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Ops Selamat Pak Lah dah bermula December 13, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Bebal-ism, Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.
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Dua hari selepas Udayakumar, penasihat undang-undang HINDRAF telah menjelaskan kepada Utusan Malaysia bahawa HINDRAF bukan pertubuhan anti-Melayu, tetapi musuh sebenarnya ialah UMNO, kini beliau bersama 4 rakan-rakannya ditahan di bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negara (ISA).

Bilakah musuh UMNO boleh menjadi musuh negara?

Cis. Bebal betul Pak Lah ni. Pandai bazir wang, pandai tidur. Pandai buat tak tau. ‘Zero’ kemahiran mentadbir negara.

Jangan biar negara kita sampai ke tahap parah seperti Zimbabwe dan Myanmar.
Lawan tetap lawan.
Lawan demi maruah.
Lawan sampai menang.

(Kemaskini) Sesiapa yang berada di Pulau Pinang, sila datang ke “Malam untuk Keadilan” yang memberi sokongan kepada semua orang yang ditahan. Program ini dianjur oleh pihak Suaram-Pulau Pinang dan rakan-rakan NGO di utara.



1. tupingera - December 13, 2007

Why do you call that fraudster Pak Lah ?
It denotes respect and affection, of which he deserves neither. In fact, he deserves contempt…..utter contempt.
Just call him dollah, a plain name for a common criminal.

2. ycg - December 13, 2007

I believe Abdullah and his konco-konco has just secured themselves a place in HELL. One of the Options remain is to vote him out BIG TIME!! I also believe we need UN’s intevention in our Pooling Day. It may be an idea / a rambling here…but i’ll gladly walk with anyone who has better alternatives!


3. monsterball - December 13, 2007

We Buddhists cannot simply light a candle outside house la.
Doing that…is telling others….someone inside house…..DEAD!!
Cannot be all Keadilan are Christian and Muslims only..hahahahahaha
Any alternative suggestion?

4. Release all the 5 HINDRAF Leaders Now « arifabdull - December 13, 2007

[…] Ops Selamat Pak Lah dah bermula – Elizabeth Wong […]

5. devilsadvocate - December 13, 2007


freedom is dead. democray is dead. malaysia is dead.

please light a candle.

6. chegubard - December 14, 2007

untuk membaca sila clik http://chegubard.blogspot.com

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* click untuk kerajaan 3 beradik hasil kerajaan 3 beranak
* click untuk Polis bakar kereta ; dulu curi wang
* click untuk negara umpama bunting tua

anda juga dijemput meninggalkan komen…..http://chegubard.blogspot.com

7. oA - December 14, 2007


Who can miss what the government is doing – going on a mindless rampage of smearing campaign of oppositions’ reputation in guise of national security.

They are doing this just to PUBLICLY vilify and demonize the oppositions in associating them with all things negative in the hope that this could impress upon and their evil intention of misleading the public that the oppositions are truly devils in disguise.

Oppositions should not be bogged down by these aspersions and should start their PR campaign to repudiate these ‘false charges.’

OPPOSITIONS should go on an offensive mode for the sake of next G.E.


8. wits0 - December 14, 2007

Saying out “Niamah!!!” loud like Patrick helps a little:
Who invented Racial Harmony for Malaysia?

9. k.esu - December 14, 2007

Bedol`s Islam hadhari:

Apparently, someone deserves it today. As reluctant as I am to drag in a religious figure, I’m a fair guy who’ll give it to whoever he or she is, regardless of race, color and creed. This award goes to the state mufti, Datuk Haji Ahmad Alawi Haji Adnanof of non-Islamic Sabah in a non-Islamic Malaysia for issuing a Taliban-styled fatwa (religious edict) against the erection of religious statutes in Sabah state.


10. k.esu - December 14, 2007

So, battered from the shockwaves caused by a combination of rotten advice from his closest confidantes, party factionalism, chipping away of his authority from within and coincidentally a renaissance of NGO socio-political activisms (whether hijacked or not, or wannabe), the cornered rat has, as Dr Jeyakumar warned, spied remedy in capitalising on Hindraf’s melodramatic allegations and extreme demands to shore up Malay support. For added measure, he threw the harmful ISA at the harmless Hindraf leaders.


11. monsterball - December 14, 2007

But no one is dead in my family? So I will light a candle near a tree ..sit there and support the idea…not infront of my house…no way.

12. pp - December 14, 2007

Be strong

13. Ricky - December 14, 2007

My internet line was so sluggiest for the whole week and I miss this posting for the gathering at Campbell street.

Who can I approach to give my phone # so that information on any event in Penang can reach me? KL event also can, provided not in the last minute. No transport but have to take bus.

Fellow Malaysian

We are in trouble but not because of our doing.

The gomen is showing that they are above the law and the great power they have in their hands.

We must be prepared and be ready to defence our country and our freedom.

You know what it means, I need not have to stress any further.

14. vlps - December 14, 2007

Good point there wits0. at least letting fly that golden piece of saying that is ‘niamah’ straight into dropped-jaw faces doesn’t and will never do any more harm than gutting ppls’ intestines with bombs or whatnots. don’t u think?

However, if that happened to hurt ‘sensitivities’, apologies will ALWAYS be at the ready whenever requested. and sorry my idea of civilisation just so happens to cross beyond verbal tact, ‘sensitivities’ and other various assortments of customary social proprieties that us humans can come up with to date. IF that is what you’re hitting at.

15. k.esu - December 14, 2007

WASHINGTON (Thomson Financial) – The US demanded Thursday that Malaysia provide fair treatment to five leaders of a rights group held under a security law that allows for indefinite detention without trial.

The five from …

…The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a US non-profit law firm that helps defend freedom of all religions, charged that the destruction of Hindu temples — some built before the start of the British colonial period almost two centuries ago — could be an attempt to erase Hindu heritage in Malaysia……

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