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PM hates free and fair elections too December 9, 2007

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We have been informed that those arrested during the BERSIH (Coalition for Free and Fair Elections) rally on 10 November have been summoned today to report to IPK Kuala Lumpur today.

According to Suaram, it is likely that the police intends to charge them.

More updates later.

Suaram’s Review of 2007 Civil and Political Rights Report will be released tomorrow morning at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall at 9.30 am.

Expect some fireworks.


1. ACP - December 9, 2007

You’re next bitch!

2. monsterball - December 9, 2007

And he loves to be a dictator with no class and style like Mahathir.
Coming election is a vote against dictatorship or be control like slaves.

3. A Few Good Looking Men Left - December 9, 2007


I am drawin’ a Magnum .44 from my holster……. I hope u r ready.

4. Sharing - December 10, 2007

Oppositions – PM’s democracy had come!!
Any “vocal” opposition not on the list?

See how PM celebrates HR days?
See what PM meant by Democracy?
See why old Istana has to be replaced?
As renovation is difficult than building a new!
So new “Democracy” on its way!!

If Constitutions not straightened, no way!
If obligations, Penal Codes of authority not insisted, no way!
If EC and Judiciary cannot be straight up, no way!
If AG report cannot be acted upon, no way!
If voters mind not HR being smashed today, HR to come? no way!

Why Hindraf has to talk to the world at large
but not even in any room here that they had touched?
PM had laid the ground for Hindraf hard tasks!!

So many been deprived!!
So, many will be in one line!!
PM, you have thrashed so many asides
they have become a mountain by your side!!
Don’t they catch you by the sight??

5. Sharing - December 10, 2007


PM and Authorities can bully because they breathe through one nose!
A few lawyers from 13,000’s got arrest because Bar cannot even have one voice!
From so many happened, Dato still think Lawyers are the only spot that PM bugged?
Any opposition on the way that PM had been touched?
Will Lawyer in Ivory Tower work?
Can’t even seen Hindraf lawyers stuck after so many legal work?
Can’t see PM talk politics and no more Laws?

BAR, should call an EGM or electronic vote to tell PM Bar has one voice!
a voice of Human Rights need to rise!
or Lawyers can never fight even by the rim of the BAR!
Bar to act to saveguard everyone’s Rights and so be the BAR!!
Act quick or lawyers be behind the bar
same goes the laws and Human Rights
not behind the bar but surely in the Dark!!

BAR need to work not outside the IPK but in the Court!!

6. Fire Breather - December 10, 2007

Dictator M was bad and had caused lotlotof hardship to non-bumis.. Now AB just following his foot steps and trying his best to become a dictator as well ….meh? Very sad indeed – any more hope for our future generations in Malaysia? Thinking Malaysians – vote wisely and don’t be fooled again by BN.

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