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World Human Rights Day 2007 December 10, 2007

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World Human Rights Day 2007 was spent at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court 1 and 2, with some of Malaysia’s finest folks – lawyers, activists, politicians, friends new and old, and Mr Velvet; who had all come to give support to our own ‘prisoners of conscience’ i.e. all those detained during the lawyers’ and civil society march yesterday and the wonderful brave men of BERSIH, especially from PAS’ Unit Amal.

Eight plus hours on spiky heels. Well worth it, seeing the Attorney-General sweat over small stuff like bail. (hehe…)

It was the most memorable HR Day ever. 😀


1. Mosesfoo - December 10, 2007

Maybe d’fella has been too long being plump n plush in da air-cond n da fine dine, do ya think so?

2. Sharing - December 10, 2007
3. ACP - December 11, 2007

Enjoy your freedom now bitch! We’re coming for ya!

4. oA - December 11, 2007


“If the choice is between public safety and public freedoms, I do not hesitate to say here that public safety will always win. I will not sacrifice my sense of accountability to the greater public, especially in the face of police intelligence about planned fighting or other violent intent.” – said pm


A moron’s endeavor in mocking a smart general public, the constitution and the country!!!

All in once sentence! Quite an accomplishment!



5. k.esu - December 11, 2007

Hindraf says it rightly:
PETALING JAYA: Umno Youth regrets the statement by the Hindu Rights Action Force which described Umno as its enemy.

So what does Prof. Emeritikus Khoo Kay Peng say to this after having contributed to it:

AN MCA leader has ticked off several university lecturers for bringing in their personal views during lectures on inter-racial relationship.

The whole BN(UMNO) is an enemy now. MCA, MIC (the main partners) have been supping with the UMNO devils.

6. fred - December 11, 2007

you sound like you thrive *on* adversity, elizabeth 😉

7. kittykat46 - December 11, 2007

Hindraf, Human Rights Lawyers, Bloggers (Jeff Ooi interrogated), the regime has declared open season on its critics.
The wolf of a PM has shed his sheep’s clothing. The fangs and claws were there all the time – he’s just been fooling a lot of us all this while.

8. 1people1nation - December 11, 2007

If there is too much freedom for the Malaysians, then there is no stability for the BN/UMno robbers to plunder the wealth and assets of the Malaysian People and nation’s resources. Too much freedom for the Malaysian People will give ammunitions to the Malaysian People the avenues to expose the blatant corruptions by the BN/UMno robbers/thieves.

So Bodohlah is right for himself. Bodolah prefers stability to plunder the nation than the freedom of the Malaysian People stifling his plundering of the nation’s wealth.

International Human Rights Day

Festival of Rights 2007

9. monsterball - December 11, 2007

He sad he wants fair minded ..responsible-like and self respect Malaysians.
That’s exactly what we all want….don’t we?
So how on earth millions of Malaysians do not agree with him?
Maybe he is telling us forget the unfair treatment by other PMs.
And not only irresponsible ministers …..but corrupted ones…forget about it. He is not corrupted…look only to him.
And for self respect…which he and UMNO wants…..we must never let them loose face and say sorry for all the mistakes. That’s not UMNO’s way to admit mistakes and say sorry. That’s why after 50 years..UMNO are the world best in twisting and turning hypocritical politicians..
Understand that…and we can all live happily.
So talk too much…..get the taste of what UMNO can do.
But it’s a ploy to create fear and disorder…..new style…not like before…crude and get hundreds died for nothing…. to win an election out of emergency rule. Now it is Police rules…..their interpretations of law and order….take it or leave it and do your says at the ballot boxes ..not on the streets.
No permit means no permit.
Notice Mahathir was smiling looking at Pak Lah at the Lima Show and Pak Lah ignored him? That cunning fox knows Pak Lah cannot touch him now…as it is not UMNO’s way…so forget Malaysian way.
As you can see..UMNO DO think they own all of us…and this is their country to rule us forever.
Sultans?….I can only say…it is our one hope for the future.
Don’t run away or migrate……that’s what makes them happy. Stay put and keep being brave and true to the country.
Their end is near…they know it…so brave Malaysians….don’t be scared of this or that.
There is no more racialists Malaysians like before….meaning sensitive and one track minded. Majority Malays are feeling not treated fairly too. They have enough race and religion dirty politics.
Just look at BESIH protest march and be inspired.

10. Damocles - December 11, 2007

“Eight plus hours on spiky heels. ”

Liz, do your feet a favour.
In future, remember not to wear high heels if you’re going to be on your feet for such a long time, eh!

EW: I thought I’d be there for a couple of hours…

11. k.esu - December 11, 2007

Post Bersih memo handover: Arrests ongoing
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 11 (ES) – In spite of multiple police checks, roadblocks and traffic jams that stretch for kilometres from the parliament house, the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) has managed to gain entry into its lobby and hold a press conference around midday today.
Harakah reporter Muhammad Azamin Muhammad Amin and English Section journalist Saadon Aksah reporting from parliament said the Bersih press conference was successfully concluded.

Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) executive director and Bersih coordinator Yap Swee Seng had read aloud the Bersih memorandum earlier and then handed it to opposition MPs to be forwarded to the Prime Minister.


12. obn - December 11, 2007

“”There is…a method to all the mad threats of war coming out of the Blue House. While the saber-rattling is reckless as UM-O policy, it’s a proven winner as election ­year BN campaign strategy. The real point may be less to intimidate lawyers, activists or bloggers than to frighten Malaysians. Fear, the only remaining card this administration still knows how to play, may once more give a seemingly spent economy a crack at Putrajaya in 2008.”

Did not phrase it myself…just borrowed Frank Rich http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/04/opinion/04rich.html?_r=1&oref=slogin&pagewanted=prin. There are many similarities between AAB and President Bush administrations. Just too much similarities.

Bush fought against ‘evils’ and ours fights ‘extremists’…all under the noble guise of stability, peace and security.

If we want to know how we got here, then look into the past…another link just for knowledge. So nice yet so tough. See the similarities.


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