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19 Dec: Fight for your right to assembly! December 17, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

fight4freedom.jpgIn recent weeks, the Government and their NGO cronies have embarked on a campaign to stop and suppress the rights of Malaysians to peaceful assemble.

The Right to assemble is a fundamental right enshrined in the Federal Constitution Article 10, Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 (Article 20) and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966 (Article 21)

Based on the intimidation, threat and the use of draconian laws like the police Act Section 27 and the misuse of Magistrate Court order to suppress assemblies and the continues use of malicious advertisement in media, the Government is all out to put an end to Peaceful Public Assemble.

If we allow this, it would be a major blow to human rights and our democratic rights.

To defend the Rights to Public Assemble, The Coalition To Defend – Right To Assemble which is represented by community based organization, NGOs and political parties will organize a peaceful assemble at SUHAKAM

To highlight and protect :
1. The Right to peaceful assembly as enshrined under Article 10 of the Federal Constitution
2. To support the position of SUHAKAM in protecting the right to peaceful assembly and its position in opposing the issuing of police permits.
3. To oppose and protest the action of the Government and other parties in undermining the Right of the Rakyat to assemble peacefully

The Peaceful Assembly as well as the memorandum handing ceremony will take place in SUHAKAM office as follows:
Date : 19 December 2007 (Wednesday) 
Time : 11 am 
Venue : SUHAKAM Office 
Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur



1. monsterball - December 17, 2007

Anwar asked 5000 Indians recently…do they hate Malays or Islam religion. The answer were loud “NO”….then he went on…to call PM ‘Dollah” and challenge him on many issues.
Anwar is back at his best…..but you can never get to read his speech in S.TIMES or Star. Indirectly..the government has helped Malaysiankini increased it’s membership tremendously…..so go there to read all the news you want from oppositions.
Only this way..you get tHe pros and cons…ONLY then can we know how to vote properly. Don’t be brainwashed by controlled papers.
One thing is correct……there is no racial problems in Malaysia.
UMNO is trying to put fear and so like Bush…..people get frightened and voted UMNO and BN again . The US citizens learn so fast and will dump Republicans. Why are Malaysians so afraid for change of government….to give the oppositions… a chance for 4 years…not good enough……go back to UMNO…then not good…..go to oppositions…just like the USA citizens are doing. Are US voters smart and wise votes…..to tell politicians….who are their real boss?
Of course WE are their boss. But we unwise and selfish voters. We are silly and irresponsible…mostly. Why do Malaysians like to be slaves to a government?

2. rodsjournal - December 17, 2007

Hi Eli,


Any word on the people who were picked up by the authorities all across Malaysia recently? Do you have any info on the latest developments there?


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4. yh - December 18, 2007

aiya, what is there to assemble. more than 70% of those surveyed by Merdeka Centre said they are against street protest. aiya, Merdeka centre is damn good in predicting the future mah. Survey is based on results taken from Decmebr 17 to December 21, 2007.

I didnt make up the date ok. If you dont believe me, read only the STAR paper, hardcopy. online STAR sudah tukar with no date and replace by recently.

want some more spin. asked the government lor.

5. Dan-yel - December 18, 2007

I’d just plagiarised this post in my blog ;),and email as well.

6. Paul - December 18, 2007

Yes, we must fight and keep on fighting for our fundamental rights and freedom to peaceful assembly and expression. We must fight and keep on fighting against injustice and oppression, against the arrogance and corruption of the powerful. Let us not be intimidated and cowed by all the threats of our arrogant UMNO/BN government. But we will “fight” in a non-violent way. We are peace-loving and caring people.

7. Damocles - December 18, 2007

Liz, I think that this time the people are really riled up!
For decades, they have been very docile, so docile in fact that one former PM said that Malaysians are easy to govern! Or easy meat!
Having stomached so much over the decades from successive despotic, corrupt and callous governments, they really have enough.
Hopefully, this will give them the impetus to dump the BN.
That will augur well for this country!

8. ak57 - December 18, 2007

I don’t post comments as a rule but figured a map to Suhakam would be helpful for readers, you can find it at the url below.


9. Jenn - December 18, 2007
10. two-face - December 18, 2007

Dump BN? Are you sure? Politically the HINDRAF issue has benefited UMNO than the opposition. The Malays will flock back to UMNO for cover, rightly or wrongly. The Indians got no choice but to back MIC. With 7% of the population, they can’t win any seats. Even Samy Velu needs the Malays votes. That is the political reality.

Yes, the Americans will dump the Republicans but do you know how the minorities fare politically? Barrack Obama, the front-runner for Democtrats, is only the third black congressman in American history. In addition, Boateng is the first black in the British cabinet when Blair was premier. Compare that to Malaysia, we practically give seats (government or parliamentary) to minorities. One other thing, there are racial problems everywhere in the world because essentially people are racists but in various degrees of course. So, it will be a while still before we can see a black American president, an Indian/Pakistani British Prime Minister, a Chinese president for India, an Asian prime Minister for Australia, a Malay Prime Minister for Singapore or a Chinese/Indian Prime Minister for Malaysia.

11. hutchrun - December 18, 2007
12. hutchrun - December 18, 2007

While Abdullah is busy messing up the floods of Hindraf aftermath, Najib is looking for alms for the real flood victims in Malay heartland.


13. monsterball - December 18, 2007

Two-face….Your logic that Hindraf case have benefited UMNO is unheard of….but you are entitled to your opinion. What they did to Hindraf supporters have actually exposed UMNO’s hypocracies and double standards . All one need to is follow the events…how 31 were arrested…what did PM said..and now released…what did he said again.
Then on USA politics…you are out of line again. I merely pointed out the voters dare to vote from Democrats to Republicans and vice versa…but here in Malaysia,,…all the time UMNO..
We are not brave nor intelligent enough …to think for the country unselfishly… like the Americans. That was what I am referring to.

14. monsterball - December 18, 2007

While we are talking Malaysians rights…our country have plenty flooded areas….making thousands homeless.
Only Sheihs’ ‘kickdefella” blog is focusing on Kelantan. What about other areas…like Trengganu…..Kedah..Perlis and Johore??
Hope all blog owners stop talking politics for awhile..and snap photos of all flooded areas and check what the government is doing about that.
Lets push them to work and save lives.

15. vlps - December 19, 2007

my dear two-face,

how much UMNO pay you?

16. Malaysian Politics » 19 Dec: Fight for your right to assembly! - December 19, 2007

[…] Source : Elizabeth Wong […]

17. ACP - December 19, 2007

Your name is on the list, bitch!

18. Damocles - December 19, 2007

Two-face, don’t forget that many Malays have been taken for the ride by UMNO just like the Indians in MIC.
All the policies made by these two parties are for the benefit of the top hierarchy, not for the ordinary folks or even the rank and file!
The only problem is that against the tidal wave of the BN propaganda machine, it would be difficult to have these misdeeds filtered down to the grass roots.
Even some Indian voters have voiced regret that they have voted for the MIC all these years! That means that they have woken up to reality.

19. kancil - December 19, 2007

Yes! We have to fight for our Constitutional Rights which have been hijacked by BN.

Who are we fighting for? Yes! It’s the BN, abbreviation for Binatang Nasional. Only Binatang2 from the BN will not respect the Constitution of Malaysia which is the supreme law of the Land. This means the Binatang2 from the BN have violated the Constitution by denying the Rights to assemble by the Malaysian People.

These Binatang2 from the BN flout blatantly the Rule of Law of Malaysia and instead with pleasure are practicing jungle law which is befitting the Binatang2 from the BN.

The only way to restore our Human Rights inter alia the Right to assemble is to boot all these Binatang2 from the BN from the Parliament and send them back to the wild jungles literally… devouring by the more ferocious lions and tigers.

Let the Binatang2 from the BN aka hyenas the predators from the wild jungle taste their own medicine.

20. kesava - December 19, 2007

I cannot but laugh at a comment that says UMNO is strenthened on account of hindraf`s action. The contrary is true. Today Badawi is reeling and begining to beg for support. UMNO is in chaos:

Malaysiakini reported that on Sunday morning, the police set up numerous roadblocks near the Malaysian Gulag, and checked every motorist and passengers of Indian origin.
[ ]
In this demonstration created by the police prism ‘refracting the Malaysian light’ into its constituent colours, there was a silver lining, an excellent example of ‘an ill wind that blows nobody any good’. More and more ‘yellows’ are showing their support o orthe Hindraf detainees, becoming aware of the Indians’ plight. The Indians are no longer alone in their struggle.

What about the ‘browns’?

Good news too, Susan told me the information was that one ‘brown’ claimed 2/3 of the ‘browns’ understand and support Hindraf.

21. kesava - December 19, 2007
22. chandran - December 19, 2007

Amnesty International condemns the arrests of human rights lawyers, activists and members of the public in the past few days as they exercised their right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. These include members of Bersih, a national coalition of NGOs and opposition politicians, calling for free and fair elections and the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf). Amnesty International is also concerned that there are still many individuals who remain in detention, and calls for the immediate release of all those detained.

23. simon - December 24, 2007

Merry Kerismas to all of you….and dun forget to kiss the Keris.

and what two-face said was correct and that is the conclusion every political analyst in town has concluded too….

UMNO will win with a landslide victory amongst the Malays and PAS will suffer ….thanks to HINDRAF.

24. A Few Good Looking Men Left - December 24, 2007

To Liz and everyone here,

Maybe Elize aint around, maybe her works hectic. Whatever, I wish you well love chap. And Merry Christmas and when another new year impends, i hope for a better Democracy at work.


A Few Good Looking Men Left

EW: Merry Christmas to you too.

25. two-face - December 24, 2007

Monsterball, Kesava
Like it or not, the political power is still held by the traditional Malays mostly in the Malay belts. That is the reality. After hearing the ‘ethnic cleansing’ claim over and over again, don’t you think they will run for ‘protection’? And who do you think will ‘protect’ them? In my opinion the best opportunity to change the government is still the 1999 GE. Kesava, the ‘browns’ at that time voted in droves against the government (please check the popular votes figure) but whose votes kept them in power if not the other ‘colours’.

I’m pro bono….to anybody. Remember I’m two-face. I hope my comments will uncover other two-faces within both opposing sides.

In the US politics, I am reacting to your comment that there are no racial problems in Malaysia. As I said the problem is world wide. The west may say that they’re a complete democracy but when it come to voting, the colour of your skin in many cases determine the outcome. Thus the example I gave on other countries. Maybe we should try that in Malaysia and see whether the Indians can win more seats or if at all without BN. Talking about racial politics, it is a fact that a Chinese/Indian can win in a Malay majority area (Bukit Gantang, Ampang Jaya), but will a Malay win in Kota Melaka? The Chinese via MCA have voiced concern on the decline of their population which will then equate to their political clout…. not racial politics? So, I don’t agree with you when you say that there is no racial problems in Malaysia.

26. utusan malaysia - December 24, 2007

i do hope everyone can understand the true value of citizen unity and letting go personal agenda on politics but that’s is just crazy..tell me where is the ‘perfect country’ and i shoot u some prize..tell me..tell me… is there any utopia out there ? can’t u sleep well at night nowdays ? perhaps people are just like that…

27. monsterball - December 24, 2007

two-face..How old are you?
You see…if you have lived long enough and traveled all over the country and mixed with the people of all races…there is actually no racial problems at all.
But…yes…race hatreds and problems are there created by dirty race and religion politics played by UMNO and PAS…but PAS have change alot….realizing their mistakes….not UMNO.
However….Malaysians are getting more educated…especially the sensitive Malays ….now more open minded…listen and can think for themselves..resulting an alarming switch of tryst from UMNO to opposition parties. that’s how I read Malaysian vopters charaxctes nowadys.
And I was one of the 40,000 Hindraf walkers….a chinese amongst thousands of Indians..so cultured and calm…but the police for no reasons…shoot out water cannons nand tear gas at us!!
Oh yes…they will say…they gave three warnings….giving them the lawful reason to act as xhey like….but the crowds were calm and carrying Mahatma Gandhi’s photos…telling the police ..they are non violence people.
Yes…they are bullying the Indians..as i was also at the BERSIH walk…..with more than 100,000…walking under thunder storms…no one gave up….yet…only a small group who defied the police got the water cannon treatment…but in Hindraf…it is tear gas and water cannon to everyone.
Now look at Samy Vellu calling Anwar an actor..which he is the biggest low class actor himself. Like I said….dirty politicians…starting from Mahathir…practice the art to accused others on which they know they are being accused of. Not only that…a balls carrier who promised to sink or swim with Mahathir…wrote a love poem….abandoned him…..now to swim or sink like a bald headed orang hutan… with Pak Lah…also wrote a love poem.
Such an MIC leader….how on earth Indians can vote him in all the time? So Indians have awakened..never too late to learn….so is one from Gerakan…Vic Youth Leader….speaking out his mind agaimnst UMNO….all these are good signs.
And back to Samy….I guess he needs to use his big mouth to talk…or else he will loose face. He will definitely loose his seat in next election….maybe lose his deposits too…to create the only President of MIC to go out that shameful way. …just watch.
And in Thailand….it shows…people want to be free and no afraid of the military or the police. Myamar will be next.
But while these two countries treat police or military rule…out -dated…Malaysia is beginning to practice it…..how strange.
Our Vision2020 anyone???

28. monsterball - December 25, 2007

In a way..two face writer is right.
I will take his message to tell all of us…not to underestimate UMNO’s advantages….controlling everything…be so unfair to practice their so call guided democracy for Malaysians…only for their advantage…never to free the Malaysian minds …to think for themselves.
Yes…many weak minds..if reading the papers everyday…how great our country is and how good they are…to control disorder and people out to cause racial troubles…to give us peace..to tell the Malaysians…Anwar is such a two time snake…inspite of being aquited and freed for all the sins done to him…never regretted…but keep throwing insults and accusations on that man. WHY?? It’s a sign they fear Anwar.
But yes…two face is right…..with all these….UMNO may still win the election. Therefore……we need to be alert and faithful to our commitments for a change of government…..to be really free.
Anwar has promised abolish ISA and free educations for all.
That should be the way…but UMNO cannot do that…as they need to squeezed every sen from the public to cover up their great mismangements and corrupted ways.
And as for USA again…two face speaks what no one can disagree.
However…he should stop comparing USA with Malaysia.
I have been to almost all the countries in the world..especially to American….not as a tourist…but to do business.
Yes…the people there are far more intelligent and the way of life is far more advanced that us. They do practice freedom of speeches…and they do have great racialistic habits and cultures. One forgets…in USA….almost all great Europeans races and cultures are there…..each feeling proud of their roots.
But all things been said…majority Americans are generous and kind hearted. Perhaps they remembered how poor they were..their forefathers…slogged and made a good life for them. We can say…majority Americans are grateful lot….and USA is also a captured country…200 years ago….never belong to the whites at all.
So for one to compare USA with Malaysia….one needs to really study full details of their history…and have opportunities to mix with them as business people…not as a worker or a student…..as after all…it is the business people that controls the future of USA.
And for that…USA is not a country to be trusted to do business fair and square….that’s all I can say.
If the US govt. can rob…cheat…and steal in the name of being fair International policemen….then you can understand…they pray to MONEY..in every way they can get…by hook or by crook…not to God…and that is because….USA are greatly influenced by the British and Jews…and the British form the majority of the so call ‘COWBOYS” or Republican party.

29. monsterball - December 25, 2007

Then compare the two great political parties of America…Democrats and Republican….both are truly cunning foxes.
Then trace the characteristics of both the parties.
Vote Republican…..chances are for more wars and disorder to the whole world in the name of being world policemen. Actually USA voters are real smart blokes…guided by the business powerful kingpins. Whenever their country is about to go into recession…they will create havoc….exactly what Bush did…to sell arms and ammunitions.
And not enough oil will kill them…as prices will go shoring high….so steal or grab all they can get…starting from Iraq….at the expense of a dictator being hanged….poor chap…but he deserved it……as he was pally with the American government…..now we can see how US govt. treat their friends….useful…very friendly…but can throw you away…once they fell you are no more useful to them…..same thing in business. It’s their character…..controlled by MONEY….not by feeling grateful at all.

30. Damocles - December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas, Liz

EW: Merry Xmas too!

31. martha - December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas and may the Good Lord bless you always.

EW: A blessed Christmas to you and your family too.

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