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Suaram: Demonising HINDRAF hurts Malaysia December 7, 2007

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PRESS STATEMENT: 7 December 2007

Demonising HINDRAF hurts Malaysia:
Class, not ethnicity should be national focus

The intensive media and political attacks against HINDRAF for almost two weeks have served only to hurt and embarrass the nation.

Instead of addressing and resolving the substantive and the essence of HINDRAF’s grievances, the government has instead sought to use all its available resources and state functionaries – from the police to government-linked non-government organisations (GONGOs), from the mass media to government institutions such as the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM), to demonise and vilify HINDRAF and Malaysian citizens of Indian descent.

This reflects badly on the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, who rode into power in 2004 on the promise that he would listen and act on the people’s grievances. However when citizens march on the streets wanting to be heard, the Prime Minister, who is also the Internal Security Minister, turned a deaf ear and instead threw chemically-laced water and teargas canisters at them.

We call for the immediate and unconditional release of demonstrators arrested during the HINDRAF rally. The might of the State, which had come down on HINDRAF demonstrators, is unprecedented and ironically justifies their claims that Malaysian-Indians are indeed oppressed.

The pleadings of the poor, marginalized and underprivileged cannot be resolved through hotlines, statistics and the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC). The root of the problem lies in the wanton manner in which the country’s resources have been plundered by UMNO and its cohorts for its own benefit, leaving crumbs for the rest to fight over.

We call for the end of racial discrimination in Malaysia and an end of the NEP, for it has served only to enrich the privileged few.

After 50 years of Independence, it is imperative to move from a race-based affirmative action policy to one that is class-based and focused on those in need, regardless of ethnic backgrounds. Only then can there be distributive justice and genuine progress to a truly multicultural and prosperous society, free from want and free from fear.

Elizabeth Wong
On behalf of
SUARAM Secretariat.


1. monsterball - December 8, 2007

Poor poor Malaysian Indians.
Easily got angry….blared out things out of anger.. and throw stones back to fight tear gas and water cannons treatments by the police…..are now continuously being bashed at…non stop by the government…to justify the brutality acts of the police force.
If suicide bombers and so call terrorists are expertly being monitored by our government for years…….why speak out of the Tamil Tigers matters now….after the walk?
They should warn the public all these …before the Hindraf walk….so that…at least the 99.9% innocent Indians may withdraw walking with the so call Tamil Tigers supporters.
The government brags ….exposing few bombing incidents that did not materialized in the past.
So if there are Tamil Tigers in Hindraf walk…why refused permit first… keep quiet….and now talk so much for two weeks…non stop..abut this and that they know.
Is that not double standards …..keeping quiet….then give all the terrible treatments and later justify their bullying and dirty acts against the Indians by exposing this and that? Worst of all…Samy agrees… while his own race is clearly being mistreated and bullied.
I do hope the Indians have learn to be stronger and wiser now….and they will be equal to all Malaysians…come voting time.
Hope the 100,000 walkers… go house to house of all Indians..to explain the real situations and when truths are revealed sincerely…it has to get good results…unless they are all lies coated up with sugar and spice. we will see…. all will know soon enough.

2. kittykat46 - December 8, 2007

I’m just disgusted at the amount of disinformation , half-truths and outright lies being put out by the PM, IGP, mainstream media and sundry BN apparatchiks on Hindraf. The organisation didn’t just appear last week. They had run a low level campaign for a long time to publicise the plight of Indians – I had been following their website for months.

Including numerious police reports on the destruction of Hindu temples, suspicious deaths of Indian remand detainees. The government ignored them for months, regarding them as a pesky mosquito group. Then finally, they put tens of thousands of marchers on the streets of KL, and the government now suddenly labels them as “having links to terrorists” and is throwing everything at them.

What a lot of Bull S**t.

I think the political equivalent of an A-Bomb just exploded under Semi-Value’s seat.

3. whispering9 - December 8, 2007

Well, when whispers and cries for freedom and justice resonates and oscillates into songs, it will be difficult to close the gate with more false information, intimidation and arrests. Not when ordinary critizens, lurkers and fence sitters are willing to keep the lose everything to keep the gates open. It is better for BN to reconsider their current plight and act graciously. Even if they manage to contain the current unhappinese and rising, they will be eventually torned by internal strifes due to a weak, indecisive and ungenerous leadership. A leader who doesn’t listen to more than 40K will not listen to you after you have done his biddings, as simple as that lah (message to the BeeNee supporters).

4. yh - December 8, 2007

nothing new, eh. akap tak serupa bikin.
listen to rakyat’s problems? you must be joking. how about listening to PGCC, Monsoon Cup and having a nice holiday in Perth. at least, he has deffered his holdiays this round while Johor is under floods. may be Jeanne ahs put some sense into his head. well, at least he is listening to his wife. good start, eh?

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