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Interlude January 8, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.
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While rushing my piece (‘The Tale of Two Videos’), I’m reminded of a childhood rhyme about the Blarney Stone:-

There is a stone there,
That whoever kisses,
Oh, he never misses
To grow eloquent.
‘Tis he may clamber
To a lady’s chamber,
Or become a member
Of Parliament. (Francis Sylvester Mahony)

OK. Back to work.



1. simon - January 9, 2008

Shortage of flour!!!

No roti canai next week?

Other countries nearest example being Singapore does not have these types of problems coz salary is market driven and citizens CAN afford to buy anything without subsidy.

2. A Few Good Looking Men Left - January 9, 2008

I am a non-menber of any political parties Liz but I am casting my votes for any opposition parties. Here’s when former friends turned foe:-


About that sweet lil’ rhyme of yous, if you eva falls from a political ladder, I will be there to hoist you. But I promise I won’t kiss ya until you ask me to…….

Godspeed to your political carrer from your explicitly frank and good-looking admirer, a ladies’ man. I hope to meet you 1 day.

Yours Truly & Only,

Only A Few Good Looking & Men Left In M’sia.

3. vlps - January 9, 2008

personally i prefer the one little two little indian anthem better. hope i m not alone.

4. whispering9 - January 9, 2008

Blarney Stone – “A Gift of Gab”. A good tease. Hahaha…in Malaysia you actually get the lady and the parliament without the ‘or’. U frequently amaze me with the spectrum of your knowledge.

EW: I was a latchkey kid who was given a choice between examining a locked tv cabinet or at two sets of encyclopedias.

5. tupingera - January 10, 2008

In Bolehland, u kiss dollah’s stone, u get to be a member of parliament and then use the position to acquire wealth, hence easy access to the lady’s chamber.

Being eloquent is not a prerequisite, u need to know only basic vocab such as bocor, terowong, close one-eye and come have a fist fight.

6. hutchrun - January 10, 2008

Malaysian foregn policy goes to the dogs and the Tourism Ministry had best stop advertising now that it`s a joke:

Confront Malaysia
The Pioneer Edit Desk (Jan. 9, 2008)

The Government of Malaysia is rapidly taking its anti-Indian and anti-India bias — which is really official policy to stamp out Hindu culture, faith and identity from that Muslim majority country — to absurd limits. On Tuesday, the Malaysian Government has made public its offensive policy of imposing a ban on Indian workers, including temple priests. It is believed that the work permits of Indians who are working in Malaysia will not be renewed. A ban has also been imposed on employing “non-Malaysian” in airports. Curiously, this obnoxious decision was taken on December 18, but kept under wraps — possibly because the Malaysian Government did not want to derail Defence Minister AK Antony’s visit to Kuala Lumpur from which Malaysians stand to gain by way of India training their security forces.

7. monsterball - January 11, 2008

And Samy went to India telling lies and half truths….got the shameful reception he deserves.
One said.he need to talk like that..to support UMNO…although he knows are not true.
DAP Lim.Sr. advised him to resign.
You think Samy No Value will do that?
He does.I will shave off my hair…..as a sign of gratitude to him.
Meanwhile…I spit at him for betraying his own race.
Yes…UMNO…MCA….MIC love to play race and religion politics…..and as long as there are three….not one…who are there trying to fool?

8. hutchrun - January 15, 2008

More of the BN Kiissing the Blarney Stone:

If what Loh Mui Fah said was true, there are many questions can be asked:
– Why did the PM mum over Loh’s letter and his appeal for protection?
– Same question to Tan Sri Haidar who had insisted that nobody came forward to offer information, why did he keep silent?
– What was the role of the ACA? Did the ACA act on the tip off from VK Lingam?

In short, it is obvious that the authorities knew that the clip was genuine and have already had the means to tract down the maker of the video not long after Anwar released the clip.

While in actual fact, the members of the investigation panel need no further evidence on the authenticity of the clip.

Even when the Royal Commission was formed, Tan Sri Haidar continued to be silent on the identity of the video maker. If Mr Loh Mui Fah did not voluntarily present himself to the public, I wonder he would ever be called for the inquiry.

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