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Siu-sei-yan December 12, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Bebal-ism, Current Affairs, Democracy, Huh?!, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.
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Siu-sei-yan* #1:
When we read bebal statements from w*nk*rs like the one below, how can we possibly resist giving a good shove?

Don’t push the PM, Hisham warns people

KUALA LUMPUR: Do not push the Prime Minister, warns Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. (source: The Star)

Siu-sei-yan #2 (alternate exclaimation:- lei-mo-kow-cho**):
Haider ‘The Seal’ again??? Khoo Kay Kim???!!! Isn’t Steve Shim mentioned in the tape??

*Siu-sei-yan = Laugh until die! (Cantonese)
**lei-mo-kow-cho = You are not joking! (Cantonese)


1. Millemeow - December 12, 2007

may as well not have formed the commission at all, eh? *sai-hei = waste of time (cantonese)

2. oA - December 12, 2007


From one crap to another.

That is the idea of development – the govt. style.

Now that the trick has been played on the government and they are too dumb to respond the way they did – the rallies etc, we should be thinking of peeling another of their black and dark layers off.

We shall see how dumb they are gonna be this time.



3. Klaw - December 13, 2007

“gan jik hai siu dou look dei”* la. ROFL

4. yh - December 13, 2007

do you think that arsehole will incriminate himself.? PM, why dont for once stamp your authority and do the right thing. gee, on eof your panel members is named in the fucking tape and he can be in the ROYAL COMMISSION.
Lim Kiat Siand and Co. Can you just please organise a boycott of all judiciary cases for the next 3 months until the really sleepy PM wakes up! damn it is the word.

5. monsterball - December 13, 2007

All the pro UMNO’s men and women will not let humpty dumpty Mahathir malu again. I don’t think Pak Lah or Khairy are so stupid to pick those fellas.
It is the wishes of majority UMNO ministers…headed by Najib…famous for double headed snaky games.This is my personal opinions.
Pak Lah nor Khairy has no power…..when come to UMNO matters.
Yes…..those who understands will laugh till the stomach aches.

6. sofiairdina - December 13, 2007

I do agree with this Hisham. Pushing him is simply improper and demeaning to the man of his stature. Nanti dia marah dan rasa tercabar lagi. He does not deserved to be pushed. Not for what he had done in the last 4 years of fight against corruption, cronyism, inflation, injustices, stagnant economy … Not for what he had contributed to his agama, bangsa dan negara. He deserved a better treatment from malaysians.

I had always wonder how malaysians could live without this man… just like the way I am imagining the johor, nile, the amazon and the yang tze rivers are straight..

How about a shove from the skybridge of the twin tower?

7. ricky - December 13, 2007

If the bodohwi pm cannot stand the push, ask him to step down. Being a leader of a country you must be able to withstand all kind of pushes. So kerisman, we the rakyat can push the pm anyhow we want but you all cannot push us as we are the one who pays you your salary, remember that, or you can live without the salary as you can make more from elsewhere?

8. Damocles - December 13, 2007

“Don’t push the PM, Hisham warns people”

The people should not only push him but also boot him as well as the BN out of the government!

9. osamalad - December 13, 2007

The Royal Commission would be much more spectacular if it is made up of Myanmar’s Than Swee, Zimbabwe’s Mugabe, Pakistan’s Musharraf, PDRK’s Kim Il Sung and Osama Laden as its head

10. osamalad - December 13, 2007

sofiairdina – How about a shove from the skybridge of the twin tower?

You so bad one– what if he crashes onto some innocent chap below after being shoved off the skybridge? Can die one because the impact would be so great, like being hit by a steamroller! The poor chap’s head would pecah open like a watermelon! A better cara is to shove him off his executive jet, while flying over Krakatua volcano

11. max - December 13, 2007

What’s so difficult for the present Gov to really catch the real culprit behind the whole fiasco? To bring to book all his wrongdoings? Unless the present Gov has things that TDM has gotten hold of. All our neighbouring countries have prosecuted their previous Heads if there are evidence of corruption and wrongdoings.
I feel that the present Gov is being dumped with the shit of the past regime and they have no balls to tackle it.

12. vlps - December 13, 2007

It has often baffled me as to why on earth did Tun Mahathir handpicked bodowi in the first place.

The man certainly had his credentials. A medic student in National Uni of Singapore back in those days, which should be proof enough. On the other hand, bodowi took some vaguely popular degree in some dunnowhatplace.

So, why did Tun chose him in the first place? Knowing full well that this super-religious man minus his 4th floor puppies would drive our country headlong into deep feces, something which i m already insensible to if you ask me.

He is merely paving his way for a nice and easy exit. By getting someone who couldn’t even passed his economics paper(if i m not mistaken) as your successor and ultimately as your foil which would make even all your previous crimes looked trivial-NOT, it is a beautiful exit really.

i may not be correct but ya’ll can flame me if u feel like it.

Lee Kuan Yew called tun razak an evil genius, in which case the evil part is correct, the genius bit may be flattery. Tun is the evil genius no more and no less. but thank God through his genius we got broadband Internet and so much more….. like pizzas and bigger hamburgers.

for all that and more, still, i for one would really hope that Tun will make his public entrance one last time(or not) to do what is right for the public good.

13. Harrison Bin Hansome - December 13, 2007

Haider is definitely unfit to lead the Royal Commision as his image was marred having involved in the removal of the philanthropic Tun Salleh Abbas and gang.

If the PM is really genuine in a total incorruptible panels, I submit my humble petition to YB PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in supplanting the aforesaid nominees with:

1.Harrison Bin Hansome
Profession : Gravedigger & a forumer

2. Wits0.
Profession: Ex-SAS Agent, now a regular commenter

3. Hutchrun
Profession : Undertaker but read a lot of law books.

4. Undergrad2
Profession : Fresh Graduate from the University Of Bruce Lee

5. Sofiairdina
Profession : Backup Actress in Malaysian movie, max. 10seconds
per movie and a regular commenter.

14. Damocles - December 14, 2007

“It has often baffled me as to why on earth did Tun Mahathir handpicked bodowi in the first place” – vlps

Perhaps he wants the Malaysian electorate to think that only he is the RIGHT man for the job of PM! Come to think of it, who else in the BN can equal him? None!
So, it won’t be surprising that he will run for election in the coming GE.
With many voters who still think that he is their ultimate hope, he’ll stand a good chance. That way, he can also vindicate himself against his critics!

15. vlps - December 14, 2007

well, given his age, he will be extremely hard pressed physically/mentally to stand the strains that accompany the top job in Malaysia. n it’s quite telling he ain’t that senile yet so i believe he will choose to settle into retirement peacefully. still, if he has puppies hidden in boxes somewhere that will run the show for him like our dear leader bodowi does. who knows.

what i meant by making his public entrance one last time(or not) to do what is right for the public good = enter a legit court of law to testify and to make right the mess that happened under his watch.

16. Sharing - December 15, 2007

The appointment of the last Panel almost out of sight
so appointment of last cannot be alright!
Government appointment lost further credibility to write!

All judiciary system cannot go beyond Human Rights
and involved many people their daily life.
why no consideration from Human Rights of the Bar
or people practicing Human Rights
should Professionalism be out of the mind?

Appointing guys in questions to a SCC instead of a RCI?
Then should PM and MP alike?
So CM, MIC, MCA, MCC no different lah!!
Clicking the coins should have paid them all?
When Smell is delivered instead of soup in a bowl!!


17. Sharing - December 15, 2007

After the 3-man panel
Endorsed again by the Bar?
So under the same “Siu-sei-yan” this goes?


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