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Dec 8-9:Valley of Hope (2) December 3, 2007

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1. monsterball - December 3, 2007

Liz…..You do many one feel guilty for not supporting this noble cause.
No message……just three photos….and do say so much.

2. bamboo river - December 4, 2007

Eli, the second photo….is that the Our Lady Of Lourdes Church in the background? Built in the year 1937 ?

EW: Dear BR, No, it isn’t. It is/was one of the houses slated for demolition.

3. ivan yang - December 4, 2007

Sorry, on a different matter, this revoking of citizenship seems to be the new war cry of amno….. how ridiculous can this be?

4. kittykat46 - December 4, 2007

You are quite an artist with the camera. The photos above and the ones you posted in Flickr are very good.

EW: Thank you. Very kind of you. 🙂

5. Myopik - December 4, 2007
6. sofiairdina - December 4, 2007

The price of plants from the nursery around there went up too and like monty, I have to spend extra money driving around trying to figure out where I was. Sungai Buloh had changed a lot and I could hear Bamboo River singing nostalgic songs about the good ole days. Even that nice little thai restaurant had moved to a bigger place (or palace?) but somehow it tasted better when dad brought us there for dinner (at the old place) not so long ago. I asked for one of those umbrella…

Sooner or later, places like Bamboo River Leprosy Center have to make way for development. Its hard to be nostalgic and realistic at the same time, right BR?

Ivan young … hindraf again ka? Tired lah… and honestly, let us not be ridiculuos by trying to figure out whether amno or hindraf is being ridiculous. Just toss a coin and you are right either way.

7. vlps - December 5, 2007

Hi Ivan Yang,
as ridiculous as this may sound, them lots are funny even when they are not trying to be. u could say maybe me too harsh(?) in putting it this way but please, please let us all unite and be counter propagandists now and promote their no.1 world-class plus sommore free stand-up comedy to anyone in our circles and to those we may come across (note: use of personal discretion strongly prescribed here). in particular those who you know to be Internet-deprived etc. ya get what I mean here mate. this is not merely a worthy ‘corridor project’ for our own but also for the young/future. although, i bet you will get some damn good feeling(inside) too while you’re at it.


8. bamboo river - December 5, 2007

Sofia, the thai restaurant you mentioned was just in front of the junction to kampung melayu isn’t it?
The place was popular at that time , now I don’t know where they had shifted after the road widening project. Try asking the kampung folks just beside the primary school. Maybe they can help.
Do you know that once there was a French couple who came to visit 20 years ago, told me this place is so serene and peaceful that want to buy one of the cottage and stay here during the winter season in their country?
Better visit the carnival and tour around the place now. You might not see anything like that after the development comes in.

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