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Lawyer ‘hero’ December 10, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.
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Only 2 weeks ago, these lawyers were working overtime, for almost 3 days, to assist the hundreds of demonstrators who were arrested during the HINDRAF rally on 25 November. (captured below)

Coincidentally (or maybe not?) Latheefa, Edmund, Eric, Sivarasa and Surendran are members of Suaram, with the former two sitting in the current Secretariat.  

Latheefa Koya with her bundle 

N. Surendran speaking to families of those arrested during the HINDRAF rally  

Amer Hamzah speaking to Surendran  

Edmund Bon exiting PULAPOL gates after meeting with detainees 

All of them, together with R. Sivarasa, John Nadu, Nooraza Othman and Eric Paulsen are expected to be charged in court on World Human Rights Day at 9 am, Duta magistrates Court.  


1. ACP - December 10, 2007

Your ass is next bitch!

2. latentenergy - December 10, 2007

Praise to the lawyers and all Human Rights Proponents for promoting basic Human Rights on World Human Rights day by marching from Sogo Departmental store to .Dataran Merdeka.

The interference by the illegal police and subsequent arrest of the Human Right Marchers on the Human Right Walk for celebrating World Human Rights Day just showed that the police are a bunch of no-brain legitimate gangsters ruling the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

It’s time the IPCMC proceed with the revamp of this corrupt police structure if law and order are to prevail on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Is Malaysia a Democratic or Despotic country? Judging from the barbarian acts of the legitimate gangsters with blue uniform, Malaysia is definitely a Despotic country.


3. Winston - December 10, 2007

Our PM has been saying that holding rallies is not the Malaysian way.
So, what is the Malaysian way?
Does it mean that Malaysians must accept everything the BN government says as the gospel truth?
Does it mean accepting everything the government does as beneficial, even if it is clearly shown to be against the interests of the people who elected it and who fill its coffers with tax money?
Does it mean that the government is right in implementing selective prosecution of its citizens?
Does it mean that the citizens must keep quiet no matter what the government does?
Does it mean that except for the BN, nobody has any stake in this country?
I think that the time is over for the government to do whatever it likes and I’m glad that the citizens have at last woken up to what is really going on in this country and are taking action to right what is wrong!

4. max - December 10, 2007

Lateefa, you are great.

5. Sharing - December 10, 2007


At second look, something wrong with Ambiga!!

Why only DBKL and not the Police to be charged?
Why talking only Trespassers and not other law breakers to the Bar?
Why not talking Human Rights for Peaceful walk from Sogo to the Bar?
Bar did not walk on Human Rights Festival!
Some brave members of Bar & People had walked the Festival!!
Don’t you dare even to Voice the Bullies to the walk????
Are you shy?
Or have Human Rights been out of your sight?
Or the 5 are not members of yours?
who had uphold Justice without fear or Favour?

Lawyers, tell Ambiga what to do
A Bar for Lawyers and Justice to whom it may concerned!!

6. yh - December 10, 2007

Malaysia a member of Human Rights Council? might as well relinguish the membership if it is so. at least, the country would not be termed as a hypocrite.
if it wants to be dictatorial, just say so. the majority rules, right. if the minority aint happy, go to the ballot box to effect a change. of course, your chances are almost none coz this is the only regime capable of running the country. I didnt say this. ask the EC chief. No wonder, the regime wants to tinker with the Constitution to extend the retirement age f the EC by one year in record time, eh?

7. anonwho - December 10, 2007

Watching the videos, the women really come up tops. They are brave and vocal. Can you tell us a little about latheefa koya? Hope this lady runs for public office. I’d vote her.

8. Fist of Asia - December 10, 2007

Malaysia – Police State

9. Tan Joo Lee - December 10, 2007

ASP, if you are going to say something so vile, have the balls to give your real name.

10. max - December 10, 2007

Dear ACP,
Why pick on a lady like EW? Does your ACP stands for American Cock Puffer? I think your mum didn’t bring you up well. You must a product of UMNaziO’s NEP. If I get students like you in my class, surely you would get 2 whacks on the back. Then you would run home to your mum and cry like a baby.
You can give your views but please don’t call people names.

11. monsterball - December 10, 2007

We all should salute these brave freedom fighters for the country.
Just think…what personal benefits do they get out of their convictions and actions?
Credit must also be given ..when credit is due…and we should give credit to Pak Lah for saying he will arrest all law breakers…including lawyers..so he did..also on the Bersih people too…thus all walkers have leaders arrested……and up to know…I really don’t understand what those UMNO ministers keep saying…something like this…’This is not Malaysia way. They can do it at the ballot box..not on the streets. This is a democratic country”…bla bla bla.
I guess daily protests all over the world… with license to do them arel not democratic countries…..except Malaysia.
UMNO is obviously suffering from guilt …fear and selfishness…..as loosing the power means many many have to go to jail…sooner or later…so their sense of fear is so great…..they talk nonsense.
Now back to Pak Lah’s fairness. Lets see how he is going to deal with the police unfair and brutal illegal actions.
Bar Council President have condemned the police illegal actions and Pak Lah said Bar Council and he are one of the same thoughts….so lets see his response…as I am sure…Bar Council will not let this incident go lightly, The 100 lawyers have the rights to walk and practice their democratic rights. What’s wrong with UMNO sense of logics?

12. aie - December 10, 2007

“No one is above the laws” -PM. Shouldn’t it mean, anyone can get permit from our “bolehland” police and not only to the one whom is above the laws. The most funniest is that lawyers detained for peaceful walk in conjunction to World Human Rights Day. And yet, as no one above the laws and we are so “called” democratic bolehland country, therefore, these lawyers are given option ISA or lost citizenship-ALI RUSTAM. Whose’s country is this? The one above the laws or everyone whom none is above the laws.

13. Malaysia greets human rights day with arrests and threats of ISA! « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog * - December 10, 2007

[…] Malaysia greeted the International Human Rights Day by showing its most un-human rights attitude – that of arresting lawyers and the civil society for exercising their rights to freedom of expression and assembly, and for doing so on the eve of Human Rights Day. Elizabeth Wong has a good post on “Lawyer Hero‘. […]

14. monsterball - December 10, 2007

I wonder if Pak Lah is also an experts to study 6th sense or third eye or lost of the 7th sense to conclude some of us are inferior and less smarter than those smart beyond and above beings..
Worst….with so smart conclusions that will make all religions out dated.
You see…in Malaysia and through blogging…we have so many experts to described anyone …like a new found religion…which some are lost souls in their explanations.
Pak Lah seems to lost his sense of logics totally….and all he utters daily are senseless and unbelievable lies.I wonder is he a student to these idoitic teachers.

15. david toro - December 10, 2007

What makes a breach of law an act of civil disobedience? When is civil disobedience morally justified? How should the law respond to people who engage in civil disobedience?

follow the history and u can over throw this regime! selamat berjuang

16. fair - December 10, 2007

Bravo to the courageous and righteous lawyers !

17. trademark registration - December 11, 2007

See, not all lawyers are bad. =)

18. piggylaws - December 11, 2007

I’m sure the Bar has reasons for calling off the walk. After all, didn’t the Bar walked for Justice at Putrajaya?? One must look at things objectively.

With the recent Hindraf demonstration, can one safely assume that people (with political agendas) will not abuse the march under the banners of the Bar? Fortunately, the march was peaceful and the police came out looking like fools. But please remember, the Bar must also be responsible for the interest and safety of the public.

There is a time and place for everything. Surely, there will be another appropriate time to march again.

19. vlps - December 11, 2007

aiyo ACP! you again! if u don’t like the blog owner, then don’t come here la. what’s the point? and say la what you want……….sigh.

haven’t answer my last question to you sommore wanna put malaysiakini as your url meh. who are u kidding? UMNO?

actually ACP, there’s somewhere else far better for you to bark at you know. it’s in front of my house… i love dogs very much, really! i might just take you in. see how 1st la.

i don’t think from hereon now anyone of us should waste time addressing ACP. it’s just not worth the energy.

20. monsterball - December 11, 2007

vlps…This ACP is a pain in the arse.
But we must not forget……UMNO leaders for past 27 years under Mahathir and Pak Lah…are showing same examples…. telling who ever are anti-government in whatever forms…spoken or written and actions on the streets shown… will be treated with irritating commentators and unlawful law officers.
They lost their bearings totally. Instead of protecting the public…the police force is protecting a political party.
Let the whole world see and laugh at our government.
Oh I forgot….they don’t care. They are thick skinned blokes too!!

21. harimau - December 11, 2007

ACP – is that all you can manage? are you feeling better? happy? good dog. well done. have a biscuit. woof?

EW – your blog should state that people with mental age of 12 and below are to refrain from wasting your space.

EW: In due time.

22. ES - December 20, 2007

apa berlaku pada 9hh.dec ini adalah sangat memalukan!!!!…sebagai Orang Asli saya rasa nak muntah, geram, marah dan benci tiap kali memikirkan peristewa ini. perlakuan dan tindakan yang ditunjukan bukan saja oleh polis dan dbkl tetapi kerajaan adalah sangat-sangat memalukan dan betul-betul menggambarkan seolah mereka tidak berpegangan, tidak bermoral dan langsung tidak berperikemanusiaan! sehingga saat ini saya tidak sanggup lagi membaca akhbar, menonton berita(tv) dan mendengar radio…kerana setiap kali saya teringin berbuat demikian saya sara mual dan perasaan benci saya meluap-luap!….
wahai kerajaan, polis, DBKL dan mana-mana individu yang telah dengan sengaja membuat tindakan kejam ini tolong lah hentikan…kerana OA yang kamu anggap sangat BODOH! dan yang telah kamu TIPU dan PERBODOHKan selama ini turut melihat dengan dekat segala perlakuan kamu!!..KAMI OA sudah jelak dan hilang kepercayaan Dengan Kamu…!!! lepaskan semua yang kamu tahan tanpa sebab atau dengan sebab rekaan kamu!!!…jangan sampai kamu menyesal!!…dineraka nanti..kerana yang percaya adanya neraka pun Orang-Orang kamu juga…syaitan!

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