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Maybe baby January 7, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Bebal-ism, Current Affairs, Democracy, Huh?!, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics, South Asia, Southeast Asia.
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NDTV: Do you have any evidence to back your government’s charge that the Hindraf has links with terrorists?

D S Vellu: Hindraf said they would fight like the Tigers, the way the Tigers are fighting in Sri Lanka. It was by Vedamurthy. After he talked like that, we did an investigation and it was felt that he may have gone there for training.

NDTV: Do you have evidence of this?

D S Vellu: No. It is our suspicion.


Credit to to reader Hutchrun for spotting this.



1. A Few Good Looking Men Left - January 7, 2008

If the Malaysian Government and the warped words by Samy Vellu was based on speculations, on the inversion, almost all BN members would be incarcerated long ago not by speculation but emperical adducements. However powerplay still rules isn’t it?

That was how Anwar Ibrahim was singing “Jail-house Rock” for crimes he never commited.

*To my one imaginery true love, Eli Wong, if u at the slightest blink ever thought about serious relationship, please e-mail me coz I love u so much. Hey I am fluent in Cantonese 😛

Yours truly,
Only a Few Good Looking Man Left In Malaysia
(And u can count on me)

EW: Thanks for the offer, but I am already very happy in a serious relationship.

2. anonymous dud - January 7, 2008

what a great joke!

KJ rallied thousands to protest condoleeza rice, and spotted wearing hamas band.

can i say that he is linked with hamas terrorist and suicide bombers….. with FIL as chief.

3. max - January 7, 2008

Stupid Velu. No wonder the toll contracts are one-sided. How to negotiate with people when he is so stupid. This is why it is bad when you share power with morons. Discard racial politics. Get the best to run the country. He would do better selling kacang putih in front of hospitals.

4. monsterball - January 7, 2008

Based on suspicions..this idiot can blare out anything.
Based on facts.like the Lingam tape…will need to be investigated.
The Mongolian girl murder cae…..so dul now..l..no more interesting …therefore if the guilty ones are released….no surprises…or big hues and cries for another well planned unjustifiable trial.
This pariah Tamil who made suckers of all Indians for more than 25 years have met his waterloo at last.
5 successful Indians sacrifice themselves to expose him…now under ISA. These 5 really love their race more than themselves.
Yes….race and religion is the name of the game with UMNO and BN.
Wake up!! Don’t be selfish. Think of the country.
Few have good friend in the BN and hate UMNO and said they will vote for one of the BN…not UMNO. To me..this is how to agree…yet disagreeing….then UMNO rules again!!!
Don’t play this game. Yes……we want also a strong opposition…….mixed up of all UMNO and BN people…but this is the first time we want a change of government to really succeed..so each and everyone needs to sacrifice like the 5 Indians….to vote for any opposition parties..to play safe…and if it turns out to be like in Singapore…..no strong oppositions at all….we need to demand new government to appoint at least 20 to sit as oppositions.
Then in 4 years.we need to see drastic changes…especially a real sincere rule of law to put corrupted ministers into jail..no matter how old they are. Cheat they know….then think of age.position….bla bla bla…what justices are these?
Murders can die in jail…yet these cheaters
con men kill more lives indirectly…are left to live a life…..free and easy?
Then check and balance all government account books by non partisan Auditors…to stop paying RM350 for an item that is worth RM35…how clear can it be more that corruptions are so great in every government department right now.
Do all these…..and oil need not be increase to burden the people…as the great great savings alone from corruptions will be enough for government to cushion off more hardships for the people…giving them time to think how to make more money for he country sincerely…and be so wealthy like China and Japan…no oil..yet no problems like us filthy rich Malaysia..
Above all….make a law..any Malaysian can be a Prime Minister…..not necessary a Malay only…..if we truly want to be Malaysians.
With all these….Samy Vellu need to run away or go to jail for so many unsolved corruption cases.

5. Twotablet - January 7, 2008

What tak zhao what! Sek see-le, veloo-zai.
Thaie-le dim say-fatt.

6. Geronimo - January 7, 2008

Let me tell you this Mr Nalla, maybe Mr Anwar never did anything for the Malaysian Indians but it is better then believing people like you who behave like a snake to your friends when it is only your self interest that you have been looking out for.

The snake around Lord Shiva neck is more then enough for the Malaysian Indian community to appreciate,we dont need a snake like you around our necks choking us to dead”.

7. simon - January 8, 2008

Simon “Letterman”‘s Top Ten List.

# 1 He was misquoted.

# 2 Was sleeping when quection was asked and hence the reply was the truth and he did not have time to think up a usual lie.

# 3 He did not sign the detention papers and had an axe to grind with the person signing it.

# 4 Somebody bomohed him with a 24 hour truth serum. Was unable to do his usual lie.

# 5 The questions was not given to him 2 weeks beforehand and he did not have 2 weeks to think of a reply.

# 6 Personal assistant did not pass the list of questions and suggested answers to him and hence he did not know how to answer.

# 7 He did not understand the question and does not speak Inglish.

# 8 Too mush reliance on Kelas Bimbingan Khas in University where the questions and answers were given to you to memorise.

#9 Brain was not functioning.

#10 Did not get enough sleep after watching late night sessions of Chua Soi Lek DVD.

8. vlps - January 8, 2008

Hi simon, ur letterman show is wicked sick!! it speaks OWNAGE!!!!!!
please keep up ur killing spree…..

9. vlps - January 8, 2008

cheers simon.

10. sangilikaruppan - January 10, 2008

Thats great Simon… I love the way you put it down.

11. woodyooi - January 10, 2008

That 1/2 price goon should be fired long time ago if our Bolehland PM was not sound asleep, here is some nonsense involved him in the past year (excluding what was leading up to Hindraf).


Oh, now I remember why he cannot be fired , for Bolehland political leaders cannot be challenged, but they surrounded themselves with idiots, and tell the idiots they are DOG and bite anyone that comes near.

12. jungleboy - January 15, 2008

Malaysia is ruled by a group of terrorists who will not hesitate to resort to terrorism to suppress their own people. Only merciless and evil terrorists will put innocent people into jail without trial.

These terrorists are no ordinary terrorists but are professional terrorists. These professional terrorists are the masters of terrorism so much so that the number one terrorist in the world has to learn professional terrorism from these masters of terrorism.

That’s why we have this detention camp in Guantanamo. Bush is just a student when comes to extreme terrorism.

If these endemic terrorists would close the detention camps in Malaysia, the USA will follow suit, and not the other way round.

13. junglegirl - January 16, 2008

My dear big sister Elizabeth,

Just ignore these wild bees and lustful butterflies. We are in serious online political mechanics and trying very hard working assiduously in righting the wrongs of the mechanisms of Malaysian lives so that all Malaysians can live harmoniously and peacefully together.

We are talking about our and our children’s futures.

Here in the jungle we have also a lot of hyenas who claimed that they have rare good look and their genre is going extinction. But we all know that they are all the same. The important thing is that the ‘good look’ lies inside and not outside. This genre are the slothful type… only know to come for gulping carcasses which were hunted by other hyenas. This genre who claimed of good looking hyenas is only good for sleeping and screwing around in the jungle thus creating abundant ‘good looking little hyenas’ and consequently all sorts of problems in the jungle. They become clumsy and obesity is their problem resulting being devoured by the hungry tigers and lions.

What is happening here in the jungle I think is the same happening in all villages, towns and cities all over Malaysia. This is due of the slothful policy by those who claimed they are ‘the good looking type’.

This ‘good looking type’ should be castrated and make them eunuchs because they are just too many of them right now and it’s time to stop the pyramiding effect before good and hard working Malaysians are outnumbered and swamped by all these who proclaimed they are only a few and good looking left in this nation.

My dear big sister Elizabeth, please continue your good work focusing on the more important issues and just ignore this jerk.

Dear jungleboy, if the jails are filled to the brim, can dump the terrorists into the jungle. The hungry hyenas are awaiting….

May the Lord of the Jungle be with you all always.

Adios and cheers.

14. A Few Good Looking Men Left - January 17, 2008



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