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M for Malaysia: Past, Present & Future December 5, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.
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The administration of the Malaysian government is moving towards complete total hegemonic domination which makes it no difference to the dictactorship of Chancellor Adam Sutler in the movie “V For Vendetta”.

Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch commented “Prime Minister Badawi claims to be a reformer, but when it comes to holding onto power, he and his party make one set of rules for themselves and another for everyone else.”

It’s time for political reform in Malaysia. Vote for change.

People should not be afraid of their governments.

Governments should be afraid of their people.



1. monsterball - December 5, 2007

What a wonderful video to watch.
Yes…governments should be afraid of the people.
In my own small way..I swear to walk the talk as much as I can.

2. oA - December 5, 2007


Change is a must.

Good minded Malaysians should not get all hyped and riled up over the Hindus rally as it is nothing more than a reaction to the bad and stupid policies of bn that engender racism and bigotry in the first place.

The demolition of temples leading to hindraf’s rally are not something that happened by chance but scripted for it to happen so that bn can successfully create what they wanted to – racial and religious sentiments among the different races – for the purpose of recovering the seemingly lost votes among the population.

Malaysians should hold steadfast and not sway one way or another by these seemingly “tactics of bn” and be fooled again.


3. bobjots : redux - December 5, 2007

Malaysia – It’s In Our Hands

If Malaysia wants to count itself a democracy, it can begin by upholding constitutional guarantees of free speech and assembly. The way the system works now, only the ruling coalition can get its messages out.. .. Prime Minister Badawi…

4. ACP - December 5, 2007

We are coming for you, bitch!

EW: And we are going to get you too.

5. 20 Cent - December 5, 2007

Indeed, I love this movie. Anarchy was never enshrined with more love 🙂 Some observations about the similarities between ‘V for Vendetta’ and Malaysia are:

1. The totalitarian political party Norsefire, a conservative, God-fearing government which is quite akin to our own dominant political party.

2. The often spouted axiom, “England Prevails!”, almost a reflection of our dictum “Malaysia Boleh!”.

3. The fears of the Articles of Allegiance, eerily similar to our own Internal Security Act.

4. The government secret police, the Fingermen. Hmmm…I wonder if RELA is going to grow up to this?

5. The enrichment and elevation of party leaders through political brokering.

6. The government slogan “Strength through Unity. Unity through Faith”…I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that.

7. The control of the media by Norsefire, to the point where it becomes a centralized propaganda tool that helps to induce fear and dissension (if required) to keep the population complacent…

Have to watch it again. Love this movie!

6. A Few Good Looking Men Left - December 5, 2007

Well paraphrased. Your 1st para in less than 30 words makes the point for the day. The misrule of ‘The Grand Hatchet Man’ could have been jettisoned off by ‘The Spotless Clean Man’ but instead he duped almoz everyone making hay of the of the venal system inherited from the previous administration henceforth enhance them to enrich himself.

One of the greatest con man in Malaysian history. I shud hav told myself this before trusting anybody-“Never Trust Anyone”. 2 bad I just did! Chalk up another fallen hero. Wait a second, has there ever been a hero born in the BN?

#Whenever commenteries on Susan’s blog is stagnant, sometin’ or some1 are not alright. I mean it, I know her vagaries 2 well. Trust me. 😦

7. A Few Good Looking Men Left - December 5, 2007

Son of a thousand fathers shouted ‘We are coming for you, bitch!’

Elize fired back ‘And we are going to get you too’.

A Few Good Looking Men Said ‘Well Liz, he can’t even handle a potato gun’

8. sensis - December 5, 2007

EW: That is a great riposte 🙂

9. Winston - December 5, 2007

Liz, even the Bar Council is afraid.
It has cancelled its Human Rights Walk on Sunday.
The supposed bulwark of law and order is also scared of the threats of the BN!
But come what may, this government must be tossed aside into the junkyard of Malaysian history!
That’s the only way the country can survive.

10. max - December 5, 2007

Liz, that’s not the way.

11. monsterball - December 5, 2007

I don’t think the Bar Council is afraid.
They had open discussions and put to the votes.These are learned people…and majority voted to cancel the walk. Who are we to say…their decision not to walk…signifying Bar Council is afraid of the government?

12. libraa2 - December 5, 2007

It’s actually this. The citizens are supposed to be afraid of the Malays who are the LAW unto themselves. They are protected from corruption and even rape and murder.
Just see how Malay Power is hounding the poor Indians. Demonized by the Media and the government, the police and now the AG chambers…. and the MIC to boot.

13. vlps - December 5, 2007

My dear ACP,
I wonder what your ACP stands for. Lemme guess……. Adult-Child Pondan?

Must be. Don’t bother replying. You don’t qualify.

14. monsterball - December 5, 2007

vlps….I the he comes from a group call.. Abusive Cocksuker Pondans….satisfying the balls of the government weird guys…trying to make everyone unhappy like them.
This is not the first time….but Liz always responded well all the time.

15. jeancumlately - December 5, 2007

The citizens are supposed to be afraid of the Malays who are the LAW unto themselves. They are protected from corruption and even rape and murder – Libraa 2


Sheesh… are going to get into that stuff again? If you still can not differentiate malays, amno, government and media then please dont comment.

You said Malay Power hounding the poor indians? “Malay Power” and “malays” are not the same thing! Please dont be too careless laa… I never blamed indians for Semivalue’s sinssss so if one malay man fall asleep, please dont say I am sleeping too.

16. klconfidential - December 5, 2007

Hi Liz,

Very nice video and very apt. Mind if i put it in my blog?


I hope you are not referring to all Malays when you said that the Malays are protected from corruption, rape and murder. I have agreed with you on many occasions before this, but this statement of yours, i cannot agree with. I hope all will bear in mind, that all generalizations are dangerous and always proven wrong.

I feel the plight of my indian brothers but I don’t agree with the approach that some people are taking. They tend to generalise and use words like Islamic extremists, terrorists etc. Let’s not go there. There are bigger things to worry about. Why can’t we fight for fairness and equality together instead of turning against each other?

Malaysia needs us now. Especially in these times when we are being so suppressed. Malaysia connects us together. Our religion, language, culture and race may not be able to unite us, but Malaysia is one thing we have that should bring us closer together.

Please don’t generalise the malays. Don’t generalise the indians and chinese either. I wrote about this in my article “Our Skin”. Let’s fight for everyone. Not just one race or religion. Fight for fair & equal treatment of all.

I noticed that nobody mentioned anything about the MPs in each constituency being the colonels for the RELA. This is important. We should all get worried about this, i think. Soon, each constituency’s MPs will have their own small army to command. Like militia.

20 cent wrote in my site – MPs as RELA colonels – Feudal Lords in Modern
Malaysia? I think this is really worrying once you’ve considered that the RELA has more powers to arrest than the police, themselves.

17. monsterball - December 5, 2007

Back to the main topic….It is from Mahathir’s 22 years plus Pak Lah’s coming 6 years that we clearly see UMNO’s most unfair and dictatorial rule on us. So daringly are they…that the whole country important institutions…particularly the Police and the Judicial were clearly puppets of TDM and therefore…the qualities of these two important institutions went down to the drains…TDM do not care….as long as they pleases him on what he wanted them to do.
Pak Lah is weak and his inconstancy is welknown…thus only after three years or more….we can see his hypocrisies and clinging to power by the lowest class or style ever performed by any PM before.
Why are the like that? Why are they so daringly ….conning and cheating the country’s wealth without fear nor regrets.
For one thing….all UMNO and BN active politicians are filthy rich. They know how to cheat together and be satisfied.
Another thing….UMNO thinks they own the country….and anytime royalties show some power….they will try to suppress it…one way or another.
Thirdly….they feel that the will win all elections based on greeds…thus divide to rule and play…making the races want to protect their own rights…and on religion to the malays…to catch them to hold on to it…..as if God gave it to them only.
So we can sum up race and religions are their main success and still feeling so confident to win two thirds majority… or at least 65% of all votes…seats and States.
Why do the think like that..so arrogant and idiotic? The truth is…most of them are below par intelligence…so it is naturally idiots running the country. Sadly…the do have quite alot of below par intelligence members of UMNO…do a they are told…as UMNO cleverly feed them with some coated sugar and sweets..to make sure all are happy and well. This is their success actually…..members of UMNO party being taken cared of …one way or another.
But like all good management…there are flaws…and as many are taken care of….equal amount being taken cared off are comparing and finding out..this not fair….that not equal…therefore….disatisfactions creep into UMNO members….not to forget jealousy too.
In conclusion….I say UMNO is playing a bluff poker game right now.
Just look at the newspapers….no oppositions….and by the way…no matter what….I still recommend everyone to buy papers to read on other topics..plenty to enrich you brain..
Look at how they belittle and bully walkers…..turning democratic rights and freedom to walk and protest to us being a bunch of hooligans.
Take that word “HOOLIGANS” ..as this will be the excuse….to send real hooligans to disrupt the country .Dirty and selfish politicians do not know how to play fair or be responsible like…..so we all must be brave.
All things been said…We are to be blamed!! We voted for them.
Are we satisfied they are no good?. I do….and will vote for change.
Liz said…..
People should not be afraid of the government.
The government should be afraid of the people.
That is the right spirit…if we all want to live with dignities and as human beings with equal rights.

18. monsterball - December 5, 2007

And as long as the Justice Dept is not free…we have a big big problem!
So how free is it now?
Therefore to vote them out is the only solution to free all of us.

19. M For Malaysia!!! - December 6, 2007

[…] blogs and forums have posted the video including one of the most prominent bloggers in Malaysia – Elizabeth Wong Other blogs/forums that linked up this video includes klconfidential.blogspot.com […]

20. Dan-yel - December 6, 2007

I agree with KL confidential.

Malaysians, please wake up. It’s time to see ourselves by our own race, oh even this statement is fast becoming a cliche!

Yes, the Indians are suffering marginalization, but how about the Malays who make up 90% of the poor in Malaysia? Don’t you see, Libraa, that it is not a war against the Malays? Get out of that racist hide of yours and start looking all of us, as human beings, stakeholders of this nation called Malaysia. All of us will gain and lose from the betterment of this country, but all will lose if we’re too foolish to turn against each other.

One thing I noticed among some of the Indians I met (and the Chinese and the Malays as well), is that they’re so inward looking, refusing to see beyond racial line. What’s the matter with you?! How deep is it that racial identity that has embedded deep into your conscience that everythin you see is based on race? Isn’t it time that we get to learn more about each other? It’s sad that… no words can describe.


21. A Few Good Looking Men Left - December 6, 2007

I hate to touch on this issue, but I leave it to Liz discretion to publish it as this is nothing new/-

I condemned any hate agitation by all sides of creed. But remember, Salman Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses”, every sprinkle of mud on the globe Moslims stepped on, they rose in unision in ‘fatwa’ or mere protest (for the moderates) recriminating the call by one Iranian radical Islamic Fundamentalists for Salman’s head. Another anology was the Danish cartoonist who depicted a caricatureof Muhammad (the highest Prophet in Quran) as a murderous entity sanctioning the killnigs of infidels and promissing of 72 virgins. The cartoonists even went to hiding under bounty death threats.

But when one Iranian President spouted “Isreal must be wiped off the map”, no Moslems life went under any threats. Other religion other than Islam are mostly matured enough to takecriticisms even mockeries and insults within the framework of civilized debate. The emblems of Christians, Jesus Christ were even mocked from time to time even from singer like Madonna and u never hear a Christian called an end to the singer’s life.

And Dan Brown’s controversial movie “Da Vinci Code” based on a highly controversial novel in debunking Jesus Christ as “Son Of GOD”
according to the canonicality of Christian beliefs as recorded in the Bible, the Vatican sprung up in condemnation against the movie and Dan Brown, but no life threats were uttered on Mr. Brown’s safety.

When the moderates are silent as the extremist are at work against other creed, it denotes of what Eric Hofer wrote “Power corrupts the few, weakness corrupts the many”. This applies to race as well wherever merited any mention.

22. A Few Good Looking Men Left - December 6, 2007

Well Liz, Thank You for makin’ MY POINT! 🙂

23. vlps - December 6, 2007

please too allow me blog owner to hop onto the bandwagon and make public these links at your discretion.

i believe that each and everyone of us are able to think on our own feet and, given enough time and right resources, we can all go far together in future.


if freedom of religion truly prevails in this country of ours, letting people surf the internet/read and make their own judgments about wordly issues cannot be possibly worse than letting a kid name a teddy a Most Holy(p.b.u.h) name? Right? please correct me if i’m wrong.

even a presidential pardon was granted Gillian Gibbons after a day or two. surely Malaysia can do better than that.

24. jeancumlately - December 6, 2007

In order for us to move forward, let us keep things straight and simple. We are of different races and different cultures subscribing to different values and beliefs. The christians may look at jesus christ differently from the muslims look at prophet Muhamad. If it is okay for the christians to accept mockeries on Jesus, it does not mean that the muslim must adopt that same value. Why not just respect it instead? It is as simple as taking your shoes off when you visit a malay house! If you know that its a taboo to the muslims when you draw their peophet’s picture, why do it? And you want to talk about understanding after that?


But when one Iranian President spouted “Isreal must be wiped off the map”, no Moslems life went under any threats so said Few Good Man Left

Excuse me my friends…. the life of the iranians were under threats from the big brother well before he even said any word. And let us not start talking about the loss of muslims’s lives, you know, real death and not mere threats.

25. monsterball - December 6, 2007

Well said jeancumlately!!
And bloggers have different personalities too! For example…at kata tak nak.blog……he loves to joke and even using filthy words….but for visitors to read his and my response…they think we are filthy. Such is the narrow minded one track minded people..no flexibilities. Such people cannot can be considered…wise and qualified to preach to others.
But one or two are intelligent and snaky….. will use these excuses to downgrade others….as their objectives has always been so.
I befriended a commentator who loves to meet me and talk for hours….then I notice he like to befriend to some that I consider not my friends. so I told him to stop mixing with me.
We need to draw a line…as in blogging..so many faceless…nameless that do not walk the talks….but keep teaching others what is right or wrong in life and even judge you inch by inch. And those being judged are like the lawyers…BERSIH and Indians who walk the talks. Right or wrong..they dare to be brave and walk the talks.
Yes jeancumlately….you will observe many do not know how to draw a line..or understand things..yet talk so much to judge others.
They are narrow minded and cannot take so call dirty jokes as infact clean and witty.
I have talked to you for few years now. Our characters are there for all to read and understand…but few told me…they cannot really understand my true character….but trust me completely….hahahahahaha
That is have a versatile character.
And to those that never travel and
“Speak as the Roman does”…will not get friends so easily like me ..so fast and fun to be with.
But what turns me off..is one trying to be too smart and…trying to me too smart..putting me at a disadvantage.
I can tolerate hypocrites..as I am not perfect ..as long as their hypocrisy does not make a sucker out of me.
Yes….jean…in Malaysia..we have a long way to go..to understand and respect each other sincerely….as misunderstandings are basically due to lack of mixing up with all sorts of people.
I am most fortunate to have that opportunity as a businessman…and after more than 40 years..trusted and respected by the people most important to my business….who cares what bloggers or commentators think about me. To me …it is fun and I can stop commenting anytime I want…like I told one blogger off……and she got offended and banned me..no big deal.

26. Fire Breather - December 7, 2007

Totally agree that a change is long overdue. The one sided policy underaken by the Government under the NEP (“Never Ending Policy”) is not at all good for other races. Long long do the non-bumis have to tolerate and suffer?

27. License To Heal Or Kill - December 7, 2007

1st step, get yourself at least 100 sleeping pills and a pistol, then drive to any sky-rocketing building. Alight from your vehicle and press on the lift button to elevate to the balcony.

2nd step, stand on the ledge face against the fall and gulp on the sleeping pills with plenty of water, make sure they digest first (5 minutes wud b ok). Then when the effects kicks in count till 25, then pull the trigger and u will surely falls.

If the gunshot won’t kill you, the sleeping pills will. And if the gunshot and the sleeping pills still won’t kill u, the fall surely will. And if the tripartite still fails and u are still kickin’ and playin’ on the internet, then u don hav 2 try again coz u r immortal, which means that most of us here are f**ked.

No humans alive UNDERSTANDS WHAT THE HELL ARE U TALKING ABOUT! U HAVE A 5 YEAR OLD BRAIN (that is IF u have a brain) trapped in a seventy year old body and a “NUISANCE IN ALL BLOGS”

28. vlps - December 7, 2007

Question. i suppose you get the inspiration for your cyberworld moniker from the movie “Monsterball” starring Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton?;)

if you don’t mind.

29. sensis - December 7, 2007

IGP: Hindraf linked to terrorist groups

30. sensis - December 7, 2007

Anyway, whatever it may be, those behind these religious controversies may have met their objective. The Malays may finally unite under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as planned. And once that happens, Abdullah can safely call for the dissolution of Parliament to make way for the 12th General Elections. Okay, so they lose the Chinese and Indian votes. Okay, so they only garner 60% of the votes. But that does not matter as long as the 60% comes from Malay votes because these 60% votes from united Malays command 80% of the seats. And all Abdullah needs is two-thirds and 80% is more than two-thirds. And, in the meantime, all non-Muslim religious symbols and statues are declared haram and will no longer be allowed in Malaysia, by religious decree.

31. monsterball - December 7, 2007

vlps….yes and no. Yes…I like .that nick…as when no one has ever seen me …it is to programmed them to think I am a monster. That was my joke to readers.
But once they know me personally…. or seen my photo as it has been published all over… so many youngsters love to call me with respect..”Uncle Monty”…and say I am no monster…hahaahahaha
Now having written so much….I guess my character is an open book.

32. monsterball - December 7, 2007

If humans cannot understand what I am talking about….is infact one human with a very low IQ, SAD.

33. ACP - December 8, 2007

We are coming for your ass too, bitch! Nothing like a chocolate sex from an ass bitch!

34. Say No To Vicious, Vulgar n Vain - December 8, 2007

No. 1, 4, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18, 25, 31, 32, 33 may be the same felon.Others have been using such forums as a channel to discuss, sharing probably meaningful exchanges and banter, and a very very important forum as imparting updates on worldly affairs as inversion to the one sided media.

Unfortunately, if one peruses the aforesaid no.(including) other predating forums in your blogs) their commenteries are aimed at someone with malicious insinuations.

1st he came for Susan. Then he came for other commenters. Oh yeah, before Susan, he almost has nowhere to go because almost every bloggers barred ‘it’! Could ‘it’ be a courageous unmaleable hero who are so hungry for the TRUTH or a cracko who may be another O.J. Simpson?

35. whispering9 - December 8, 2007

Aiyah SN2VV&V….only No.33 is suffering from acute Kluver-Bucy syndrome. Hope No.33 doesn’t choke on it.

36. Meow - December 9, 2007

Well Double Agent 35, For your (whoever) concerns knowledge, this agent has been an instigater in provokoing two or more factions onto a fight. Now he play a pacifict so he could discard his veil and expose his ‘face’.

Hey, always smile when the light is out, coz I donwanna bump onto u. Hahahahahahahaha.

37. monsterball - December 9, 2007

yea ….I guess in blogging we commentators are using our talents to the extreme. Some are being encouraged by one blogger I know of…keep criticizing the government……yet cannot take criticisms….saying Pak Lah is unfair… unjust…yet apply same dictatorial attitudes to ban or not allow people to speak their minds out. Yes..it is bloggers rights to chose who can visit their blog…but is that not stopping freedom of speeches? Don’t mix up with so call cybertroopers as against commentators that speak as they think for the good of the country.
Complaint no freedom of speeches from the government…yet proclaim being an NGO famous Malaysian activist…but never ever walk the talk.Have a side kick….that has an onion skin face….so thick skin….nameless ..faceless and also never walk the talk…but keep pouncing negatives against the government….for years…told not to peach to others…yet keep doing it. And such people are master to insults too!!
At least POLITICAL bloggers have shown their true colors.
Yes…..great to know how we judge each other.
That makes the government more right…as strangely all of us seem to be of same minds and opinions about the injustices and unfair treatments we get…..yet here we are on each others throats..exposing each other with all sorts of labels.
How many have the experiences to comment with honour and integrity? I guess..who cares..as faceless… nameless that do not walk the talks seems to dominate blogsphere….thus it is a joke to majority than serious stuffs.
In that sense….I think UMNO and BN are right…. they will return with a good majority in next election. remember…this old man does not care who win or loose….but love Malaysians….and like a family…there us always bad apples…so throw all your insults at me…..and may all of you live to enjoy it.
Malaysia boleh?….hahahahahaha

38. whispering9 - December 9, 2007

Dearest Pussy,
I read your comment 5 times (stupid me!) and still make no sense as to what and who are you directing the insult at. Don’t takut, I sincerely doubt I will ever bump onto u smiling even in daylight. The joke was not even funny or original. Yeah, go laugh it out in front of the miror naked. FYI, I was only agitated with ACP who was obviously very rude to Eliz and a coward that constantly hides behind the computer screen. I am only concern for Eliz safety if commentators do not speak out against stalkers like ACP. FYI, I know MB and he cannot be lumped together with ACP. Don’t bother to reply…you are disgusting! GTH.

39. Meow - December 9, 2007

Well snakehead 38, are u talking to me?

I just pretendid that u did.

Well, you see, everyone detested ‘ACP’. No room for your profound hipocricy here. I reserved the elaboration for another day. don’t worry, you have a foul mouth reeking at a meter radius so even if the light is not on, I won’t be bumping onto u. My time is done here, for now, however I will expose your hipocricy some other day. Me, to hell? No. You 1st.

Sorry Mr. 34 for borrowing your style in number-ing. No offence meant.

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