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Tian dragged from car December 11, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.
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It happened this morning on the road near Parliament.

The little Tiara was later found torched, which Tian Chua said, was the work of the police. (updated: See pics after ‘more’)





Photo source: Syafiq Sunny




The police said it caught fire while being towed to the police station.

Yeah right. Time to recall all Tiaras on the road, Proton!


1. lilabner - December 11, 2007

If you ask the DPM, he will claim that the above pics are fakes and had been photoshopped by Tian Chua

2. simon - December 11, 2007

Wonder what was in Tian Chua’s car that required burning?


Audio Transmitter?

tsk! tsk! tsk!

how unprofessional!

No environmentally friendly recycling of bugging devices? Wonder who has so much money!

tsk! tsk! tsk!

3. monsterball - December 11, 2007

If Tian Chua is considered a dangerous criminal…robbing and killing so many… now caught..those actions can say be considered great work by the police.
But he is a fearless Malaysian with a trade mark to do…say and act as he sees fit against the government. He is a real non violence Freedom Fighter. Right or wrong…he has his rights to express freely.
Why treat him like that?…then few days later…release him ..then do same thing again?
Is this how we train our police force to handle innocent people..to let all other Malaysians see and know…..to fear and obey?

4. monsterball - December 11, 2007

All these actions will make Tian Chua more powerful in the coming general election or loose out ….even his deposit.
My bet is…he will win hands down….winnig voters from all races.
Best is to put him up against a retired police officer from UMNO. First time out….make sure he wins.
And his car….poor chap.
Hope a wealthy god Samaritan just post him enough to buy a car again. Tiara is not expensive and have no secondhand value….so all he needs not much.

5. ACP - December 11, 2007

Your time is near bitch!

6. simon - December 11, 2007

“I don’t plan to come in (as Prime Minister) for five years and I’m out… I’m looking ahead and looking ahead is (the year) 2020. Don’t expect me to do things by the third and fourth year,” he said during a question and answer session after delivering a speech at the Khazanah Global Lecture Series here today.”

Coincidentally 2020 always sticks into our country’s leaders heads coz that is the year Petronas will run out of our black gold (crude oil). Nobody wants to be pm after 2020? How come? Everybody wants to retire by 2020?

A mamak thought that Malaysia’a toilets would be developed by 2020. Well it aint happening; just see any public toilets around the country. And it aint forecast to happen. Come 2020 we will be “back to the past” and using pit latrine and hence we will be needing “some Malaysian brothers” to manually collect them every morning.

7. Malaysian Politics » 10 more arrested! Arrest, Arrest & Arrest! - December 11, 2007

[…] Updates : Tian Chua was dragged out from car on his way to Parliament. Have a look at these most shocking photos. […]

8. simon - December 11, 2007

This arson is also mind bloggling!

With so many law enforcement officers around Jalan Parlimen today, you would have expected the law enforcement officers to have assisted to ensure a zero crime rate.

However we have a major crime i.e. arson being committed instead.

We wonder what their presence in Jalan Parlimen is for if not to prevent crime being committed.

9. FRU - December 11, 2007

Oops! It was a genuine mistake. They accidentaly fired a blow torch instead of the usual water cannon.

10. fair - December 11, 2007

These buggers who ill-treated Tian Chua are so barbaric and uncivilised !

11. Badawi Pwned Us | Malaysians Say The Darndest Things! - December 11, 2007

[…] Breaking Prime Minister (What A Lulu) Blackest day for Parliament in 50 years (Lim Kit Siang) Tian dragged from car (Elizabeth Wong) Mr PM, Please Read the UN Declaration of Human Rights (desiderata-ylchong) Dewan […]

12. nstman - December 11, 2007

This could only have happened in Nazi Germany. This could only have been the work of the Gestapo. The fact that it happened in Malaysia makes you wonder. Police have become the instruments of Umno chicanery. Police have become the tool of Umno stupidity. Police have become the instrument of tyranny. The struggle against stupidity, tyranny, idiocy, Umno chicanery, hypocrisy goes on, It’s a fight to the death. . Long live Keadilan. Long live Anwar.

13. vlps - December 11, 2007

Hi Simon,
i don’t get the part about the “No environmentally friendly….”. Would you mind explaining/elaborating more? 🙂

btw, this is very surreal but terrifying. if this can happen in broad daylight before so many eyewitnesses, i dread to think what else goes.

14. Christian - December 12, 2007

“The Mufti of Sabah issued a fatwah (religious decree) that declared all Buddhist statues haram (forbidden). With that fatwah the Thean Hou Foundation was forbidden from erecting the Goddess of the Sea statue and was ordered to halt all work although they had already brought in the statue and work had progressed halfway”


15. Tommy Chieng - December 12, 2007

Anyone has any proof or photos that show Tian Chua’s car was torched? Am curious to see…

EW: Towed to police station.

16. FreedomFighter - December 12, 2007

I think there is one human rights activist now peeing in her pants and has toned down her anti-government postings! LOL.

EW: I’m sure, ACP. Eh, pls change your IP when you want to comment as a different person la.

17. Melvin - December 12, 2007

wow..i can’t imagine how brutal and short of foresight these policemen are. what good are they anyway if they are asked to behave like a terrorist?

next time, the government will have to fork out money in compensation for damages. someone said of getting them to have $100 million ready for those who are caught in the BERSIH rally.

18. oA - December 12, 2007


Another layer of govt. has been peeled.

Bn is known for their ‘mindless impetuousness’ usually for the wrong reason which is good for the oppositions.

The oppositions should take this advantage of govt.’s mindless whims and fancies and highlight it to the general public.
Make the public aware of what kind of crap bn is made off.

As the people are more learned they are more apt to understand better the situation which the govt. has stupidly presented itself – might come as a big surprise for oppositions in GE.


19. Bob K - December 12, 2007

Perhaps a class action suit against the Government of Malaysia would be called for.

20. ivan yang - December 12, 2007

Nation heading towards lawlessness caused by powers that be…. much like the red guards during the era of mao..!

21. Damocles - December 12, 2007

The BN government is really pusing the envelope!
It is trying to see how far they can push the people before there’s a backlash.
Remember, you reap what you sow!
Perhaps the end of the BN is nigh!

22. kittykat46 - December 12, 2007

The brutal political police in action…Meanwhile rapists, kidnappers, child killers roam free while the police are focused on cracking down on the regime’s critics.

Keep the world safe for Bodowi…yuck…

23. Angry Taxpayer - December 12, 2007

I’m really really pissed off…..I’m paying these idiots to keep the streets safe from rapists, robbers and kidnappers…not innocent fellow taxpayers!!! And certainly not to make turtle-necks out of all the major roads in the Klang Valley just so to piss the motorists off! Don’t they know by now, motorists have wisen up and know that the jams are caused by politicians and not peace-loving citizens!?
And I wanna salute Tian Chua for his tireless crusade against the current tyrants. He is indeed a rare gem.

24. Angry Taxpayer - December 12, 2007

Sorry, my turtle-neck meaning bottle-neck….oops 😛

25. Harrison Bin Hansome - December 12, 2007

16. FreedomFighter – December 12, 2007

ACP : I think there is one human rights activist now peeing in her pants and has toned down her anti-government postings! LOL.

EW: I’m sure, ACP. Eh, pls change your IP when you want to comment as a different person la.

That is what some1 says “CAUGHT, PANTS DOWN!” Hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah

26. Harrison Bin Hansome - December 12, 2007

Sorry I forfotten, suavely negotiated Liz, very suavely indeed…..

27. multidimid - December 12, 2007

The Blackest Sunday was followed by a Blackest Monday when 30 Opposition leaders, NGOs & Protesters were taken in & so was the Hindraf leader P. Uthayakumar who was released on bail, rearrested and handcuffed ALL under IGP orders. And in Parliament, the Amendment Bill went through with the 2/3 majority to nil when the 16 MPs walk out in protest before the vote. The Memo (titled “Say No to the ‘Save Rashid’ Amendment to the Constitution”) was eventually handed over to Dr Wan Azizah who received it on behalf of a group of opposition members of Parliament. Meanwhile the Anwar Ibrahim was “delayed” at KLIA on his return as a “chop was needed” and not “held”
For more details & pics :
Go H E R E</a

28. Harrison Bin Hansome - December 12, 2007

This is not Tian’s 1st manhandled by the Nazis. In retrospect, I think he may even be losing count of such bestial arrest….I throw in my smpathy
to Tian Chua and those suffering the same fate.

As for the one who uses the nick “Freedomfighters”, I was thinking of those who strapped themselves with explosives, detonate and killing the surrounding ‘nemenis’ whom are nothing but men, women and children.

29. bibliobibuli - December 12, 2007

this is deeply shocking ….

30. hutchrun - December 12, 2007


I think Tian Chua has kidney problems on account of police brutality he endured during the reformasi protests. He was picked up and beaten near Dayabumi.
I remember that day very well as I was there.

31. sofiairdina - December 12, 2007

Its tough to imagine the human’s capacity for evil. We saw rwanda, bosnia, palestine, timor timor, acheh…

We had seen Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Marcos, Shah Iran … they are at their beastly best when they tried to hold on to power. People get tortured and killed but somehow their spirits and fights survived. You may jail Tian Chua but another 100 will emerge.

32. vlps - December 12, 2007


n they are openly proclaiming or they are all almost apathetically condoning the fact that all the atrocities that have been around so far are in ‘truth’ justifiable in the guise of the religion of peace. sad, really.

i would rather if someone proceeds in openly idiosyncratic fashion using a hammer or a baseball hat or a chainsaw or a weapon of comparable nobility: a katana. at least that would have served an aesthetically entertaining purpose for all and sundry. heck, i could even go so far as to say that that would have been sort of suaver than say, hans solo.


33. k.esu - December 12, 2007

So, there is only one way to deal with this: Take the EC Chairman to court and prove that the election process in this country has been rigged!

If voter registration (which is part of the election process) can be rigged — as in my case and, I am sure, in hundreds and perhaps thousands of other cases — then it wouldn’t be too hard to prove in court that the election process is rigged.
I am prepared to appear in any court of law to tell my story.

34. vlps - December 12, 2007

Dear Harrison Bin Hansome,

Just in case, and with all due respect, this is especially for you from yours truly.

Your spelling and grammar usage and ‘typing skills’ (if you can call it that) is so very ultra-suave they made me drool with gravy-like saliva all day.

Don’t ask me why you deserved the compliment because you certainly just deserved it. 😀

35. seeingtherealpictures - December 13, 2007

The Polis Di Raaaajaaaa Malaysia… The Real SamSeng of political tyranny ala polis state.

36. RANJIT SINGH - December 13, 2007

I am ashamed and tired being Malaysian…wants to migrate…perhaps to Papua New Ginea…or to Palau..in Pacific Ocean..

37. kaki ayam - December 13, 2007

Just curious, are there any possibility that the car indeed caught fire due to improper towing method? As far as i know, we should always tow the front wheel. Sometimes due to position issue, some tow trucks tow the rear wheel, leaving the front wheel on the road rolling as it moves. And that towing method are known to damage cars.

If you notice from the picture, only the front part of the car is burnt. If I wanted to torched the car, the cushion will be my first target. It would be pretty hard to torched the engine side of the car, unless we were to put plenty of petrols and flammable stuff there, cause it’s all metal.

Just my 2 cents, don’t flame just because I am offering a different view on this. Whatever it is, my sympathy to the owner of the car. Tiara may be cheap, but it’s repair cost is terribly high.

38. zib - December 13, 2007

semoga anak-anak polis (yang ganas dan zalim) itu tidak mengikuti jejak bapanya dan jadi orang yang baik-baik yang akan bangun berjuang untuk menentang kejahatan dan kezaliman spr yang dilakukan oleh bapa2 mereka
Tapi silap-silap haribulan mereka akan mewarisi kejahatan yang lebih terlampau dari bapa mereka, di sekolah-sekolah tertentu anak polis telah dikenali sebagai bakal pewaris kejahatan dan kezaliman – Nauzubillah.

39. simon - December 13, 2007

1) Burnt Car cannot be repaired due to formation of Hydrofloric acid. Check any Haynes manual (first few pages) in bookshop like Kinokuniya, MPH, Times. If HF kena the hand whole hand has to be amputated refer Haynes Manual please…

2) car was towed from the front.

EW: Car towed from back

40. anonymous dud - December 13, 2007

tiara is such a dangerous car – can explode itself. lucky tian chua was dragged out of the car or else he might be burnt together with the car. he should thank the police for saving his life.

to all tiara (and proton owners), better sell you cars. you might not know it suddenly explodes.

tian chua should sue proton though….

41. TC - December 14, 2007

Most police in this country are despicable & useless, low-life. They would only know how to hide at the corners of junctions or traffic lights to catch unsuspecting drivers or motorcyclists who might or might not even be committing a traffic offence. They are the very people to turn a blind eye to justice instead of upholding it, as they are obligated to, just for a mere RM10-20 bribe.
I have no respect for them and I do not give them a single cent, even when they ask their infamous question : “mau settle?”.
I hope one day, soon enough, they will face the MAKER and be condemned to hell eternally.

42. A Few Good Looking Men Left - December 14, 2007


That is only the ‘MAKER’ care, to even suggest provocatively that ‘IT’ ever exists or ‘they’ are just another hordes od superheroes who perceived that The ‘SKYDADDY’s’ chief-lieutenant is another creature who promised them a legions of virgins?

43. vlps - December 14, 2007

as it is, they are already in a subpar HELL that they together with their powderful masters helped created.

44. simon - December 14, 2007

Saw picture of car being towed from the front and front was still ok then.

45. bersih - December 16, 2007

What Hindraf has said is unfortunately true pertaining to ethnic cleaning in Malaysia. Isn’t this part of ethnic cleansing, to silence the Voice by arresting all activists with dissenting voices?

If the government is not guilty conscious, why ISA Hindraf activists? Isn’t this ‘ dia makan cili yang rasa panas’?

Why destroy temples for the non-Malays? Isn’t this ethnic cleansing, since religion is part of the Hindus’s life?

Isn’t this identifying the Malays and non-Malays the preliminary of ethnic cleansing?

Isn’t the wielding of keris in public an ethnic cleaning act?

Isn’t this Ketuanan Melayu, Islam Hadhari and MP9 are ethnic cleansing policies?

Arnn’t closing of non-Malay schools and forbid the setting up of non-Malay schools are tantamount to ethnic cleansing, since education is part of the lives of Non-Malays?

Isn’t the monopoly of one race cum religion in all levels of government departments, military, police and GLC a policy of ethnic cleansing.

Isn’t the migration of hundreds and thousands of non-Malays to overseas countries and the hundred of thousands of non-Malays being proselytized due advocation and results of ethnic cleansing?

Isn’t this perpetually holding to eternal power by hook and by crook by the power crazy UMNO-bn regime an intention to continue ethnic cleansing?

And very soon genocide is the culmination of this ethnic cleansing .

Never mind with the MCA, Gerakan, MIC and other coalition parties are in the Government. They are the collaborators and traitors of the highest level to their respective races just for their selfish interests.

Solution to deter ethnic cleansing: Stop voting the traitors and support Bersih.

We are in a critical moment to save us from being completely cleansed by booting out the illegal ethnic cleansers come the next GE.

46. vlps - December 18, 2007

Hi bersih,

wah. so chi kek….

although i do agree with an extensive part of your last comment, ethnic cleansing sounds quite…..far fetched?

47. bmahendran - December 23, 2007

Oh my god!

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