t call you “Papa”.

EW: Thanks for the link. I’m closing this particular thread of discussion and those who wish to continue can go to that more relevant posting.

29. bamboo river - December 5, 2007

I agree with Eli, that is why I do not wish to elaborate more on this issue. Thank you.

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