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Why Pak Lah wants to crush BERSIH December 11, 2007

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(Updated) Bravo to the Opposition MPs who refused to be present during the ramming through of the Constitutional amendment (first reading only today!) which extends the age of retirement of the Elections Commission from 65 to 66 years of age.

Expect General Elections before this chap’s 67th birthday.


See the memorandum which rattled the embattled Elections Commission chief and the Prime Minister.


BERSIH Memorandum to the
Parliament of Malaysia and All Its Members
11 December 2007


The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) urges the Parliament of Malaysia, which consists of His Majesty the Yang diPertuan Agong, Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara to reject the proposed bill to amend Article 114 of the Federal Constitution, which will effect in Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman’s extension as the Election Commission (EC) Chairperson up to one-and-a-half years.

BERSIH stresses that Tan Sri Abdul Rashid, whose service is continuously marred with recurring electoral frauds and manipulations, is not fit for the job and must go immediately. All parliamentarians must therefore vote against this Constitutional Amendment Bill so obviously being rushed through to keep him the job is an insult to both the Constitution and Parliament.

1. In principle, BERSIH has no objection to the extension of the retirement age from 65 to 66 years for all members of the EC. The removal of an EC is constitutionally stipulated to be done in the same manner as a Federal Court judge, whose retirement age has been increased from 65 to 66 years, such synchronization is not objectionable.
2. The Constitutional Bill, if passed through both chambers of the Parliament and consented by HM the Yang diPertuan Agong by this December 31, will however become a back-door extension for Tan Sri Abdul Rashid whose birthday falls on the same day. In other words, Tan Sri Abdul Rashid has to retire if Article 114 of the Federal Constitution is not amended in time. On the other hand, if the amendment is passed, Tan Sri Abdul Rashid may stay on effectively till June 2009 with the conventional half-year extension after retirement. In other words, this will ensure that Tan Sri Abdul Rashid oversees the next elections.
3. The Constitutional Bill, hastily tabled for first reading in Dewan Rakyat on November 20, 2007 and scheduled for second reading on December 11, 2007, is therefore a “Save Rashid” Amendment. Such “Save Rashid” Amendment, by reducing the Federal Constitution to a tool to serve the interests of one individual especially one unfit for the job, is an insult and assault to constitutional democracy.
4. Article 114(2) stipulates “the importance of securing an Election Commission which enjoys public confidence”, which Tan Sri Abdul Rashid has clearly failed. Here is a non-exhaustive list of 10 failures and scandals in the electoral process under his service in and leadership of the EC:
4.1 The electoral rolls is contaminated with the names of the dead, non-citizens, multiple registrations and the under-aged, allowing election outcomes to be determined by phantoms rather than citizens. In 2001, Justice Datuk Muhammad Kamil Awang nullified the election result of Likas state constituency in Sabah on the grounds that the 1998 state electoral roll was illegal as phantom voters, including non-citizens, had cast their votes on polling day.
4.2 The government responded to the Likas verdict by changing the Election Act so that election outcome can no longer be challenged on the grounds of electoral roll validity. All EC wrongdoings are now protected. In a manner amounting to contempt of court, Tan Sri Abdul Rashid attacked Justice Datuk Muhammad Kamil Awang on December 4, 2007, alleging that the judge took it out on the government because he was ‘frustrated with certain things’.
4.3 Voters are transferred from one constituency to another to secure victory for the ruling coalition. In October 2007, EC secretary Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor blamed some assistant registration officers for cases that happened before 16 July, 2002. If found guilty under the Election Offences Act 1954, those officers shall be liable for imprisonment up to two years, fine up to RM 5,000 or both. However, no names have been disclosed and no police reports lodged.
4.4 Such transfer or implantation of voters continues to happen after 2002. The latest case is the increase of 8,463 voters within three months at Ipoh Barat constituency which the Parliamentary Opposition Leader Mr Lim Kit Siang won with a margin of 9,774 votes in 2004.
4.5 The extent of irregularities and fraudulent registrations, seen particularly in the Ijok by-election on 28 April 2007, is shocking:
• Over 50 dead voters were still on the electoral roll and 12 of them, all of them Malays from the Jaya Setia polling district, rose up from their graves to cast their votes on polling day.
• Three Chinese voters at Pekan Ijok had their votes stolen by impostors, who had turned up earlier at the polling station.
• As many as 23 voters were registered without national identity cards.
• As many as 32 voters aged between 100 and 132 years old were still listed on the electoral rolls.
4.6 In the 2004 general elections, the use of three different versions of the electoral roll led to a breakdown and chaos in polling in at least 17 parliamentary constituencies in Selangor and three in Kuala Lumpur. EC then ordered an illegal extension of polling for two extra hours in some of these constituencies. No EC officers have been prosecuted or penalized for the chaos.
4.7 Also in the 2004 general elections, provisional results showed that 98% of the registered voters collected parliamentary ballots in Kuala Terengganu, but 10,254 ballots were not returned. Tan Sri Abdul Rashid offered an absurd explanation that KT voters had the hobby of collecting ballot papers. The final result published on the Gazette saw the reduction of turnout rate to 84% and the missing ballots to 240, with no explanation offered for this changes.
4.8 For years, elections have seen high number of missing ballots in many constituencies. Top on the list for four elections from 1990 and 2004 was the Lumut constituency, which saw the extent of unreturned ballots soaring from 2,763 in 1982 to 8,176 in 1999. Had these missing ballots found their ways to polling stations in other constituencies, they would have overturned outcomes in many marginal seats. Blaming it on the weakness of postal voting registration, Tan Sri Abdul Rashid has failed to end this phenomenon so damaging to the credibility of the EC and electoral process.
4.9 Mal-apportionment and gerrymandering of constituencies have gone from bad to worse with the 2002 constituency re-delineation exercise. In 2004, BN won an unprecedented 91% parliamentary majority with a mere 64% popular votes. This effectively means that one vote for BN was equivalent for 3 votes for DAP, 8 votes for PAS and 26 votes for Keadilan. Tan Sri Abdul Rashid has made a mockery of the “one person, one vote” principle.
4.10 Ultimately, Tan Sri Abdul Rashid is unfit to chair the EC for he lacks the most fundamental quality: the moral courage and the commitment to act independently, guided only by the Constitution and the best interest of Malaysia’s democracy.
In 2003, he conceded that EC’s ability to carry out its task independently has been hampered by the government. In November 2007, he indirectly admitted that the election date was set by the Prime Minister. On December 8, 2007, he inappropriately said that the ruling coalition is the only regime capable of running the country.

5. On the grounds that Tan Sri Abdul Rashid is unfit to chair EC and his retirement on this December 31 in the best interest of the nation, BERSIH urges all parliamentarians to vote against the Constitutional Amendment Bill.



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2. simon - December 11, 2007



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Musa said the situation could be the worst in history if precautionary measures were not taken.

“We don’t want another black mark in our country’s history. Certain precautionary measures should be taken before the worst happens,” he said.

He said he would recommend to the Bar Council that certain lawyers who were charged and found guilty of participating in illegal rallies be barred from practising law.




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5. hasilox - December 11, 2007

RoboMusa suddenly seems like aroused from his sleep. But how come only against ordinary folks. With taikor criminals, hehehe…

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7. tupingera - December 11, 2007

rashid is the red herring….the bastard who’s doing all the dirty work is wan ahmad wan omar.

BERSIH should tear apart that arsehole.

8. A “Kiasu” Government « Boon Hooi on the Blog - December 11, 2007

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9. k.esu - December 11, 2007

Johari also told the press conference, “I have proof” that a political crime had been committed by Pak Lah (against Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the former PM) during an Umno Supreme Council meeting of 28 August 2006, and is prepared to face the consequences of his action.

Bodo needs to cheat to stay where he is.

10. k.esu - December 11, 2007

Election Commission are partners in cheating. And this rashid has recently said that BN is the best `regime` for the country. This is how he does it:

[Note: pls read my earlier posting “Excuse me, WTF registered me as a Voter?” to have an idea of this posting]
An afternoon at the Election Commission. And so I was at the SPR yesterday. The officers were able to answer some of my questions.

When was I registered?
How was I registered?
Someone filled up the form.
How come?
Before July 2002, political parties were allowed to register on behalf of constituents who had not been registered.

Some questions they couldn’t answer.
Was it the BN or the Opposition that registered me?
We don’t know.
Did I “vote” for the 1999 and the 2003 general elections?
We have no idea.
How did this political party in Taman Rapat Setia register me when I never lived there?
We can’t tell.

11. k.esu - December 11, 2007

Now, frighteningly, he has openly moved beyond his role as the Election Commissioner, one who ensures the election system is run independently without fear or favour, to being a determiner of who should win ‘for the country’s interests’.

Undoubtedly the same ‘patriotic’ sentiments as shown by the IGP, certain elements in the Judiciary and the Attorney-General. See my post Defeat the new Triad.

AAB’s “pantang dicabar” especially in the face of an unexpected but staggering support for Hindraf’s rally has certainly brought out all the ‘patriots’ from the wood work to be counted. Each day it’s less of Islam Hadhari and more of the Bush-like “either you’re with me or against me”.

12. k.esu - December 11, 2007
13. Ricky - December 11, 2007

The Cruelty Of The Police Force

Looks like he had fainted.

14. hkyklgy - December 11, 2007

Will he be blown up with C4 next?

15. gigi menendez - December 11, 2007

hi elizabeth… feel free to nick the above video too… its a video account of tian chua arrested by the bobbys…
a short 10 sec one of tian chua being hit by the bobbys is also available…

Malaysia Independent Watchdog Initiative (MAWI)

16. Rights Seeker - December 12, 2007

Why Crushing Bersih?
EC is the TOOL to make FOOL
by the Chief with “Human errors” to FOOL.
A TOOL within the TOOL!

Bersih wants to clean up the TOOL
so no more TOOL to FOOL
So Bersih is in the Tooth
to be crushed to keep their TOOL!

Having 168 (?) MP to go through
They make that another 168 FOOLS
and those supporting these 168 will continue a FOOL
if they don’t put their Vote to Pull!
A FOOL not only to themselves but more to be FOOLED!

So either FOOLS or FOOLED Malaysia will go
unless Agong put a brake to break this TOOLS and FOOLS!!

Agong, the RH,
million of eyes and hearts is turning to you!!
for YOUR Brake to break the TOOL to avoid further FOOLS or FOOLED!!

17. ACP - December 12, 2007

The time is now bitch!

EW: Ya ya ya.

18. Fire Breather - December 12, 2007

It is utterly shameful that Malaysia shows the outside world that they are supportive of Human Rights but internally they are 100% against it – maybe too scared to loose 2/3rd majority at the next GE. The Police are made be the “BAD BOYS” to carry out the dirty work of arresting all those fighting for the rights of the common Malaysians – even though this is what they are only good for. Well this is Malaysia! “Malaysia boleh”

19. Top Posts « WordPress.com - December 12, 2007

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20. dionz - December 12, 2007

ha3. your nation’s democracy is gonna be ruined someday just watch out for the conspiracy. i think our countries share the same experience in having a long president period.ha2. but i hope you government stop claiming my country’s cultural heritage like reog ponorogo, lagu rasa sayange etc. once i admire your country as a well-developing country, but your government’s claiming has torn it apart. i pray for a wide freedom of speaking and organizating. and i pray that Suharto doesn’t rule your beloved country now.. keep struggling man!!!

21. garywong - December 16, 2007

turn back to GOD ALMIGHTY n let your conscience face HIM in discharging your duties to the country for TRUTH – beware one stands condemned if one dares to lie to HIM.

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